Twisted Fate Help

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I recently started playing Twisted Fate again and have been having a blast with him but I'm curious if there is a more efficient way to play him.

I've been going 21-0-9 Reds ArP Yellows HP/LvL Blues CDR and Quints HP

For items I've been going

Dorans Blade
Boots (Generally Merc Treads)
Madred's Razor
Sword of the Divine
Finish Blood Razor

And then onto either a Black Cleaver if I'm doing well or Banshees if I need more survivability

Skills are W-E-E-W-E-R so basically R>E>W>Q

So I'm just curious if anyone has a better way of playing him or if anyone else likes this method. Just trying to better myself and learn some different builds for TF