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Support the Yordles!

Provide Support to the Differently Tall 6 75%
Continue the Oppression 2 25%
Voters 8 .

Campaign for Equal Heights

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Runeterra Branch

Ambassador Poppy (Founder)
Differently-Tall Master of Evil Veigar (Founder)
Captain Teemo (Public Relations)
Megling Commando Tristana (Activist Leader)
Kennen of the Kinkou (Treasurer)
BECF Captain Corki (Advertisement Specialist)
Professor Heimerdinger (Political Analyst)
His Majesty Amumu, Pharoah of Shurima (Gift Wrapping)

Mission Statement:
To grant equal rights in every free city of Runeterra to those who are vertically challenged, and to bring understanding to those ignorant of the plight of the differently tall.

Our dwarf and gnome bretheren on the Discworld have founded this organization to help those who are mistreated or misunderstood based soley on their stature. Master Veigar and myself have strived to bring that understanding here to Runeterra to assist those yordles who have been abused by their altitudinous compatriots on the Fields of Justice and off.

So many "height crimes" are being committed every day by the ignorant populace of Runeterra. Low wages, disrespectful comments, and attacks by the statuesque are only the beginning. Captain Teemo is never given his well-earned title when referred to. Sherrif Caitlyn of Piltover has been taking advantage of the yordle's hereditary love of cupcakes to capture them in a clear case of police brutality. Even the great magical achievements accomplished by Master Veigar have been undermined by his humiliating title, the "Tiny" Master of Evil. To this end he has asked to be henceforth known as the "Differently Tall" Master of Evil. Yordles are constantly being looked down upon, and we are fighting to put a stop to it. CO Tristana has organized an active branch of the CEH to put a stop to these crimes, and has thus far had great success when cupcakes were not involved.

General Irelia of Ionia has kindly provided our organization with a base on some of the newly reconquered lands of sounthern Ionia. From there we have been able to put a stop to "height crimes" all over Ionia. Our members in Demacia and Piltover have likewise been working wonders to support those yordles fallen on hard times.

With your support we can help yordles everywhere to live better lives in a world of elevated beings. Please help us by donating a small monetary amount to our cause. Our treasurer, Kennen of the Kinkou, will be collecting donations in the capital cities of Ionia and Demacia. Every gold piece helps, and those who donate will receive a CEH pin and T-shirt, created free of charge by the charitable Doran Weapons Company.

Thank you on behalf of all yordles,

Ambassador Poppy
Campaign for Equal Heights, Runeterra Branch
Bandle City, Ionia

(Special Thanks to Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series and founder of the Campaign for Equal Heights)

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Bump for the Cause!

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Heim should build a shrink ray!!!!!! That'll even the heights >