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[Guide] Singed, I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me!

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Ok, my first go at writing a guide so go gentle with me haha. Loving Singed at the moment, he's such a good character in as far as supporting his team and generally annoying the living heck out of everyone who crosses his path. His versatility is amazing and played properly your opponents won't know what to do every time you're around. I'm too lazy to actually look up a good format to do this in so bear with me.


Empowered Bulwark: this is what makes Singed one of the best value for money characters around. Take one of the most common early game items built: Catalyst of the Protector. You pay the same for it as everyone else but while they get 290 health and 325 mana, you get 371.25 health and 325 mana! You're already winning!

Poison Trail: Your bread and butter farming skill. Max this as fast as you reasonably can and watch creep waves perish and begin planning your own Scrooge McDuck money tower to swim in. Also is a small nifty damage boost in team fights that can sometimes finish off someone running at low health. Will net you plenty of assists at the least. Also great fun to entice people to chase you by hanging around at low health, out run them all while they struggle to catch you while poisoning themselves. You'll be amazed how many people will chase straight through the poison.

Mega Adhesive: 5 second aoe slow. 'Nuff said. Slight delay in casting so can take some practice when it comes to placement but you only have to catch someone with the edge of it and they still get slowed for the full 5 seconds.

Fling: This is one of the most fun skills in the game as far as I'm concerned, epic frustration for the person who suddenly finds themselves tossed into the middle of your team. Breaks up team fights, gives towers something to shoot at, this skill does it all.

Insanity Potion: Drugs are bad, mmmkay? WRONG! Insanity potion is fantastic. Lasts 25 whole seconds which is enough to pop just before a team fight, run around like a crazed fool, then either chase down fleeing enemies or run away yourself. 2 minute cooldown, usually enough to be back up by the time the next big fight hits. Just remember it buffs damage, attack speed %, ability power, armor, movement speed, and regeneration per 5. For 25 seconds.At high levels with 3k health and a force of nature you'll have regen that'd make Mundo blush. With glacial shroud and a few runes can easily get the cooldown below 90 seconds.

Rough order i get them is:
1 Poison
2 Toss
3 Adhesive
Max Poison > Toss > Adhesive. Get Insanity Potion whenever possible. Toss and adhesive early can be really good in gank situations, don't overdo them though they eat up poison mana and aren't the best harass skills in ordinary laning situations.

Runes and Masteries:

These are only intended as a rough guide. Runes are really personal preference, I don't have much IP to splash around on heaps of different ones so I make do. But I highly recommend not straying too far from the mastery suggestion.

Marks: Crit % / Crit Damage
Seals: Pretty much whatever. I have a blend of Armour / MR
Glyphs: I have 6 CDR per level and will have 3 flat CDR when I hit 30.
Quints: Crit Damage

I like defensive for Singed. Insanity Potion takes care of most of his damage needs, Defense helps him be tough enough while Insanity potion is on cooldown to still harass.


3 Resistance
3 Hardiness
4 Evasion
1 Nimbleness
2 in either Strength of Spirit or Hardened Skin
4 Veterans Scars
3 Ardor
1 Tenacity


3 Perseverence
1 Haste
4 Expanded Mind
1 Wherever, I'm thinking Greed.

Summoner Spells:

Must have, pass straight through packs laying poison everywhere, chase anyone down. Last game I had spd 3 boots, phantom dancer, force of nature and ghost and chased down a blitzcrank with spd 3 boots, trinity and his speed boost. If you can chase down a blitz you can chase down anyone. And that's before you even bring mega adhesive into the picture.

Flash: Gets you into trouble, gets you out of trouble. Often is enough to catch someone and toss them back to your waiting friends.


Yep, here's the fun part of the guide; what the heck to build. The beauty of this build (If I say so myself) is that it covers pretty much every base, giving you pretty much what you need as you need it. Plus it can easily be rearranged as needed.

Begin with: Regrowth Pendant. I like it because it lets you run around and take a few hits without leaving you out of the action too long. Mana regen isn't really necessary for Singed since you can toggle poison on and off meaning it costs barely anything and still does its job.

Next: Catalyst the Protector. Great item for leveling, and like I said before you get more out of it than anyone else does who's also building one around the same time.

Next: Either speed 1 boots or finish Rod of Ages. If my lane's going well I'll finish RoA since boots are more of an escape mechanism if I'm getting beat down a lot. Get them both in whichever order.

Next: Finish off Speed 3 boots.

Next: Zeal. More movement and attack speed.

Next 3 items can really be built in any order, but this is how I recommend them:

Zeal -> Phantom Dancer
Glacial Shroud
Regrowth Pendant -> Force of Nature

Phantom Dancer makes you even faster, crits up the wazoo and dodge is always welcome, especially with your masteries giving you even more speed to play with. Love chasing someone, another enemy tries to help by hitting me, I dodge and gain an extra 10% speed to chase with.

Glacial Shroud gives you 500 mana and 125 health. Factor in the cooldown reduction giving you more insanity more of the time and armour for survivability and it's a steal for 1675. Plus can become Frozen heart if game goes on long enough.

Force of Nature tops off your MR, boosts your speed to even more silly levels and with the 3k+ health pool from RoA and glacial your regen is crazy too.

After that, if the game's still going you should be able to figure out what you're missing and fill the last slot. Generally I choose out of Atma's Impaler, Banshees Veil, Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel or Infinity Edge. Bear in mind you'll only have 1 slot to build whatever you do. Also remember Glacial can become Frozen Heart.

With just the core 5 items you'll be fast, tough, high attack speed, decent crit rate meaning your hits just can't be ignored and stand ready poised to unleash bloody hell with each insanity potion buff. And remember he's a farming machine you'll have Phantom up in no time - just make sure you get RoA asap it REALLY helps your mid game if you can top it off in under 15 minutes. Can't stress that enough.

What to do

Generally you need to be aggressive when laning with Singed. Run up, bit of poison here, bit there, don't go too crazy to bleed out of mana but don't be stingy either. Your goal is to push them back to their tower, that way their tower is hopefully last hitting most of the minions and starving them out. Then once your wave is down leave a nice trail of poison for the next wave as you run back. This'll weaken them for you to mop up and push the opponents right back to their tower. Farm and farm hard. You're not a ganker, you can escape pretty wellfrom 2 and 3 man ganks, and you can farm out of control putting you ahead of the game item wise.

In team fights most people don't expect you to do much damage, but if you make sure to pop insanity potion just before charging in you can actually really lay down some hurt once you have phantom dancer. A lot of singed players spend team fights running around just trying to poison everyone and not hitting much which is where i think this misconception comes from. Singed can be an initiator but then you're getting focused by CC abilities and not using the full extent of your CC abilities. If you have an Alistar or Rammus to charge in first you're generally best suited to unleash hell. My usual plan against a decent team working together (tanks in front squishy carries in back) is thus:

Poison on, Insanity Potion, Ghost Walk, charge straight through front line poisoning them on the way through to toss a squishy back over my shoulder into the fray, Mega Adhesive in the middle of everything, run back to pound on that squishy poisoning everyone on the way back through, then proceed to continually target the squishiest character. Chase down fleeing enemies, flash if you need to, adhesive/toss once they're back off CD and let your slower team mates do the rest. You'll likely end up with not many kills and 72 bakajillion assists but that's ok, it's how things are supposed to look.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the guide, he's really a great team player and if your team has good tanks and carries, often goes overlooked and can really disrupt things.


P.S. feel free to point out any glaring errors this was written at 7am after being up all night haha.

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Another thing to note - If you're using leaguecraft.com to look at singed item builds bear in mind I don't think it takes into account his bonus to health from his mana pool.

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i'm not a big fan of this build as i think it's trying to do too much. with RoA, glacial shroud, and FoN, its clearly tank-centric. Anything else it tries to do will be secondary, so why wouldn't you build on what those items already started? instead of going melee dps with phantom dancer with nothing to build on, build on your AP from RoA and reduced cooldowns from shroud. instead of pd for occasional dodge speed boost and still mediocre dps boost, go further down utility tree and get the constant movement speed boost.

just my .02. i'll give it a shot tonight for fairness.

i typically go

1) regrowth
2) catalyst + boots 1
3) boots 3 + roa
4) archangel
5) regrowth > FoN if losing, more AP (deathfiregrasp maybe) if winning

for masteries i get the through spell penetration on offense and rest in utility

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Yeah that's the build I used to use. After a few games with this build I'm finding it has much better consistent damage than pure AP, plus has way more versatility. The RoA/FoN/Glacial make you as tough as you need to be, any more than that is just overkill and hurts your damage to the point where the enemy can ignore you. AP relies on you having poison on enemies and even then it only has 0.3 scaling per tick. With 25% CDR fling is still out at 9 second cooldown which makes it hard to get more than 2 off in a big fight.

The damage and attack speed from insanity combined with the odd crit really do good damage, plus it spreads your damage between magic and physical meaning that if your opponent has high MR you can still hurt them.

Basically I just feel phantom dancer gives him so much in so many areas, which is the beauty of Singed, he can fill lots of roles with the one build at the same time. He relies on speed, it makes him faster. He wants to be a survivor, have some dodge. Also needs damage to be taken seriously, have some AS and Crit. As opposed to say a zhonyas ring which gives him say +180 ap after accounting for the 25% bonus; he gets 500 mana, 125 health, +60 per tick of poison and +180 on an ability that can be used every 8-12 seconds depending on CDR. I'd rather the dancer.

Edit: and regarding the utility tree, I've found defensive to be far better since the speed bonus is the main thing you're going for - but at 450 speed it's only going to give you just over another 10 points. Plus the survivability the defense tree adds early helps you get off to that all important good start.