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Karthus Ult? srsly Riot?

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if his ult keeps killing you.. get banshee veil. Remember to gank and kill him alot, so he looses his stacks on mejals. If you are laning against him and you spot him using his ultimate, then go stun him.

He is a hard champion to counter, But good ideas is to get a bunch of healers and strong offensive tanky chars, so his ultimate will never become deadly.

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When he ults, you can see his big 'lazor' above your head and hear a sinister swooshing sound. The sound usually starts before the 'lazor' appears above your head.

For runes I use:

Magicpen marks
Manaregen per lvl seals and 1 flat CDR seal
Flat CDR glyphs
3* Flat HP quints or 2*Flat HP quints and 1 Magicpen quint



Offense: AP per lvl, Sorcery, Archaic knowledge
Utility: 3* Good hands 1* Perserverance (or the other way), Awareness, Meditation, Neutral buff duration mastery, Blink of an eye, movespeed mastery, CDR mastery, Presence of the master

Ignite and Flash for summoner spells. Enables you to Flash near someone then use your full combo on them, starting with a Tibber stun and finishing with an Ignite. Or you can Flash out of sticky situations.

I usually take solo mid. Q is crazy for harassing and last hitting. Once you're 6, prepare to get a kill with your stunning Tibbers and Ignite. Use Flash if necessary.


I start with a mana crsytal and 2 HP pots and rush a Catalyst. I usually buy the Cata and lvl 1 boots on my first trip back. Then I'll try to finish the RoA ASAP. I might get a Sorc's shoes after I get a Blasting Wand before finishing that RoA. After all those I get a Banshee's Veil. If the game is still going, I get an Hourglass, a Deathcap or an Abyssal, depending on what the team needs. Then I get what I didn't get before.

RoA stacking is good on some mana casters who are squishy, yea. Anivia, Karthus and Annie come to mind. I wouldn't get more than 2 or at most 3, though. Makes you weak vs. someone with a Bloodrazor. If they get a Bloodrazor, counter it with MR.

Once you play more games, you'll realise the game is more about staying alive than inflicting as much damage as possible. Glass cannon builds rarely work vs clever opponents, who'll try to single you out and focus you down. It can work on some heroes like Kassadin, though (because he can escape easily most of the time).

Annie is good early on, really good mid-game (ult pwns), and starts to get weaker late-game (opponents get hardier). From my point of view she turns from a high-burst mage into a stun-machine late-game. That's why I build her tanky. The more time alive, the more stuns I bring to my team and the less they have to worry about protecting me.

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If you had low health and were running away from a battle, you would have also been killed if it was an Ezreal, Trundle, Ashe, Udyr, Kennen, Master Yi, Warwick or any other good chaser on that team instead of that Karthus.

If you were low on health and in your lane or wondering around, you could just not feed him by basing instead. Don't stand next to a turret with 200 health. It's a stupid idea and some one would have just turret dived you if Karhus didn't get you first. I normally play Udyr and it's amazing how many kills I get because i'm off jungling and some one doesn't want to base, so they just stand next to their turret with no health and get one hit by me.


Anyone else would have killed you in the same situation. Instead of hanging around with no health, base. Try to base before karthus starts using his ult, and when you start seeing a big red stream of death above you. Carry a health potion with you at lower levels. You'll have time to use most of it and give yourself almost an extra 200 health, most likely making you survive unless you were at the point where an enemy minion would have killed you anyway. Don't feed karthus by staying at low health all the time. It's a bad play style.