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deciding where to go and what to do...lol

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a game earlier...

We were being pushed back at top and at mid. top was defending our 2nd from the end tower in a 4v4. I had just feasted blue buff as AP cho'gath at bot lane( i wasn't tanking since we had rammus). Akali shows up on the minimap and is pushing bot solo. Should I have gone top and probably not made it in time to save the team/tower or stayed bot to check akali's push so we didnt lose that tower against akali's solo push?

another situation...

I had just died at mid defending a mid push, Teemo was holding his ground there but with not much health and 0 mana left. 3 people were pushing mid against Teemo. Two people were pushing top at the same time. nobody was at top to defend it and teemo was at mid defending mid. I started to go top, made it to the first tower then teemo pinged mid so I cut through the jungle to mid and teemo just stopped a push with a wave so i decided to try and go Top but he pinged again so I came back and defended mid with him. Was that the right choice to make? i felt like I could've defended top had I just rushed right there, but maybe not..donno.

we won the game in the end, but still I think I made a few mistakes that dragged the game out longer than it needed to go. I felt like I should've gone top and teemo could've defended mid, gut feeling, he didnt agree obviously. I felt like when i stayed bottom to check akali's solo free farming push It saved that tower at the cost of the top tower which I still dont know if I could've stopped.

--idk =/ so situational i guess...

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First off let me say, I'm no professional. But I do think you want an opinion, which I have.
First let me say that i agree with what you did in your first situation. Had you attempted to gone top, you could've died and lost both turrets (in the right situation). Akali is a viable threat and (if we were equal lvl, give or take) I would have taken the same action.
Secondly, It is your duty to always do what is best for the team. Or, more often, what your team feels is best. So helping out Teemo to stop the 3v1 push against mid, in my opinion, was also the right choice. Playing as a team and being successful as a team is also good for moral. So, from my view point, which may admittedly not be much, you made the correct choices.