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Elo Hell advice...

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I pose this as a serious question. I haven't done a lot of ranked games (70ish), and I am getting no where. But I have seen a lot of posts about how elo hell doesn't exist and good players can just carry anyways. I understand that everyone thinks they are a good player, but I try pretty hard to pick a champ that matches my teams comp, make proper team comps, defend junglers, ward, and gank appropriately. Despite all of this, I still seem to lose a lot. So I thought I would list some questions to these people about the games I lost, and how I could have "carried better" if I was actually good at the game.

What transpires, is hopefully a clear story of an average loss in "elo hell."

Imagine the scenario, I am 4th pick. First pick, Malzahar. Okay... Second pick, Lux.... Alright, Third pick, Katarina... Now it is mine turn, and needless to say I am not the most excited. So I ask, "What are you playing PLAYER5?"

So PLAYER5 sits there for a while, and says... "I can go TF or GP."

What do I pick that I can carry the game with, and apparently fulfill the jungle role? Keep in mind, this is the average game, so shen/rammus/malphite are all picked/banned. I technically have to play a tank, so jungle amumu or cho'gath. And I don't know how to jungle other tanks that are useful. So obviously I go amumu. Kat goes mid, TF/Lux bottom, and Malz top.

The Kat says, "Hey amumu when you gonna gank?" (I am about level 3).
I reply, "Soon, let your lane push back out, I am on omw."

I arrive in the middle bush. I sit there for a while and notice the Kat is auto attacking and just nuking the lane.

I ask, "Hey Kat, let him push out so I can gank?"
He replies, "**** you mumu, go somewhere else I am farming."

I arrive top, land a bandage toss on the opponent. FLASH he gets away. Apparently the Malz is angry now, "****ing bad amumu you suck!"

Now bottom lane, has turret dived once, and once the TF got his ult, he died with it trying to gank their jungler, it was pretty funny. Also, the Lux and TF don't stop auto attacking or nuking their lane, even after I asked them repeatedly not to do that. They have also gotten ganked by the jungling warwick numerous times because they push passed the river every time. They are about all the 7 combined deaths on our team by 14-15 minutes.


At blue golem I reply, "K, let them push out a bit and I will be there soon."

As soon as I leave golem the TF replies, "See even if we don't nuke the lane you still don't come, so bad."

THIS RIGHT HERE GETS ME. This guy, really thinks he is supposed to auto attack... Really, he believes auto attacking is the way to go. Nuking lanes is pro. Oh, it gets better.

Apparently, the warwick is coming at the same time I am to bottom. I have the area around dragon warded so I ping excitedly, hoping to get a 3v1 on him quickly. I bandage to him, no one is there. I tantrum a little bit, do amumu stuff, and then run away as I am low health and not really doing anything alone. Meanwhile, the enemy middle laner comes bottom. I ping my TF/Lux and say "b." they stay there, throwing lux useless bombs and TF cards. DOUBLE KILL RARWARWARWARWAR, they die.

"This amumu is ****!"
"Yeah amumu you suck."
"Gank better noob!"
"/all GG amumu big noob, can't gank, fail jungler again. Low elo ftl."

Now, I am by no means a pro jungler, but what are the odds I get into a game where every lane auto attacks/nukes all game? Also, in my defense, Amumu is not the greatest jungle ganker pre ulti. I don't know what I can do beyond landing a bandage and auto attacking with red buff. Furthermore, how does the same person who tells me to **** off get by with saying I am bad at ganking?

So, I eagerly await the pro advice on how to carry games like this. I have a lot more similar ones that involve a Tyrandamere that builds pure AP and a Heimer that builds pure AD. Also I have a cute one of a jungling Teemo on my team. (All seperate games).

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tl;dr win more

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tl;dr win more

I think I found the reason why it was too long and he did not read

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Play a couple of normals and find someone that has good potential as a last hitting solo and duo with them...