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[Guide] Taric, the Everlasting Gemknight

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Taric is devastating, although certainly not on his own. He relies as much on team mates as they will rely on him.

This Taric build is essetially on how to make him a great tank and support at the same time, so if you don't want any of that stuff you should probably look at another guide or heck, a whole other champion for that matter.

I fancy my Taric in being able to get out of almost every situation, although of course a whole team is a bit much to hope for.


You'll keep forgetting this skill probably. It's not grand (I'd personally love to see this to be more on par with Udyr's turtle passive) but it's something in the long run.

It's a heal and it's practical. It allows you and a partner to play more aggressively and it will save some asses. Basically I prefer to throw this on other people as I'd rather get 200% effectiveness out of this spell, rather than 140% even if it's split amongst two people, of course they'd have to be wounded first as anything else would be a waste of mana.

Additional armor for you and your nearby teammates plus a destructive force. Yes, while the damage isn't superiour it will reduce the armor of whoever is hit by it, causing you and your friends to hit for more.

This is an important skill for Taric as it functions as both a defensive- and offensive support and it's great for farming minions too.

Dazze. Not so important, yet very important. Just one level in this is needed. Why? You don't want it for its damage, but its 2 second duration stun. A stun is ALWAYS useful. Early-, mid- and lategame ganks. Escaping. Saving someone who's running. Interrupting spells. You name it.

Dazzle is your friend.

One of Tarics most valuable assets (although often overlooked by team mates), AoE damage boost and healing. While the healing of the spell is neglible it is none the less still very useful. Every bit of health counts.

However the damage is just lovely. Throw this off during team battles and tower pushes and things will go much smoother. The only thing to note of this spell is its upkeep cost, every second its cost will increase by 10 mana.

Masteries + Runes

My preference lies in utility.

Tier 1
[3/3] Perseverence for some added Health- and Mana regeneration.
[1/3] Good Hands. As I don't use Teleport or Ghost for my Taric, as this is a preference you're free to swap Good Hands for either of the two Masteries.

Tier 2
[4/4] Awareness. +5% XP beats +5% Mana when your Champion just doesn't support 'that' much mana on his own anyway.

Tier 3

[3/3] Meditation. Simply my number one favourite Mastery. +5 Mana regen per 5, even from level 1.
[1/1] Insight. Yes. I run with Clarity. It's a relatively low cooldown Mana restore for both you and your lane partner / team mates and will help tremendously whenever it's needed.

Tier 1
[1/1] Mender's Faith because -30 seconds off Heal is worth something.
[3/3] Resistance/Hardiness. Personally I prefer Resistance as Taric packs loads of armor on his own.

Tier 2
[4/4] Evasion. I love dodge. What else can I say?

Tier 3
[1/1] Nimbleness, when the dodge is stacked up why not use it. Faster I say, faster!

My own level at the time of writing is 21. Hence I haven't dabbled in deeper varieties of mastery builds, anyone higher level are free to put skills where they want, those who have other preferences than I are free to put skill where they want.

As for Runes I've stacked dodge on both Quintessences and Seals. I've made use of Glyphs and Marks to buff Taric's Critical Strike chance. It's not necesarry, but it grants him some power early game which easily pays off if you can get some kills, Hell, even first blood isn't very hard.


1. Ninja Tabi / Mercury's Treads. All depending on the team setup. If it's Caster heavy go for the Treads. If it's DPS heavy go for the Tabi.

2. Aegis of the Legion. Aegis is useful alongside Taric's Shatter for armorboosting, but not only that, it affects minions too. It'll be easier to push early game and it'll be a lot of damage reduction late game.

3. Force of Nature. Usually my third item choice unless something else is required. It covers your lack of Magic Resistance which Shatter doesn't make up for plus gives a nice amount of Health regeneration.

4. Warmog's Armor. Often I don't get to build this item before the game is over, but when I do it's a noticeable improvement. Health and health regeneration that just keep growing.

Skilling Order

Depending on what you fight and who your laning partner is.

If running with someone who can stun or otherwise disable from the beginning:

Level 1: Dazzle (1)
Level 2: Imbue (1)
Level 3: Shatter (1)
Level 4: Shatter (2)
Level 5: Imbue (2)
Level 6: Radiance (1)
Level 7: Shatter (3)
Level 8: Shatter (4)
Level 9: Shatter (5)
Level 10: Imbue (3)
Level 11: Radiance (2)
Level 12: Imbue (4)
Level 13: Imbue (5)
Level 14: Dazzle (2)
Level 15: Dazzle (3)
Level 16: Radiance (3)
Level 17: Dazzle (4)
Level 18: Dazzle (5)

If running with someone who cannot stun or in general is rather "squishy".

Level 1: Imbue (1)
Level 2: Shatter (1)
Level 3: Imbue (2)
Level 4: Dazzle (1)
Level 5: Shatter (2)
Level 6: Radiance (1)
Level 7: Imbue (3)
Level 8: Shatter (3)
Level 9: Shatter (4)
Level 10: Shatter (5)
Level 11: Radiance (2)
Level 12: Imbue (4)
Level 13: Imbue (5)
Level 14: Dazzle (2)
Level 15: Dazzle (3)
Level 16: Radiance (3)
Level 17: Dazzle (4)
Level 18: Dazzle (5)

If running with someone who are able to heal themselves or otherwise are taking low damage.

Level 1: Imbue (1)
Level 2: Shatter (1)
Level 3: Shatter (2)
Level 4: Dazzle (1)
Level 5: Shatter (3)
Level 6: Radiance (1)
Level 7: Shatter (4)
Level 8: Imbue (2)
Level 9: Shatter (5)
Level 10: Imbue (3)
Level 11: Radiance (2)
Level 12: Imbue (4)
Level 13: Imbue (5)
Level 14: Dazzle (2)
Level 15: Dazzle (3)
Level 16: Radiance (3)
Level 17: Dazzle (4)
Level 18: Dazzle (5)

Summoner Abilities

My personal preferences are Heal and Clarity as I'm working as a supportive tank.

Exhaust: The usual skill for killing off someone. This Taric will not be a DPS, leave this skill to your potential laning partner.

Ghost: Useful for escaping sticky situations or catching up to a target who's escaping. Seeing as Taric already is able to get out of most situations by sheer survivability, this won't be too necesarry.

Heal: I prefer to use this when a laning partner or any teammates need immediate attention, possibly turning a fight. During early game, a heal allows much control of "who kills who" especially when your own heal is on cooldown or you're out of mana.

Revive: You don't prepare to die. Skip this.

Smite: You won't be jungling and killing minions is not a hard thing for any Taric anyway. Skip this.

Teleport: Useful for jumping around, but you'll be sticking to the group or your partner. You won't be jumping around and doing ganks and Taric is powerful enough to hold him in his lane for a long time anyway, so not even regular shop breaks here.

Cleanse: I wish I had a third slot for summoner spells. This'd be it, but I don't see myself targetted as much as any other team mate does. I suggest leaving this out if you can, if not, use it. It's not bad.

Fortify: Naw, not that important.

Clarity: Very useful and with a relatively low cooldown (180 seconds, 3 minutes). This can keep Taric and his teammate in their lane for a long time. Often enough time for this to come off its cooldown again. Also it'll enable Taric and his laning partner to keep on harassing / ganking their lane's champions.

Ignite: You're not the damage dealer here. Skip this.

Rally: Useful, probably even more so than heal. If you find it necesarry, take it.

Clairvoyance: Not bad, but it should / could go to someone else.

Flash: Also very useful, but for this Taric it'll be used defensively only, not offensively. You can skip this, unless you feel a strong need for it.


Early game (Level 1 - 6):
Surviving and pushing the lane is the key for the early game. Using the skills at Taric's disposal combined with a good laning partner can easily yield some ganks (if said partner can stun) or cause some decent harassing. They won't dare pop their heads out from the tower while you can heal your partner whenever necesarry.

Mid game (level 7 - 12):
Mid game is almost like early game, except for the late-mid game where you might start running in groups. Your deal is to make sure everyone is alive and well with your heal(s), supress the enemies with Shatter, stun them with Dazzle and improve your friends with Radiance. Every spell is needed.

Late game (level 13 - 18):

Sometimes the whole running in groups doesn't happen til' lategame. The same as above applies, except you're just that bit tougher now and can initiate team attacks on towers without losing a lot of health.

Pros / Cons

Incredible survivability.
Tremendous support potential.
Good at continueing / initiating ganks with stun.

Low damage.
No ability power.

Working in the team

This is why you'd pick Taric. To support and improve the team.

Taric can:
1. Heal.
2. Improve armor.
3. Stun.
4. Improve damage.

And that's from his skill alone. If you include Aegis he'll give, to all champions around him:
+53 armor
+24 magic resistance
+10 damage

With Radiance it's:

+20% / +30% / +40% increased base damage (200% to himself)
Heal: +30 / +40 / +50 per second.


Shatter. All there is to say on this point. With Shatter at level 5 he'll almost take out a creep wave and score some gold easily.

Just be careful when you chose to fire your Shatter, remember you don't get any bonus armor while Shatter is on cooldown. So don't use it before a gank is initiated, neither on yourself or on the enemies.

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I agree with dazzle only one rank you only need it for stun people are like 400 damage omg! Its a ****ing trap you only do 400 damge to them if there up on your leg humping you:S I do play my tank build very diffrent but hell everyone has there own play style I didnt see any cd I dont think which is the only thing i dont like about it but hell i Just read some parts of it and approved as soon as you said only one rank in dazzle lol gj on the guide