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Cebrus' Simplistic Guide to Singed

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Poison flow and poison burn
Come after me and soon you'll learn
Not to follow this, my trail
Or dead you'll be, lifeless and pale

Welcome to Cebrus' Simplistic Guide to Singed! Following this guide guarantees positive results.

Regrowth Pendant
Boots of Swiftness
Rod of Ages
Banshee's Veil
Zhonya's Ring
Force of Nature
Void Staff

Poison Trail
Mega Adhesive
Poison Trail
Poison Trail
Insanity Potion
Max Poison Trail first
Max Mega Adhesive second
Max Fling last
(Always take Insanity Potion when available)


All Ability Power

Main points are in the Utility tree with improved ghost, mana regen, movement speed, and summoner spell cooldown. You'll also want improved exhaust and spell cooldown reduction from the offensive tree.

EARLY GAME - harass with fling/poison trail combo. Let the enemy push so you can fling them into towers, and so you have room to trail your poison in front of them with exhaust / ghost combo while they retreat to their tower.

MID GAME - Keep all lanes pushed by blasting through minion waves with poison trail. This will get you leveled quickly and earn you tons of money. Keep an eye on your mini-map and retreat to another lane based on your best judgement of enemy location. Always try to finish off waves of minions before retreating so that the enemy has no idea where you went. Ideally, two or more champions from the enemy team will show up to gank you just after you've left. You'll already be in another lane, pushing up to the enemy tower in seconds. The goal here is to bait the enemy to try and kill you. It takes pressure off of the rest of your team and gives them the number advantage. Plus, this makes the enemy team waste a ton of time walking around the map trying to set up a trap to catch you, which they won't ever be able to do because you switch lanes so fast and you can always get away with mega adhesive/ghost/insanity potion/exhaust.

LATE GAME - Use Insanity Potion and Ghost to charge into the enemy team with unrivaled speed. Have your poison trail on and lay down some mega adhesive on their entire team before going in. With Banshee's Veil you'll be able to get in their faces, get them pissed off at you, and still be able to get away. While they're moving at 75% reduced speed they can't do much to retaliate, but trust me, they'll want to. Fling one of them back to your teammates and laugh hysterically at how fast your victim dies to your 4 partners. Rinse and repeat.

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Best guide around. Flash is also nice instead of exhaust.

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Beegly Boogs

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I have a shorter version: run in front of them until they die.