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Looking for duo queue ranked partner 1550-1650 ELO

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Wells for starters I truly hate surrender vote.

I'm looking for someone AROUND <--- my ELO (currently 1595 ; highest: 1688) who will always try to find a way to win even in dark times.

I've only won two ranked 4v5s in my life and I see certain satisfication in turning the tables around in ranked games.

I'm not that great of a player either but I got into this ELO bracket some how.... Guess I'm not really looking for a duo queue partner anymore but if you're looking for one and you feel this fits the description feel free...

I'm in the West Coast running on the Pacific Standard Time.

I hope you have a good understanding of the game with the basics down like:

Last hitting. (with attacks and spells)
Out farming lane.
Warding your own lane for your own protection.
Acknowledging your own mistakes.
Constructive criticism when talking to people who aren't doing so hot.
Being able to play Strong Team Fight champions.
Good judgement. (Knowing when to run and leave someone behind. Knowing when to fight)
Focus Firing the right champions and switching targets when necessary.

you know... stuff that TreeEskimo talks about in his streams.

Well if I didn't add you take no offense. I stress the around my ELO part.