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Should the 'Day & Night clock' system be used in game to create a new playing style?

Yes. Bringing back the 'Day and Night clock' system will benefit new ideas & playing styles! 30 73.17%
No. The idea doesn't seem like it will pass as a new playing style! 11 26.83%
Voters 41 .

[Suggestion] "Day and Night clock" from DotA

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Junior Member


I think this is an interesting idea, but like some others have said, don't know if it's right for LoL. There are so many champions that would be static whether it's night or day. If you add champions that get boosts during the night (Or the day I guess), either they will be too strong to face for static champions, or else the static champions will steam roll them when they don't have any boosts. WIth all the nerfs that happen on any champion thought to be OP, imagine the toll this would take on champions that gain boosts.

Have you played DotA?

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Senior Member


Day/Night dependant champion: Bad idea.
Champion that's strength depends of time in the game? Team A push during the night, cause they have "Assasin" (or any day-night time dependant champion) while team B hug the towers. Nights end, Team B push while Team A hugs tower cause they night depending champion suck right now. That would be one fascinating gameplay.

Day/Night itself... would be something nice, considering shorter vision range at night (making it a gank time). But still, i'm not happy about players delaying their ganks just to wait for the night time.

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MyS IntensivZ

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BUMP introduce Day/Night please.