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The RAGE experiment:A walk down rage lane.

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After being conducting a RAGE experiment I have come to some amazing conclusions.

First off I am starting work after about 5 months unemployment and have had some personal issues dealing with the ecomony. I play LoL as a past time secure knowing I start work soon.

Rage: People who rage tend to either have personal issues in RL feeling like they are out of control OR people who are really into the game and want to BE in control. Not saying this is ALL however Main reasons.

For example I found my self getting hung up on something... Ok I'm pushing a lane, a more skilled player has gotton the best of me, I died several times... My team rages, I rage back. For the rest of the game I ignored my team for the most part and focused on that 1 tower... Died several times but finaly got it down. Did that help me or the team>? NO and we lost partly cause of it.

Players that rage are not always poor players. Sometimes people rage back when being name called by their team or the other team. They may lack the means to take out that one person ex) super feed eve vrs Feeding teemo... So to feel in control they may turn against their team because at that point they are going to help cause their team to lose THUS that person maintains control.

I started playing back in Dec or November I think it was. Like anyone there was a learning curve.. Normaly I don't let player insults get to me or I'll have fun with it and insult them back. However when dealing with less expierenced players I often found myself getting testy or rude, aka raging. The more I talked rudely to teammates, the more I made fun of the other teams players the worst I did game wise ( for the most part )

So as I tried to stop raging at games and open my eyes that there is always someone better at something than you + negitivity breeds ill will I had to start every pregame with.

hey team, I am going to /ignore all so I don't have to hear your rage or feel like raging.

This caused a huge rift and I ended up losing MOST of my games. So I decided to change it with

hey team, I am NOT going to rage, I will do my best. I can play malz, karthus, singed, sivir, heimer and yes even soroka , I'll try to fill the gap where we need it. BTW if you rage at me thats fine because you CAN'T make me rage back.

Bingo. That + not really worrying about who picks what helped alot.

Advice to over come rage.

Remember, YOUR words can HURT or EMPOWER a player depending on how you SAY and they react. Positive encouragement can = win for you because NO ONE NORMAL wants to hear sh it come out of your mouth.

When you rage, you are allowing some other person over the internet to have power and control over you. You are allowing them to manipulate you're actions.

Start each game with " There is most likely a player better than me on the other team, if anything I will learn from it and get better than them.

Remember this is a team game. Some champs are not meant to 1v1 by every player early game. Soroka vrs Ramus both equaly geared out and as such you're champ WON"T do well 1v1 so 1v1 is null and void. Which means you are not a newb if ramus rollers out of the bushes and kills your lvl 18 fully geared soroka. it just means you need another champ to help.

Remember the less you complain, the more people are willing to listen to you. If you are being mean and raging at them they will either rage back or /ignore.

Tips in dealing with angry teammates. I find that if one person is raging I will alert them that if they continue I will ignore. Afterwords if it happends again I /ignore player name.

Never rage back at a team mate, by doing so you are allowing them to have power and control over you by your reaction.

I was almost to 1k elo having worked my self solo que. Than some things came up this week and I had a terrible horrible nasty week. I raged, I feel back into old habbits and droped all the way to 600. It sucks but I did it to myself. The lesson I learned was I am in control of my actions. YOUR RAGE will not control my reaction.

Thats what YOU have to do... Good Luck.

TL DR? Um look at the pretty picture