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Last Pick

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Oliver Warbucks

Junior Member


As usual, your last pick, so its up to you to fill in where needed. Naturally, this means you need to be the heavy initiator. (I think "tank" is wrong for LOL since you dont actually tank)

Right now your team is pretty much like every team is going to be...

1. Damage heavy.
2. Light on CC.
3. Relativly Squishy.
4. Not on Vent, but you have played with all of them at least once and know they are at least decent players.

Your Team:

1. Annie
2. Miss Fortune
3. LeBlanc
4. Warwick/Janna/Ashe
5. You.

The number 4 slot is there to give a little variable to the game, and allow you to jungle if you want, or assign someone else to jungle if you want to lane. Make sure to let folks know which number 4 will be used in your pick. You can ignore the jungle if you want, but expect folks to troll you. Actually, expect folks to troll you regardless of who you pick or what you do.

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Senior Member


I pick the little mummy... fail at jungling, and proceed to feed like a boss.