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Noob help =D

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the tmar

Junior Member


im downloading the game right now so im wondering wich is the best champ.
i wanna be like someone who cant really dish out to much damage but can take it alot

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There isn't really any best champ or else everyone would choose the "best" champ, and the game will kind of be unfair. Each champion has their up's and downs and are of different tiers'.

Currently out of the forty something champions, I think you can choose these heroes (week 8 rotation):
Blitzcrank (Tank)
Corki (Mage)
Katarina (Melee DPS)
Malphite (Melee DPS)
Rammus (Tank)
Sivir (Ranged DPS)
Soraka (Support)
Veigar (Mage)
Udyr (Melee DPS)
Poppy (Tank)

You said you wanted a Champion who doesn't have to dish out a lot of damage, but can take a lot of damage... in other words, more of a tank, so, choose one of the tanks in the list. Play different characters to see which one you like, you don't have to choose one and stick with that one. You can also read champions skills/abilities, profile, and background/story in-game.

Since you're new and downloading it now, I suggest you start off playing practice games instead of normal games until you get the hang of it.

Search more around the forum or ask around to learn more on how to get more champions via Influence Points, leveling your summoner (not just champion), etc.

Good luck.

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Sadness Assassin



I think there are as many answers to this question as there are champions. Admittedly, some champions are considered in higher tiers than others. If you're just starting out, I would consider starting out with a more easily played or at least more survivable character like Malphite in order to get basic experience in how the game works. Then as you experiment with different heroes, find one that fits you.

I'd say Malphite is a pretty good starting character as he can take quite a bit of damage (dish out some, too), and doesn't require as much skill as, say, Blitzcrank. You could try Poppy, too, but I have no experience with her, too be honest.