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The deal with player using carry

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I just had my first ranked game, and my team consist of kat, garen, lux, akali and me (mundo). The game was so and so, except for kat who kept insulting us. During the game, I said I don't mind dying tanking, as long as they can take down 1 or 2 with me. After a few bad battles, kat start doing personal attacks on akali and garen, which I admit are fairly poor player, including me on my choice of boots. He think he can do this because we NEED HIM to win, only him. When I told him about team play, he start dragging up his superior kills score, and said he just need us as meat shield for him to own.

I had about enough of all this **** from players who uses carry, the idea of a team is of cos for everyone to play his roles. As a carry, OF COS he has to get the most kill. I hate playing tanks because of all these ****ty players, who get the most kills and then badmouth the team in /all, saying he got more kills than us, everyone with lower kills than him suck, and loses because of noob team.

This thread is not about how pro the carry is, its about their god **** attitude and doing personal attacks. When they win, the world is theirs, when they lose, its alway the team mate's fault for not supporting.