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[FAQ] Leaverbuster Info

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so, I just had a leaver/afk on my team and when the game ended, everyone else on my team got a leaver warning and we got demoted a division ... why?

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What is Leaverbuster?

Leaverbuster is an automated system that suspends accounts for leaving games in a short period of time.

How does it work?

Leaverbuster uses a 'level' system to determine how many games you have left. Essentially if you leave games, you will get a warning. If you continue to leave then your account will be suspended. When your suspension expires, if you continue to leave, you will get a longer suspension. This will continue.

How does it determine when to ban me?

The Leaverbuster system has a hidden number that increases and decreases when you AFK/Leave, or when you play a streak of games without leaving/AFKing. This number jumps up much quicker the less games you have played - so if you have only 10 games played 1 leave could get you on leaver level 1. If you have 100 games played, 1 leave might not result in any action - although the hidden number in the background will increase.

That's not fair, I'm new!

Fair or not, unfortunately that's how it works. We have no word on whether this will change in the future or not.

How do I get my suspension removed?

When suspended, next time you log in it will give you a date and time of when the suspension expires.

My internet dropped out/Client Crashed/Computer exploded, it wasn't my fault!

Regardless of whether it was your fault or not, if you are not present during a majority of a game - you left the game. This is outside of your control, and Riot's control - and the automated system simply sees a leave as a leave. No questions asked.

My problem is outside of my control, but I want to play LoL!

If you're having issues, it's better to try and resolve them. Talk to your ISP, get your computer fixed, whatever. However if you don't want to get the issue resolved, I advise you stick to custom games, as you do not receive leaves for customs.

Why should I be punished for something that's outside of my control!

Outside your control or not, if you leave the game you're leaving your team at a disadvantage. Having a constant amount of leavers means other people in your team get annoyed, and quite often people quit due to the annoyance it causes. If you leave, you're going to be punished - whether within your control or not.

I saw someone with lots of leaves, why aren't they banned?

LeaverBuster only came into effect a while ago, so any leaves before then weren't counted. Also, the system does not ban on the amount of leaves overall, but the amount of leaves in a small amount of space. So over time, if you racked up 20 leaves, you may not be banned. Get 20 leaves in a few days however, and the banhammer will hit.

I demand you remove my suspension immediately!

Riot do not remove suspensions - the system is automated and flawless in what it's intended to do - find people AFK or leaving and punish them. Although you may consider it 'flawed' because it doesn't consider other circumstances (IE: Bad teammates, trolls, etc.) this system is only intended to weed out the leavers and AFKers - The tribunal shall judge the others :-)

I posted on the forum, why haven't Riot responded!

Riot work off their ticket system. Posting on the forums will do absolutely nothing for your case, as nobody on the forums can adjust your account in any way.

Can I reduce my leaver level?

Yes! By simply playing games and NOT leaving, your leaver level will eventually degrade.

You said my leaves would degrade, but I've had a leave for months now!

Nope, I didn't. I said your leaver LEVEL would degrade. Leaves at this time cannot be removed from an account, and are there permanently.

Riot, I demand you remove my leave - it looks ugly!

Sorry, Riot cannot adjust stats, including ELO, Wins, Losses and Leaves.

So what, I can't play LoL now?

My advice is to work on fixing your issue, rather than trying to play with it. However while having issues, or if unsure you can play through a full game, you can play custom games - these do not incur leaves, and can be Player vs Bots or Player vs Player.

I want to QQ about this system.

I highly recommend you don't. This system was implemented after months of requests from the community to combat leavers - and this is the response. If you want to have a civilised debate feel free to post your opinion in General Chat, but don't be surprised if the majority of people agree with Riot on the Leaverbuster system.

I was banned, but I didn't leave the game, or get a leave! It said Victory/Defeat!

If this happens to you, you've been hit for AFKing. This shows as a normal game, but in the background it'll increase your leaver level. Don't AFK!

I didn't AFK! My connection dropped/Game Crashed, but I logged back in!

If you take too long getting back in the game, you're considered AFKing/Leaving (depending on the length you were gone for). Due to this, you may be hit by a temp ban.

It says I should be unbanned today, but I'm still banned!

Riot's banning system works on time also - if you were banned at 12:20PM then your suspension will expire at 12:20PM. If you are unaware of the time, my only advice is to keep trying!

I have a life! Why should I be banned for that?

If you have a life, why are you on the forums complaining about a game then? Go and enjoy this illustrious life of yours!

In seriousness, this is no excuse. Most people have a life, minus the zombies who play League of Legends. However you need to plan your time - if you cannot dedicate enough time to League of Legends for a full game, then stick to custom games where you won't get leaves - if you have an 'unpredictable' lifestyle and you may need to leave at any point, then Ranked/Normal/Co-Op vs AI aren't the game modes for you.

I didn't receive a time I would be able to play again , just a date, first leavbuster punishment (1 day )

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Hello Eambo,

One minor fix I would like to suggest is that Riot has publicly announced that Leaverbuster has been tuned for DCs/Computer exploded/Client crashes/etc...

Regards, Trollz 4 Lulz

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this is so tencent!!!!!!!!!! tencent > riot now!

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the ugliest is the game itself because it lacks blood and violence. leave it and will probably ban that **** or problems with internet or light and also ... form does not serve up the worst of it, obiamente pass me again and I'm not going to play more ...

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This is no help when wanting to appeal against a ban due to internet connectio.

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I'm not sure if riot is up for it, and whether they have the time or not, but I think it would be interesting that if player leaves, the team that had a teammate removed gains some sort of advantage to replace the player. I understand this is a time consuming process as some people may say that even with this advantage they cannot win, or the advantage is too great and it causes an unfair lose. However I am simply suggesting that riot creates an advantage that balances out the game, not one that tips the balance into either teams' favour

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I was wondering if you could change it so when you try to log on, it tells you both the date and time. It's complicated to tell when you are allowed to get back on.

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It says Login error and tells me to visit the FAQ ( which says is down ). Its been doing that for over 6 hours now and i think this is like my 3rd leave/dc. Is it really supposed to last this long?

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This is no help when wanting to appeal against a ban due to internet connectio.

You can't, they WILL NOT unban you. You can't even appeal. They'll ignore your appeal.