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[Guide] - Katarina: The Triple Killer

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Yes, I posted this by accident, it is wholly unfinished. Sorry about that

After I finish this I will answer questions on it

And I guess I will answer the reason I had the runes mixed up. I've had my T3 magic rune page filled out for a long time and I was in class while writing this guide. Essentially, I was just "brainstorming" my ideas into the new thread during class time, I knew I wasn't going to post it the day that I was writing it, and I was working completely off of memory since I couldn't get in game while in class.

Thus, I couldn't fact check a lot of what I wrote (hence why I hadn't planned on submitting it). I never pushed the submit button, I copied all of the material from the thread box and put it into a word document, yet somehow, 2 days later, I see that my thread was somehow posted.

My apologies, I had already fixed the yellow runes to reflect my current runes in the word document. I just had no idea that this guide was posted in its "brainstorming" phase, heh...