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New Champion - Iglom the tree Avatar

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Hi there this is my first Champion, I hope you like him

I'm sorry if the english isn't the best. I had a window seat in the english class so please forgive me my mistakes.


Iglom was formed by all the destroyed trees during the long War.
He's fullfilled with the pain and the anger of the slaughtered, brothers and sister which were used to build warmachines.
So he was fighing in the War, but unfortunately he couldn't do mutch to stop the Slaughter of the trees and the devastating of the land.
During a fight he lost his left arm and had to flee into the woods.

He swore himself that he will bring peace to his family and the destroyed landscape.
After the war he started to rebuild the forests and raises many devastated places to the green places they were befor the war was started.

But he still had his anger so he went out into the world to bring pain, to the other beings for threating the world that bad.



Stats Type: Deadly
Hero Type: Assassin Disabler Carry


Attack: 7/10

Health: 5/10

Spells: 3/10

Difficulty: ????


Natural Fusion (Active)

Iglom take his next sister or brother and use it as a arm protheses.

He gain 200 attack range (cuz trees are big) and 50/60/70/80/90 dmg for 6/7/8/9/10 attacks.

After all attacks expired the Tree is destroyed.

Durotation: Till all attacks are used.

Mud Throw (Active)

Iglom grab some funky smelling mud and throw it onto an enemy stuns it for 1.5 sec and slow his movement for 4/5/6/7/8 sec for 40%.

Cooldown: 15 sec

Disguise of the woods (Passiv) (similar to the skill of the treant protektor from Dota)

If Iglom stands near a tree he become invisible after 1.5 sec he gains 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% movement speed while hidden.

Call of the Forrest (Ultimate - Active)

Iglom Point an arbitrary point on the map. 6/12/18 Trees spawn in a circle around this area and move torwards this point.
(the trees got the same movement speed as Iglom has)
When the trees are about to build a perfekt circle they will build a wall where you can't go through (like a cage).

Durotation: 10 sec after building the circle.

Cooldown: 120 sec

Natural Absorbation (Passive)

When Iglom stand on normal terrain (earth) he gain 1%/1.5%/2%/2.5%/3% Hp per 3 sec.
If he stand in water he gain 1%/1.5%/2%/2.5%/3% Mp per 3 sec.
Only 1 effekt can occure at the time.



Iglom is a good opener and his ultimate force other Champions to use Summoner abilitys or to a 1on1 or just to disable them.
Also his invisible ability helps him to survive and help his teammates but can also be used to gang or run away. His slow is also a thing to survive or to kill but its not so strong because its easy to counter I guess.


Thanks for reading !

Now I'm waiting for your comments

Greetings from Switzerland


Edit : added some Pics flame the scanner for the quality

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I like the concept... Clearly you took a great deal of effort to come up with this hero. I hope you won't mind my input, but I really like the name you choose for the tree and that you spent a lot of effort on it, but I am afraid I will have to give you some feedback that might modifiy the original concept... Are you ready?


Lets start with his name, I love Iglom, but please not the Tree Avatar. For now, we shall dub thee:

Iglom, Avatar of Nature.


Iglom, Guardian of the Ages.


Iglom, The Forest Titan.

Now lets look at his stats and attributes...

1. He should not be a DPS hero, it is only logical for a tree to be able to handle some beating, thus a tank. Some people would say: Hi, its a game, logic does not apply. Well, I am stating my opinion here. Therefore,

ATTACK: ||||| (5)
HEALTH: |||||||| (8)
SPELLS: ||| (3)
DIFFICULTY: ||||||| (7)

Attributes: Tough, Melee, Tank, Stunner, Support, Disabler, Buffer.

BASIC SKILLS (Skill Level 1 to 5):

2. Natural Fusion: This is over powered imo, and should be brought down to something like this:
Cleave attack (not range attack), with the following enhancements: 10/20/30/40/50 DMG for the next 2/3/4/5/6 ATTACKS. Even this ability is close to Jax's.

So I would personally replace that with something similar to Pudge's hook, would be described like this:

  • Epicormic Arm (Active): Iglom surviving arm begin to grow at a very rapid speed, extending his arm reach to pull his target from 300/500/700/900/1200 units away and interrupting any spell being channeled while dealing 50/80/110/140/180 (+0.7 AP) DMG upon impact to enemy hero.
3. Mud Throw is very nice, but don't you agree that every bloody hero in this game is a snarer to some extent? Not to mention the summoner snare abilities >.<. So I am thinking this Mud Throw will indeed stun the opponent for a brief period, like 1 sec and what is does effectively is slows his attack speed or makes the enemy miss more of his attacks because the mud is blocking his view . Therefore:
  • Mud Throw (Active): Iglom reaches Mother Earth and picks up a pile of mud to toss it at his enemy dealing 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.5 AP) DMG and stunning the champion for 0.5/1/1/1.5/2 second. Champions who were struck with the mud will have their aim blocked and miss their next 2 basic attacks 100%.
4. Disguise of the Woods (Passive), while I loved the fact that with Rooftrellen (Treant Protector) I could be completely invis, farm at peace and ease, hard to be caught, save my friends,etc... I am afraid I will have to decline on having another tree model in a MoBA game that will go invis beside trees >.<. Instead, what seems logical to me would be Sylabear's pet abilty.. Yup, thats right, ROOT! And guess what, I will be using your 1st skill name:
  • Nature Fusion (Passive): Igloms has a natural affinity with Mother Earth and his younger brothers and sisters. Upon striking an enemy Iglom may randomly call upon his younger siblings from beneath his Mother's belly rooting them in place for 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds and dealing 60 DMG Physically per second rooted in place.
ULTIMATE ABILITY (Skill Level 1 to 3):

5. Call of the Forest, man this will be very hard to control or even use it properly in a game like LoL. Will the trees move alone? Will I control them? Why would they spawn somewhere else and then move to the point I selected on the map? How will the AI decide on the circle? Object Collision? Pathing? It gets too complicated this way..
  • Nature's Fury (Active): Iglom begins to remember the harsh past he went through building up his rage and fury over 30 seconds. Iglom may release his rage at any moment dealing 10/16/24 (+0.03 AP) per Second on rage, however will deal a disabling effect & debuff if his rage was maxed out upon release. Once Iglom's rage is maxed out (after 30 seconds), he slams the ground with his surviving arm furiously leaving a destructive path infront of Iglom 500/750/1000 units long and rooting any opposing force in its place for 2/3/4 seconds while dropping their armor for 10%/20%/30%. Iglom may move about while building his rage but must release his rage when its maxed within 5 seconds otherwise dealing destructive damage to himself that could be lethal!

6. Natural Absorbtion, while I really like the idea I think some people will object to this over powered ability.When you say 3% of HP at level 18, be it a DMG hero or a tank, his hps would be around 2k? 3% of 2,000Hps is 60, per 3 seconds means Iglom will be regening 20HPs/Sec if his hps was 2,000@lvl18. Mana is less OPed assuming he will not have a massive mana pool, but these numbers would break a hero and make a lot of people cry out loud. So if you want Iglom to maintain this ability, it would be something along the lines of: 1%Hp Regen through out his levels, and 0.5%Mana Regen as well, since he is not a caster; Natural Absorbtion will become Nature's Guise.

However, in my opinion, since Iglom is the son of Nature, Mother Earth, then we should give him some sort of an ability or an edge over other creatures, something that would make him stand out and be a better champion surving his purpose.
  • Nature's Retribution (Passive): Iglom's death brings sorrow upon his allies and misery unto his enemies. When Iglom dies, any ally within 1000 radius will get healed for 300Hps and regain 150Mana. His enemies will recieve a minor poision reducing their Hps by 15/Sec for 12 seconds and dropping their armor by 3% every second.
  • Natural Selection (Passive): Iglom and Mother Earth are at harmony, his strength is channeled through her and he is rid from any chains by her virtue. Iglom may liberate himself from any disability effect / movement imparities once every 45 seconds; Natural Selection at work!

Curry, I hope you are not offended that I stepped on your toes here, you asked for feedback, I am giving you a feedback. Now I know my feedback might sound more like a revamp to an idea or a hero you built in your head, but you have inspired me and it is because of you that I could think of these things and change some things around.

Of course, I did not add MANA COST or COOL DOWN values, that will be left to Riot staff should they pick your hero Curry, we let the designers decide on these values.

You tell me now, what do you think?

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You tell me now, what do you think?

Hi Omnipotent
I'm realy happy, thanks for this nice Feedback!
I see you also spent a bit of time in writting this.

Your imput is welcome and I like the name:
Iglom, Guardian of the Ages since trees realy become old! btw Iglom = Mogli maybe you know the Disney movie xD

The best from your comment is ,that I think you've allready played a lot of LoL games. So you can better imagine, how a mecanik ingame would work.
You correced my skills like they could be ingame.

I like how Epicormic Arm would work. Its a nice idea I read mutch about canneling in the forum so i know its a pretty nice thing to stop them!

Also the idea to rework Natural Fusion roots are great.

I should make a scetch about Call of the Forrest. ^^ that would be easier to explain but I doesn't understand you Ultimate either ^^

Would it be like a Rush at the enemy; and while rushing rooting everything around him?
But the part about realease his anger i didn't understand how it would be released. Like the ultimate of Fiddlestick ?

I realy, realy like the passiv name Natural Selection. But i would take it for the other passiv skill Nature's Retribution

Wenn he die ,he would also have been selected by nature but he gave his allies some powers and bring corruption over his enemys as his last will.

Thx for you construktiv feedback !

Greetings Curry

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Hello again Curry,

Thank you, and I am glad you did not take any offense for reworking most of your hard work .

You know, my 1st Passive Ability name was indeed Nautral Selection with the same reasoning you put, so hahaha man, I guess I should have stuck to my first choice. The 2nd Passive choice I put because you know, rooting or disable effects are usually earth bound - and since Iglom is an Earth bound creature, he will some what have control over what disables / snares / stuns him - Thus the natural selection name to be moved unto the 2nd skill choice.

As for my ulti... Think of it as a trigger... When I hit R, I start getting a count down on my R button starting at 30 Seconds... As time goes down, my rage builds up - Say at lvl 1 ulti, I hit R ... 10 sec later (when R has 20 seconds on it) I hit it again, it will deal 10 x 10(+0.03AP) in DMG to units that are 500 in range (FRONTAL) - I will need to edit that bit and mention FRONTAL Cone of Dmg . Now imagine you are lvl 18, your AP is at 120. You hit R, and you allow 30 seconds to build up your rage. You have 5 Seconds to execute your final move or you take the dmg. If you execute the Ulti correctly go to A), if you get stunned or silenced or disabled and the 5 seconds are up then go to B)

Here you go:

A) Iglom channels his rage for 30 seconds successfully and releasing his ulti at maximum rage (AP 120):

30 x 24(+120x0.03) == 30 x 24(+3.6) == 30 x 27.6 == 828DMG Frontal Cone @ 1000 Units Range. Since you trigger your ulti when your rage counter hit 30 seconds, you also root any enemy unit (champion, creep, or even neutrals) for 4 Seconds while having their armor dropped by 30% while being rooted. While rooted, they may cast spells but they cannot use any melee abilties, i.e. fight back.

Is it clearer now?

B) Iglom channels his rage for 30 seconds and then gets disabled /stunned / rooted etc... for more than 5 seconds, thus not being able to release all this rage harnessed inside of him: Iglom implodes taking all the dmg that he would otherwise release unto his enemies. He will not be rooted or loose armor of course, but he will take the full course of the dmg (depending of course on how much magic / armor resistance he has) - This could be even used to save your allies or win a crucial battle if you had your 1st Passive Abilty enabled or as a choice for this hero - i.e. upon his death = buff his allies and debuff's his enemies .

The combinations with this hero are really limitless if they were put into effect and action .

P.S. I have changed the ulti description on the hero to better reflect how it works / area of attack .

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Just one word for that ulti

Awesome ^^ xD!

Y it would be the allround support hero dealing decent dmg and disable many heroes

+ sacrifice skill omg that would be so great !

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Bumpily Bum.... Comments Please!

Also, Curry, is there a way to EDIT the subject and adjust the NEW Champion and put it in [ ] also go to Guardian of Ages?

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Senior Member


Nice ideas guys.

I won't write much, but I think and hope that ideas like this inspire Riot to make a similar champion or the actual one.

Nice concept and we could use a tree-guy.

One thing though. He should be very big I think. Like Nunu or bigger.

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Omni no i cant change the subjekt of the thread 8( .

Bump 8P!

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You Sir need marketing lessons to sell your ideas properly :P

I am going to relook at Iglom's abilties and numbers again, then remake the post properly :P.

Email me on [EMAIL="dii24k@gmail.com"]dii24k@gmail.com[/EMAIL], so I can email you the draft when its done before I post the thread. Ok?