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Morgana - Guide to the Highly Aggressive

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@Noctred: Nice to see a morgana vet that doesn't immediately shoot down the aggressive morgana build. I also completely agree, as said in my guide, that sitting in the bushes is a completely viable, and effetive vs all player skill levels, tactic. It is a no-win situation for your opponents and you can last hit creeps when you want. The point of being in the bushes is to let them know you are there so they 1.) Stay away or die and 2.) lose valuable early game experience and 3.) make you giggle as they try and last hit creeps but end up losing 1/2 to all of their health. The downfall to it early game is that if you do not watch the minimap and your team doesn't call MIAs then you could get ganked. A black shield can help avoid it but it does not always work.

Also, black shielding is one of your top priorities late game, as you said before at one point, whether you are support or not. You can easily take out a player or two with offensive spells but she does scale, like all casters except veigar, so that late game she is not so beast. Black shielding will save allies from a 70 second respawn timer and annoy opponents because they aren't getting fed for a comeback.

DB is not hard to land with a bit of practice. The area it grabs is huge (especially compared to the hit radius of Corki's rocket) and it can fire for 1000 or so (more because of the ball's snare radius) units. It is not often at all that i miss it and I have even pissed off a few twitches by snaring them in stealth because they were predictable (one died on the other side of a wall after he ran and I guessed.) Black shield is one of the hardest skills to master because you need perfect timing, almost perfect, and to watch cds to make sure you aren't caught in a situation without it. A bad morgana lets a teammate die to a spell. Remember that even if the damage of the spell exceeds the shield absorbtion, additional CC effects (stuns, slows, and debuffs) do not apply.

I am going to add this to the guide at some point but:
AP vs Support
The beauty behind this AP build, especially with 2 end game RoAs, is that you develope into a better supporter. Even without the last RoA I will hit 2400-2800 health at end game which is plenty for a support caster but you will also have 300-600 AP, which will tear apart your opponents. With a support you lack the ap needed to make your black shield even more effective than it is normally. A support morgana will outlast an ap morgana on any and every occasion because she has the survivability however if you play smart, you have 1-2 escape mechs (3 counting black shield, 4 if you took flash) so i rarely find it a problem to begin with.
As a supporter you can do a 3.5 second snare, a 500 or so def black shield (assuming you got the AP from RoA) with spellshield , and a low with you stun which will do a bit of damage and stun. With the AP build you have a 3.5 second snare with 800-1000 damage, a shield giving 1000+ def and spell shield, and an ult that will do 1200+. Late game, the AP build is better in almost every way. The only reason the support is normally preferred is early game survivability (all game really but most champs will have enough hp to last fairly long unless they are building glass cannons).