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Lifesteally trundle! Good idea fellow trundlers?

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Concept explanation

I've just picked up trundle and have been trying him for about a week now. I have been doing very well with him but apparently my build is unorthodox as it is not a tanky enough. (People expect a brolaf build).

However, my aim is to make him a life steal tank. Of course the risks are burst damage, but I have found I usually survive it or it doesn't get sent my way. The argument is that you want a fair amount of health to make his ult worthwhile. However, I think people overlook that health coming in from lifesteal is just as valid as actual health. I think theory crafters often don't really bother with it because it is very difficult to model as how much you can lifesteal is not easy to make reasonable assumptions for, whereas with items you can get effective health.

The main problem with a lifesteal tank is
1. burst damage
2. crowd controll

However, with merc treads in unison with his W (the big AoE on the floor cba to look up the name) crowd controll becomes almost a non-issue unless they really make an effort to chain cc you in particular out of all the people on your team during that team fight.

The other thing about a lifesteal tank as opposed to a tough is that a lifesteal tank can soak up damage, get out of the fight and come back in and go back to a good amount of health sometimes whereas a simple tough will usually be forced to B.

The typical build in order is as follows:

  • -armour 5 pots
  • -wriggle's lantern and speed 1 boots
  • -merc treads
  • -brutaliser
  • -sterk's
  • -sheen

This is for a typical game the items I get, and anything else would be situational. I would stick in banshee's veil if they had a particularly bursty team early

Wriggle's lantern because he is a jungler, but if they do not have a jungler I usually go for emblem of valour, keep the armour and carry on as normal.

I take merc treads because with his Q it means CC is very very very short lived on him, and thus defeats the main weakness of the 'life-steal tank'. Allowing him to maintain a healthy supply of lifesteal and damage output.

Brutaliser is amazing because it lets you spam Q even more with its CDR and does armour penetration, very good value for gold as well.

The sterk's fervour does more armour penetration, gives you more life steal and some attack speed which is necessary for the life steal tank.

I take sheen coz his Q rabid bite is very very spammable, and it also steals damage so the next sheen proc should do even more.

Notice this build is very very cheap.

Is this build a good or bad idea?

If you hate my build and want to say it's terrible, I am open to accepting this just as long as show you have read the concept explanation. Otherwise you just seem like some a_shole who has just looked at the build and immediately thought to himself "dps trundle? too squishy! fail! must give into unbearable urge to say something ignorant ". Also, if you would suggest improvements then I'd like to test them out or at least bare them in mind for when they seem situationally better/ necessary/ viable. Also if you play trundle and have messed around with builds please say so as this instantly makes you sound 1000 times more credible.

One last thing, anyone that thinks "trundle is fail whatever build" just don't post. He is not widely played and you probably saw a few in the week he was free suck majorly at him because they were not good junglers. Just don't voice your opinion here.

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You should only have two "damage" items as trundle. Trinity Force and Hextech Gunblade.

Gunblade gives him incredible utility with lifesteal (spell vamp---this works on his ultimate) and another slow to use.

Leave wriggles for the junglers. Brutalizer isn't that great IMO because trundle is able to weave in and out of a fight. Brutalizer IMO doesn't really push this path.

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Leave wriggles for the junglers.

Trundle is the jungler...