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[Guide] Tank/Support Galio: A Comprehensive Treatise

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Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Guide, featuring Galio, the Sentinel's Sorrow, written by Eph289. Originally posted on GameReplays.org (http://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=732060) with pictures.


Galio is a tank champion who also has support and mage capabilities. His built-in poking/farming is a nice bonus, not his primary goal. Compared to other tanks, Galio trades low cooldown CC for superior farming, poking, and support abilities combined with an AoE CC ult. His best lane is solo top/mid. Remember that Galio's Idol of Durand is a situational ability and its successful use will decide if you are Galio or Failio.

I typically play normal solo queue, where people are generally unwilling to play tanks or supports, so I assume that I'm filling both roles when I pick Galio. If you have another tank or support, awesome. If you can get someone on your premade to play Morgana alongside Galio, that's even more awesome.

This is also a very long guide—pirates, ye be warned! If you’re looking for a simple build and playstyle guide, check out the quick build section below the table of contents.

My other warning is that I'm extremely underwhelmed by AP/AP-heavy Galio builds and there's already a passable guide here for that already. Comments, critiques, feedback, suggestions, etc. welcome.

This guide was chosen as the overall winner of the LeagueDB.com inaugural guide contest (http://leaguedb.com/news/official-announcement-of-the-winners-of-the-leaguedb-champion-guide-contest)!

Table of Contents (use Ctrl+F to navigate)
Quick Reference (GQuick)
Lore (GLore)
Why play Galio?/Why play tank/support Galio? (GWhy)
Pros and Cons (GPAC)
Abilities (GAbility)
Base States (GBaseStats)
Runes (GRunes)
Masteries (GMasteries)
Summoner Spells (GSummon)
Item build (GItem)
Skill Order (GSkill)
Playing Galio (GPlay)
Best Friends (GFriends)
Idol of Durand interrupts (GInterrupt)
Tank Comparisons (GTank)
Galio Team Comp Suggestions (GTeam)
Conclusion (GEnd)
Changelog (Ghange)

The quick build reference section (GQuick)
Magic Penetration Reds
Either Mp5/level or HP/level Yellows
Either MR/level or flat CDR blues
Health Quints

Right now, I'm using Mpen Reds, HP/level Yellows, MR/level Blues, and Health Quints. I generally skip AP runes on Galio.

0/9/21. Take Magic Resist, three points in armor, and all 3 points in Strength of Spirit in defense and make sure you take Meditation, Quickness, Blink of an Eye (upgraded Flash), and Presence of the Master from utility. Take 1 point in Offense for improved Exhaust if you take the summoner spell.

Flash and your pick of Ghost, Teleport, Exhaust, Fortify, Clarity, or Clairvoyance

Item build:
Start with a Meki Pendant and 2 health pots
Core: Chalice of Harmony, Mercury Treads, Aegis of the Legion (unless built by another tank/support)
Versus mostly AP team: Banshee's Veil, Abyssal Scepter, Shurelya’s Reverie (unless built by another champ)
Versus mostly AD team: Frozen Heart, Rod of Ages
Versus balanced team: In no particular order, Banshee's Veil, Frozen Heart, Abyssal Scepter(unless built by another champ)
If Aegis built by someone else: Spirit Visage
If pwning face: Work in Mejai's Soulstealer after Aegis
If face pwnt: Skip Aegis, get Chain Vests, Giant's Belts, or Negatron Cloaks as needed

Skilling order:
Q -> W or E -> Q -> E or W -> Q -> R -> Q -> W -> Q -> W -> R -> E -> W -> W -> E -> R -> E -> E

Your job: Farm, poke, support, tank, initiate. Be very careful against Udyr, Garen, Xin Zhao, Twisted Fate, Blitzcrank, Leona, and Renekton when taunting. Deter chasers and hunt down runners. Warding. .

Not your job: Babysitting carries during laning. Building anything with AD other than Aegis, building crit, lifesteal, or attack speed. Encouraging stupidity by dying to save idiots doing stupid things. Taunting only one person in a teamfight.

Obligatory Lore Section (GLore)
If you're interested in Galio's lore, read it here (http://www.gamereplays.org/leagueoflegends/portals.php?show=index&name=Galio) or on Leagueoflegends.com or on leaguecraft or on leagueoflegends.wikia.com or on LeagueDB.com. This guide is long enough as it is.

Why play Galio? (GWhy)
You play Galio because you want to tank and support at the same time while putting out some damage. Galio has some of the greatest utility of any champion in the League. He has hard CC, soft CC, a damage-mitigation ability that can be used on allies, and a haste and lots of AoE. He's an excellent solo lane and respectable in a harass-centered duo-lane. He can poke and farm. He can initiate. He can counter-initiate. He is at his strongest mid-game, weak early game, and average lategame. He also has an awesome voiceover. In draft mode, picking Galio can make a huge difference against an AP-heavy team. Galio is to an AP-heavy team what Rammus or Malphite are to AD-heavy teams since he is the only tank to truly benefit from stacking magic resist.

You don't pick Galio to get the most kills, because you love right-clicking to win, or because you want to play a strong jungler. Galio does none of those.

Why play tank/support Galio?
Galio's skills are split between support and tanking. His tanking ability is centered around his passive and ultimate, while the rest of his abilities lend themselves more to a support role (a haste, a shield, and a slow). Mixing his tanking and support abilities maximizes his skillset and allows him to contribute to the team. His nuking leaves much to be desired currently. To put it differently, Galio is one of the top tank champions. His support skills have significant utility. He is NOT considered in the top 10 strongest AP characters.

AP Galio was more viable when Righteous Gust and Idol of Durand had 0.8 AP ratios and higher base damage. To play him AP now, you need mana, CDR, AND AP because of his mana costs, long cooldowns, and low base damage/decent AP ratios require itemization to fix. Mixing AP and tanking can work, but for the damage you get from E and Q, I feel you're better off maximizing your support role (particularly in solo queue where finding dedicated support players grabbing Taric or Janna is difficult).

Pros and cons (GPAC)

  1. His ultimate can literally change a teamfight if properly executed
  2. Gets free AP
  3. Farms like a boss
  4. Versatile skillset allows him to poke, tank, support or all 3 depending on build--especially rare for a tank.
  5. Strong laning presence, very hard to zone him from farming midgame or force back
  6. Bulwark is one of the best abilities in the entire game and most people do not realize it.
  7. Stupendous utility in terms of helping team with AoE slow, AoE haste, shield, and AoE taunt
  8. Is better in lane than jungle, unlike most tanks, allowing your team to have a dedicated jungler like Warwick or Udyr
  9. Hard to initiate on a team with Galio, as he will just taunt you back
  10. Good solo and decent 1v2 if well-played
  11. One of the best voiceovers in the game

  • Ultimate has ridiculous cooldown and can be interrupted by many people.
  • Flash-dependent in order to close gap and initiate.
  • Drinks mana early game and is useless without it.
  • Costs 6300 IP.
  • No hard CC until level 6, unlike most tanks.
  • Cannot babysit champions in lane well without a heal/flat shield/reliable cc ability, unlike most supports
  • Slow jungler, so if your team needs a tank AND a jungler, Galio is a poor choice
  • Fairly long cooldowns
  • Item dependent

Abilities: (GAbility)

Passive: Runic Skin. Galio converts 50% of his magic resist to ability power.

This is an awesome passive and lets you skip itemizing straight AP in most cases. Even Rammus's passive has no comparison to how much sheer AP you can get from Runic Skin without buying dedicated AP items. 200 AP is pretty easy to get on Galio without getting any AP item other than an Abyssal Scepter.

Resolute Smite (Q): Galio fires a concussive blast from his eyes, slowing targets in the area of effect by 24/28/32/36/40% for 2.5 seconds and dealing 80/135/190/245/300+0.7 AP magic damage. Range 900, AoE radius 250, costs 60/65/70/75/80 mana, 7 second cooldown.

This is a slow-moving AoE skillshot that you will almost always have to lead your target with (aim where they are going, not where they are right now). It's easy to dodge at long range, but it’s worth maxing faster due to better damage and scaling to help farm. It also drains a lot of mana early game to cast this AND Righteous Gust. With practice, you can hit champions most of the time, particularly those moving in a straight line.

One particularly valuable use is using Resolute Smite to cancel your ultimate. Near the end of your taunt, cast Resolute Smite on a taunted opponent to slow them.

[B]Bulwark (W):[/Galio shields a friendly champion for 4 seconds, increasing their Armor and Magic Resistance by 30/45/60/7590. Each time the unit suffers damage, Galio is healed for 25/40/55/70/85 (+0.3 per ability power). (-20% healing for each consecutive hit). This spell has a range of 800, cooldown of 13 seconds, and costs 60 mana at all ranks.

This is a targeted spell and easily Galio's second best ability. I see a lot of guides saying to max this one last, and that's a crying shame. It's not a flat damage shield like Janna's, but 90 armor/MR at rank 5 is a huge amount of free mitigation for anybody, especially your glass cannon carries. At rank 5, you are essentially handing out 2 free Negatron Cloaks and 2 free Chain Vests to a target of your choice for 4 seconds.

A particularly valuable use of Bulwark is to slap it on yourself (Alt+W) right before you hit your ult. This will let you heal back a good portion of the damage sustained from taunting, will amp up Idol of Durand with 15-45 more AP applied from Runic Skin, and makes you take less damage. However, Idol of Durand comes with 50% damage reduction, so it is probably more valuable to shield a squishy on your team. Shield them as soon as they start getting focused.

Bulwark can also be used to inject additional AP into your spells if you have an excess of mana and just need to clear minions or farm ASAP. Cast Bulwark on yourself and then use your Gust/Smite combo to obliterate the minions with the extra AP.

You can also use Bulwark as a healing mechanism by drawing minion aggro. Once you have their attention, cast Bulwark on yourself and be healed. You don't want to take more than 5 hits, though, as the diminishing returns on the heal wear off after 5 hits. Alternately, you can cast Bulwark on a friendly champion who has minion (or champion) aggro and be healed from their pain and suffering.

Bulwark should NOT be ignored during the laning phase. Here’s why.

WARNING! Here there be mathcraft!

Annie is a level 11 champion with a 9/0/21 masteries build, Magic Penetration marks, and Ability Power Quintessences. Thus far, she has a Doran's Ring, Sorcerer's Shoes, and a Blasting Wand, which is about 2000 gold worth of farm. Annie has 75 Ability Power, 29 Magic Penetration, and an angry-looking bear ready to go. Now let's say that Annie is trying to introduce my lanemate, Teemo, to her bear Tibbers. Teemo, in a sidelane, is a level 9 with no additional Magic Resist other than his base 30, as he's set up for offense/AP in his runes/masteries and his cash has gone into boots, a Doran's Ring, an Amplifying Tome and a Dagger. Teemo has 1176 health and 30 Magic Resist.

Now, let's say that due to some aggressive early-game play, Teemo's down to a mere 1000 health. Not too bad, right? Certainly not bad enough to go back for healing. All of a sudden Annie charges and drops a rank 2 T-bomb on poor Teemo, followed by rank 5 Disintegrate and rank 3 Incinerate. Thanks to Teemo's shrooms, we see Annie coming, but the Dark Child flashes forward and drops her combo. The initial Tibbers burst does 377.5 damage. We'll say that Tibbers' magic damage does another 75 damage to Teemo while he's stunned, which is fairly conservative. Incinerate tacks on another 250 damage before resists and Disintegrate adds another 305 damage. That's 1008 damage before resists.

How does poor Teemo handle this? Can the little guy shave off enough damage with his 30 MR to survive? The answer: No! Annie has 29 Magic Penetration, so Teemo is left with 1 MR, which the 15% reduction from Archaic Knowledge will reduce to a mere 1% reduction in Annie's Tibbers combo. Ouch. She does 998 damage to him after that measly resist and Teemo is dead after one auto-attack or angry glare from Tibbers. Note that Annie has not even Ignited Teemo, nor have the two enemy champions in the bottom sidelane done anything other than wear Teemo down to 80% health. Not good.

Let's replay this scenario, this time with my level 10 Galio dropping a rank 3 Bulwark on Teemo. Bulwark gives Teemo an additional 60 Magic Resist. Teemo now effectively has 52 Magic Resist after all of Annie's magic penetration is considered. This gives Annie 34% less damage on her combo and Teemo takes only 665 damage, leaving him with 335 HP. That's enough to survive her 270 true damage Ignite, and possibly even a swipe from Mr. Tibbers. If Annie or her partners could hit Teemo one more time with a couple auto-attacks, they could probably finish him, but I'm going to say that a certain gargoyle sentinel is currently taunting them to allow Teemo to escape.

Now, did I make the scenario so that the numbers work out nicely? Yes. But you can apply it to any fairly reasonable scenario involving early or midgame damage and see that Bulwark is a heck of a shield at just rank 3. I just pulled 333 damage from Annie's combo off Teemo with Bulwark. That is more damage absorbed than a Rank 5 Eye of the Storm from a Janna with 60 AP. That's more damage absorbed than Shen's rank 1 of Stand United, which is what he'd have at level 10. Lux would need a rank 5 Prismatic Barrier to double-hit Teemo, along with 47 AP to absorb the same damage, and I've never seen a level 10 Lux with rank 5 Prismatic Barrier. Morgana would need a rank 5 Black Shield with at least a Blasting Wand's worth of AP before she could shield for that much. And that only cost me 60 mana at all ranks.

The TL;DR of the last 5 paragraphs is that, by the math, Bulwark rocks and unlike Lux's or Morg's shield, protects against physical AND magic damage. Especially during the midgame. Do not max Bulwark last. Your teammates will thank you. In case you didn't believe me, check out this game (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmjCeJHRJOQ&feature=related) where I save both myself and our Veigar from certain death using Bulwark.

Righteous Gust (E): Galio unleashes a gust of concussive wind that deals 20/28/36/44/52 (+.5 per ability power) magic damage to all enemies in its path. A directional draft remains for 5 seconds, increasing the movement speed of allies passing through it by 20/28/36/44/52%.Costs 70/75/80/85/90 mana. Range is pretty long, about 800-1000. 12 second cooldown.

This is a fast-moving linear skillshot similar to Kog'Maw's Void Ooze or Janna's Howling Gale. Instead of slowing or knocking-up opponents, it hastes allies that are going the same direction as the gust. Unfortunately, Riot has heavily nerfed this spell. You'll still want to take a couple points early for poking and farming. The damage is not great, but it’s a very nice haste and great for reliably poking off Banshee’s Veils

Righteous Gust helps you chase or flee from bad guys. If you and your team are chasing people, cast Righteous Gust to speed them up. If you and your team are running away from angry enemies, line up the spell so as many of your team can use the haste as possible and fire it in the direction you are going.

Idol of Durand (R): Galio channels for 2 seconds, taunting nearby foes and blocking 50% of incoming damage. After channeling, Galio deals 220/330/440 (+0.6 per ability power) magic damage to surrounding enemies, plus an additional 5% damage for each attack he suffered while channeling. Max 40% bonus damage. This spell has a taunt range of 550, a damage radius of 550, a cooldown of 170/150/130, and a 100/150/200 mana cost.

This spell is why you pick Galio and how well you use it will determine whether or not your teammates are praising or raging at you.

1) Idol of Durand can be interrupted, because it is a channel. See below for a complete discussion of who can interrupt Idol of Durand and how they do it.

2) Watch for Mercury's Treads, Cleanse, Tenacity Items and Quicksilver Sashes, because they can let targets escape before you can bring your pain train. With Mercury's Treads, you only get 1.3 seconds of taunt, so people at the edge of the taunt with Mercury's Treads can flee the taunt radius and avoid the damage. If they have Treads and either a natural blink like Rift Walk or Flash, they can use their escape to get out of Idol of Durand's radius, which is highly undesirable. Other Tenacity items mean that you only get 1.5 seconds of taunt.

3) You can interrupt Idol of Durand manually. Casting any other spell or moving will interrupt the channel, which can be useful if you need to apply hurt to people with Tenacity that are attempting to flee the taunt radius. For a visual reference, cancel Idol of Durand when the timer bar hits your Bulwark icon in order to damage people in the taunt radius. I've made a video dealing with that subject here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKx7K-H7ub4).

4) Idol of Durand always explodes into damage. It doesn't matter if the channel completes after 2 seconds, interrupted by an enemy, canceled by Galio, or Galio is slain--the damage is always inflicted to all targets within the damage radius.

5) People will rarely ever just let you flap your way into their midst and taunt their squishies. This is why Flash is essential on Galio. Only Failios play Galio without Flash. You can also use the bush to surprise the bad guys, but Flash is more reliable.

6) Taunt the carries and mages, not the tanks. Tanks typically have enough MR and health that Idol of Durand does about 300 out of their 3000 health lategame. Not impressive. Not at all. Galio particularly likes going after mages. A champion with a decent 55 MR from a Chalice or Merc Treads will sustain more like 500 damage, which is a lot more significant on a carry or mage with only 2000 health.

7) Do not taunt just one person in a teamfight unless their team is literally built around that one guy (like a Twitch or a Yi). You want to taunt as many people as possible, focusing on the squishies. Taunting one or two people during laning or early teamfights is okay, but you're aiming to get at least 3. If it's just two people you are taunting, they'd better be important and easily burst-down by the rest of your team, or you'd better be making a sacrifice to let your team escape from something bad.

8) Watch out for interrupts, particularly on-hit interrupts or longer-ranged interrupts. Idol of Durand has an extremely long cooldown and without it, you are much more of a beefy support and much less of a tank, as it is your only hard CC.

9) Idol of Durand does NOT draw tower aggro until it explodes. This means you can Flash under a tower, taunt enemies, and blow them up (preferably with the help of your team) without drawing the tower's fire until you detonate. This means that Galio can set up tower dives easily for a teammate, but the teammate has to be able to survive a few tower hits.

10) The bonus damage from Idol of Durand for each time Galio is attacked is powered by minion attacks. Taunting a group of enemies amidst their own minions almost assures maximum damage as long as the channel is not interrupted.

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Base Stats (GBaseStats)
Before talking about building Galio, I think it's important to consider what he has and what he needs. I'm not worrying about Attack Speed, Attack Damage, or any other statistics not relevant to his job as a support-mage-tank.

Base health: 520 (85/level)
Health Regen/5: 8.2 (+.75/level)
Mana: 285 (+50/level)
Mana regen/5: 5 (+0.1/level)
Armor: 20.5 (3.5/level)
Magic Resist: 30
Movement Speed: 310

Galio thus needs health, magic resist, and armor defensively, and likes to itemize mana/mana regen, AP, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration/reduction offensively

Runes (GRunes)
Magic Penetration Reds
Either Mp5/level or HP/level Yellows
Either MR/level or flat CDR Blues
Health Quints

Right now, I'm using Mpen Reds, HP/level Yellows, MR/level Blues, and Health Quints. I generally skip AP runes on Galio.

Magic Penetration because Galio primarily does spell damage, obviously. Thornmail and Sunfire Cape also benefit from magic penetration.

Mp5/level yellows are incredibly powerful and combined with a Chalice, allow true nonstop spammage.

HP/level yellows are nice because Galio has low base health.

CDR blues are nice because my build doesn't have a whole lot of CDR in it if I have to get Aegis. Galio's cooldowns are long, CDR is very helpful since I'm not itemizing for it until late. It does make you squishier so I’ve moved away from them.

MR/level blues are a good way to get some free AP and give him some added MR. They have a very good value.

Health quints are invaluable because Galio has low base health. I prefer these over MR quintessences because I like to start Meki Pendant and the magic resist won't help me against auto-attacks or minion aggro.

I've heard of people using ability power or movespeed runes on Galio as well (particularly the quintessences). I don't care for that option, since I'm playing Galio as primarily a tank, secondarily a support, and lastly a nuke. He has a haste for speed, but if you like those other options, use them.

Masteries (GMasteries)
0/9/21 or 1/8/21. Important things are improved Flash, all three points in Meditation, the extra experience in Awareness, Presence of the Master for lowered summoner spell cooldowns, and maxing Strength of Spirit after 3 points in added MR and 2-3 points in armor from defense. Your choice between marginal mana and health regen increase in Perseverance and the Good Hands mastery for lower death time is personal preference. As a tank, it's likely you could die more often than not. I tend to be good about staying alive, even as Galio, so I don't take more than 1 point in Good Hands. The 1 in offense is only if I take Exhaust as a summoner spell—if I do, I take the mastery point.

If you follow Heat 'n Serve's mathcrafting guide, you know that the defensive mastery tree is really not worth going down to 21 in. My Galio build has mostly defensive items, and so to compensate for that, I'm taking a more offensive mastery approach with the 9 in offense. I'm also taking 21 in utility because I NEED Flash to have a lower cooldown. Flash is so crucial to Galio's playstyle and shaving down that 255 second cooldown is essential. The extra experience and mana regen are very helpful also. Galio does not need 21 in offense, most of those stats are wasted on him.

Summoner Spells (GSummon)
You must take Flash. That's the only necessary spell on Galio because most of the time, you have to Flash to ult successfully. Your other choice is up to you.

is popular among Galio players. It lets you get back to a lane and farm, or possibly teleport to a teamfight or gank and change the outcome with a well-placed Idol of Durand. Its mastery is also in utility, which you're going to want anyway. Teleport is a solid choice, particularly for solo-laning.

Ghost gives you another escape or initiation tool. Its mastery is also low in utility, which is convenient. Good choice. If you are below summoner level 12 and cannot get Flash, you could go Ghost, but really, you're better waiting until you're level 12 to play Galio anyway. Flash is that crucial.

Fortify is handy if you like to taunt people under turrets (and who doesn't?) but the mastery is in defense, which we are not running. Certainly a good choice if you like it.

Exhaust gives you some added CC, which can be a huge help, especially early game. Its mastery is low in offense, which is handy so we can avoid taking critical strike chance that we'll never use. Another good choice, particularly if the team needs more CC, or you're in draft mode and see that there are a lot of melee-DPS on the enemy team.

is definitely underrated, and if you do not have a support player like Sona or Janna taking this for you, is one of the best summoner spells. I'm constantly trying to obtain maximum map awareness and Clairvoyance is an excellent way to do that. The mastery is also in utility, so we can take it. Good choice.

Clarity is okay in one scenario. The first is that you are in a lane with somebody who guzzles mana and wants to be aggressive early game, for example, Sion. If you are solo-laning and cannot expect to recall freely against a competent pusher(s), you need to stay in the lane as long as possible, but I’ve found Teleport is more versatile for this than Clarity.

Ignite is not an optimal choice. The early game damage is not fantastic and since Galio doesn't have much burst at low levels, I feel Exhaust is better in early fights. It's an okay choice for Galio, particularly if you are in draft mode and see lots of healers or self-healers.

Cleanse is not an optimal choice. The mastery is out of reach in defense and Galio is less concerned with being CC'd before his ultimate than being CC'd DURING his ultimate, which Cleanse will not help. If you need the Cleanse effect that badly (particularly against long silences), get a Quicksilver Sash instead, it gives you free AP and you'll have no problems farming it up.

Heal should only be used in ARAM (All Random, All Mid) or other such unconventional gametypes.

Rally should never be picked.

Smite should only be picked on Galio if you jungle with him, which he really shouldn’t do. Galio does not jungle well and farming/laning is no problem for our stone sentinel. There are far better jungle tanks. There are few better laning tanks.

Revive should never be picked on Galio. If his taunt is down, he does not bring much to the teamfight. If his taunt is up and he died, he was either horribly out of position and thus a Failio or was stun-locked and burst to death, in which case his team had better be able to deal with a group of enemies that just blew all their cooldowns on the tank.

TL;DR: Flash and either Ghost, Exhaust, Teleport, Clarity or Clairvoyance. I typically run Flash and Clairvoyance unless we have a support that has Clairvoyance. If I'm solo-laning, then I'm going to take Flash and possibly Teleport or Exhaust. If we have a support with Clairvoyance and I'm dual-laning, I'll likely take Flash and Exhaust.

Item build (GItem)
Starting item.
The best starting item choice for Galio is something that gives him mana regen and health regen. Therefore, I start with a Meki Pendant + 2 Health Pots

If you go Meki Pendant, you will be farming up to either 500+ or 850+ gold before you go back for the first time. 500 will get you a Chalice. 850 will get you a Chalice and Boots. You should also try and stay until 575 or 925 to pick up a Sight Ward as well. I typically go back around level 6 to retrieve these items.

I used to sometimes start with a Doran’s Ring and health potion into a second Doran’s Ring before Doran’s items were changed so you couldn’t start with a Health Potion as well. It used to be the better solo lane option. Now, I can’t see how it’s superior to start with a Doran’s Ring over the Meki.

If you go Doran's Ring anyway, you will probably need Teleport or Clarity if you want to spam your spells. Without Teleport/Clarity, you can go back early and lay down another 435 for a 2nd Doran's Ring or just use Clarity for better spell usage. In this case, you’ll want to save up 860 for another Doran’s Ring, Boots, and a Sight Ward, maybe about 900 for another Health Potion as well.

Other core items
After your 1 or 2 Doran's Rings or a Chalice, upgrade Mercury's Treads next on your second trip back for obvious reasons.

I get Aegis of the Legion next if there's no support handling the aura items for us--it's cheap, gives you nice protection, helps the team. It's incredibly cost-efficient and is just all around a superb tanking/support item. This is my core build.

My next items vary depending on what I'm facing, and more important, what's actually hurting me. If they have 3 casters, but 2 of them are 0/3 with no items, I'll probably get armor instead. Checking death recaps or observing who on the enemy team has the best items/most kills and farm is important.

Versus a caster-heavy team.
This is what Galio likes to see on the loading screen/champ select. Lots of juicy casters that don't hurt much when he taunts them and excuses to stack MR items for free AP.

I get Banshee's Veil next, rushing the Negatron Cloak first to amp up my MR and AP. Banshee's Veil is literally the best Galio item, giving him 25 free AP, a free spell block that might save Idol of Durand from being interrupted, as well as health, MR, and mana.

After Banshee's Veil, I'll grab an Abyssal Scepter, but I generally recommend against Force of Nature. Galio has mediocre base health for a tank, has a haste to handle movespeed, and the extra MR is less-efficient than getting health at that point. I prefer the Abyssal Scepter, for its combination of ability power, magic resist, and MR reduction. With a Banshee's Veil and an Abyssal Scepter along with your Treads/Chalice/Aegis, you'll have over 200 MR and nearly 3K health, making you rather hard to kill. At this point, you do not need more MR, you need more health, preferably packaged with CDR or AP.

If the game goes super-long, I consider a Rod of Ages or a Rylai's Crystal Scepter as my fifth item. Shurelya’s Reverie is probably the best lategame item if the team doesn't already have it. It gives health, cooldown reduction, and mana regen, all of which are valuable to Galio, and helps the team as well with the haste. If you want to sell your Chalice after the rest of your build is finished, grab another one of the items mentioned above for added defense. For pure offense, Rabadon’s Deathcap, or Void Staff are good options for your final item. In particular, adding a Deathcap on top of a Banshee/Abyssal/Aegis/Treads build will get you to nearly 500 AP.

On paper, the Quicksilver Sash with its latest buffs up to 56 MR looks good, but the only case I would ever get this item is against another Galio so you can cleanse and then bust his taunt with yours, or if you’re being consistently CC’d before you can ult. A QSS will not prevent you from being interrupted, nor will cleansing a CC allow you to contribute heavily to the team once Idol of Durand is down. Get an Abyssal Scepter instead if you need magic resist after a Banshee’s Veil, Aegis, Treads, and Chalice.

Spirit Visage is another good Galio item, but it screws up my timings if I get it. I like the combination of CDR, Magic Resist, and Health, but I'm already getting one mid-game dead-end item in Chalice of Harmony or have shelled out for two Doran’s Rings. Getting another either delays my Aegis or my Banshee's Veil and I need both of those more. Lategame, I'd rather have an Abyssal Scepter than a Visage. Similar comments apply to Haunting Guise.

When you actually have support/aura champs
If we do have a dedicated support/another tank getting Aegis of the Legion, I'll either get Spirit Visage or rush the Banshee's Veil. If our support gets Shurelya’s Reverie and I’m hurting for CDR, I’ll opt for Soul Shroud. .

Versus an AD-heavy team.
After Aegis (or Glacial Shroud if somebody else built Aegis), I want Frozen Heart or rarely Thornmail. I'll take Frozen Heart most of the time, as it gives me lots of mana, 20% CDR, a lot of armor, and lowers attack speed significantly. The only time I take Thornmail is if they have lots of squishy auto-attackers who persist in attacking me after my taunt is ended. Otherwise, the utility and extra stats on Frozen Heart make it a decidedly better item.

Getting both Frozen Heart and Thornmail is overkill on the armor. Aegis and Frozen Heart alone will get you to over 200 armor at level 18 without any from runes or masteries—at this point, health is a better option.

I personally prefer to grab Shurelya’s Reverie after my Frozen Heart. It has a great active, has some nice health, and it comes with CDR and mana regen for a fairly cheap price. This will get us to around 2500 health before runes and masteries, which is a bit low, but if you’re running health quints and hp/level seals, you’ll end up with a respectable 2700 hit points. If you’re fortunate enough to have someone else on the team with Reverie, getting Soul Shroud is an excellent choice, as it gives many of the same things as Reverie.

Now it’s time to make him hit harder so the lategame AD-carries are actually afraid of him. Rod of Ages is an excellent choice, giving us additional HP and AP. I dislike Sunfire Cape on Galio as he doesn't sit on people too long and doesn't need it to farm. When I'm fighting AD teams, I'm constantly chugging Elixirs of Brilliance to get that AP because I just don't have the AP or MR items to get it to 200 until the Rod of Ages or other AP item. My last item is almost always a Deathcap, selling the Chalice to pick it up to make me scarier lategame. I also dislike Zhonya’s Hourglass on Galio since he can’t activate it while channeling and his cooldowns are long enough that stasis for 2 seconds isn’t going to give him enough time to charge up some serious burst lategame.

One interesting idea is to turn your early Meki Pendant into a Tear of the Goddess and eventually upgrade that to Archangel's Staff eventually. It works pretty well, but midgame farming is rather rough. I'd prefer to stick with the Chalice or two Doran’s Rings and grab a Blasting Wand after my Reverie for AP instead.

Versus a balanced team

After Aegis, I'll buy a Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak to get my resists well over 100. From there, I'll upgrade the Negatron to Banshee's Veil and the Chain Vest to Frozen Heart. I like the Frozen Heart against a balanced team because of the CDR, mana, and armor. I prefer Spirit Visage if Aegis was already built by somebody else.

Another option is to just not upgrade the Glacial Shroud to keep the enemy's attack speed higher to power Idol of Durand--I do that if we're winning and I don’t need the armor. Along with the BV and Frozen Heart, I'll pick up an Abyssal Scepter to be more of an offensive threat. For my last item, I’ll sell Chalice once I have enough to think seriously about a Deathcap if the game is going that long. Elixirs of Fortitude and Brilliance combined with a full item build will create a tank with 500 AP, nearly 40% CDR, 3K health, 200+ armor and magic resist who lowers attack speed and MR of all enemies near him.

Rushing a Banshee's Veil
I’ve started using this build when I’m clearly counter-picked and need a Banshee’s Veil ASAP. This means that there’s a Garen, Blitzcrank, Leona, Udyr, Rammus, or Renekton on the enemy team. I won’t run this build against Xin or most other melee-CCers like Irelia or Jax, nor against casters. I can taunt them instead and win. The six I mentioned are very hard counters to Idol of Durand due to their on-next-hit CC. This is a specialized build to help deal with them.

Start with a Sapphire Crystal and two health potions. Then rush a Catalyst the Protector into Banshee’s Veil, getting Merc Treads as well. Then build your Aegis and go from there. Skip Chalice of Harmony and play cautious with your spells instead. Overall, I prefer the Chalice into Aegis build, because it’s a faster build that does more for my team. However, if I cannot use Idol of Durand effectively, I’m not useful even with an Aegis. Sometimes, you need that Banshee’s fast and this build gets you that at the expense of early support utility.

If we are getting owned
At this point, me or the team are doing so poorly that getting the Aegis aura will probably not help. I get Treads, skip Aegis, and then fill up any remaining slots on Negatron Cloaks, Giant's Belts, and/or Chain Vests depending on what I need. It's a desperation build, but it's cheap and makes me tough enough. I can always sell or upgrade those items later.

If we are owning

Mix in a Mejai's Soulstealer in somewhere. I never recommend Leviathan, it’s not cost-effective.


Elixirs of Brilliance are nice, health potions as needed, at least one ward every time you go back. Skip mana potions.

Skill order (GSkill)
Q -> W or E -> Q -> E or W -> Q -> R -> Q -> W -> Q -> W -> R -> E -> W -> W -> E -> R -> E -> E
Bulwark is too useful and Resolute Smite now has better damage, lower cooldown, and better scaling than Righteous Gust, so unlike the days of old, max Resolute Smite and Bulwark over Gust. Take Idol of Durand whenever possible. Midgame Bulwark is very helpful in early teamfights.

Since patch, the buffs to Resolute Smite make it your go-to nuke/farming tool. At level 8, with 4 points in Resolute Smite, and 1 point in Righteous Gust, along with a Chalice and a little MR, you can clear all three caster minions instantly if you need to. The fact that Resolute Smite has to be aimed means you need to practice that skill as well, but if you can land it consistently, it has much better value.

Playing Galio (GPlay)
Early Game

I play Galio as a poking/farming tank. When you get to your lane, you need to decide two things based on looking at your lane, whether it’s a solo or a duo-lane. Galio is at his best in a solo lane, either mid or top, because he doesn’t have the mana or a heal/shield to effectively babysit in a sustain lane or the damage to get early kills in a burst lane. If he needs to duo-lane, it is best to do so with a harass-centric lanemate that won’t need all the farm, like a Zilean, Lux, or Orianna.

1) Are you going to be able to poke them down? If so, last-hit with your auto-attack and pound them with Resolute Smite until they’re forced to stay off the creeps or go back. Take Righteous Gust as your second spell. Note, this won’t work on healers. The best thing you can do versus a healer like Warwick or Nidalee is force them to burn all their mana on heals instead of nastier spells like Dazzle or Javelin Toss. Then pray they don't have Clarity or Teleport.
2) Is their early-game damage a serious threat to you or your lanemate if you’re duo-laning? Do they have lots of AD or AP runes? If you’re in danger of getting killed (say by a Renekton or Taric/Sion combo), stay at range and farm creeps with Resolute Smite. Take Bulwark as your second spell.

I don't auto-attack champs much early game because I don't have any extra armor on top of base to take hits and soak minion aggro, nor do I carry offensive summoner spells like Exhaust or Ignite in most of my games. If you can pound away at your opponents’ health with Resolute Smite, the creep waves are free for you and your partner to farm, and you can zone them hard.

Galio is weak duo-laner early game. He only has Resolute Smite and a weak haste from Righteous Gust. He can't heal his allies and 30 armor/MR might keep them alive for a little longer, but his mana will not support him spamming his skills until he has a Chalice of Harmony or Tear of the Goddess or second Doran’s Ring. Galio is NOT a babysitter and definitely needs to farm. He needs to use his range to create an opportunity to zone/poke opponents and not trade blows for too long. Galio's job early game is to farm and poke, preferably doing both with one cast of Righteous Gust, and then get 925/900 gold as fast as humanly possible. Don't starve your lanemate, but getting that early Chalice and Boots are critical to succeeding as Galio. Galio is best in a lane with another champion that excels at harassing and doesn’t need too much babysitting. His burst is too weak to create a deadly lane that generates lots of kills early and his babysitting is weak and costs a lot of mana.

As a solo-lane, Galio uses his Resolute Smite to whittle away at champs without ridiculous healing. Force them back or set up opportunities for a jungle gank. If they come after you, Bulwark yourself and use Righteous Gust to haste yourself away if you need to. Your range, poke, and sustain from Bulwark will allow you to win most lanes if they can’t match your damage and self-healing. Galio is very hard to stop from farming and both harasses well and can shrug off harass/burst with Bulwark.

If you ever force a solo opponent to go back and you know their jungle is far from you, feel free to push their turret and force a reaction. Just be aware that if a jungler with red buff jumps on you, you are probably not going to escape back from their turret to yours. Once midgame hits, hopefully you've poked down your opponent so that when your jungler shows up, you taunt the enemy and the jungler cuts them to pieces.

Around the time you hit level 4 is the time that most jungle gankers are looking to attack, specifically Udyr, Shaco, Nunu, Olaf, Rammus, etc. They'll have red buff and be looking for a nice kill, like a Galio without Idol of Durand. I carry Clairvoyance so I can constantly keep track of the junglers if I know their jungle route. If you are ganked, Smite/Gust/Bulwark combo is particularly effective at escaping junglers, though you may be forced to burn your flash against tenacious junglers or if you overextend too much. While it is easy to push the lane as Galio via his spells, don't go past your river bush after level 3-4 unless you know where all their champions are, especially their jungle.

If somebody tower dives you, you have three options. The first is stand and fight, preferably using Idol of Durand once the inevitable CC wears off. Chances are, if they're diving a Galio, they either can soak the damage or they can interrupt/escape the taunt or they know your Idol of Durand is not up for whatever reason. The second option is to flee from the tower. This is a good idea if the tower is low on health, your team isn't coming to help, and you're going to otherwise lose the tower AND yourself. The third option is to dance around the tower while they eat its aggro. While not a good idea against some champions with mobility and means to soak up lots of tower shots (See Tryndamere), others you can evade long enough for the tower to kill them. Run around the tower, throwing Righteous Gust to speed around to one side, then flashing back just as they chase you, using Resolute Smite to slow them down and Bulwark to stay alive longer. You will probably die, but you might take one of the divers with you OR you might buy enough time for your team to show up and trade your death for a double kill.

Mid Game
With 4 points in Resolute Smite, 1 point in Righteous Gust and either 1-2 Doran's Rings or a Chalice, along with my Magic Penetration reds, I can instantly clear the 3 caster minions at the back of each creep wave. Wait until some of the melee minions are low enough to kill with E, then fire E so that it goes through the melee minions, hopefully killing some of them, and then nail the back three caster minions with Q as well. That'll give three guaranteed creep kills per wave, starting at around level 7 and more from the melee minions if you timed it right. Use Bulwark as needed for shielding or healing.

As Galio, you are the initiator. People look to you to go in first. There might be preliminary poking and Galio participates in that as well. If it's possible to poke down some of the enemy team so they can't hold their position, do it. However, take care not to eat too much poking, or worse, be burst down before you can taunt. Don't be too eager to taunt either. If your team catches a lone hero out by themselves, you probably don't need Idol of Durand to kill them. There's nothing worse than blowing all your cooldowns on one guy only for the other four to come racing out of the jungle with baron and destroy your team.
Galio initiates well, but if there are other people on the team (another tank like Rammus or a non-tank initiator like an Ashe with accurate Enchanted Crystal Arrows) who are better, let them do it and follow their lead. If the enemy team ignores you too much or initiates on your team, you won't even need to burn Flash. Get near a group of them, preferably their primary sources of damage, and taunt them all. Do make sure to ping the enemies so your team knows your plan if not on Vent/TS/Skype. If the enemy team's carries and mages are wearing Merc Treads, remember to cancel your ultimate early (about a second into it) by moving or firing another spell (preferably Resolute Smite for the slow effect)

You probably won’t need to Bulwark yourself before Idol of Durand due to its damage reduction, so in most cases, save it for a squishier member of your team and apply it as soon as they start getting focused. If you don’t feel you’d survive your taunt, go ahead and use Bulwark on yourself.

Galio ideally does best when he's the second person into a fight, after some of the initial CCs have already been blown. Having some of the enemy team already pinned down or in trouble will make taunting easier. However, the realities of solo queue mean that you'll likely be the first champion into the teamfight. Expect to get hurt, but if they keep chasing you after you taunt them, let them. Run around, use your spells, and force them to expend CC on you. If they focus you, your team should destroy them.

Your taunt targets are a judgment call, particularly if their squishies are hanging back or if their tanks are disrupting your squishies well. Galio's preferred targets are the mages, supports, and carries, not the tanky DPS or the tanks. Taunting just the tanks generally does little for your team, but sometimes it's necessary to save allies Just be aware that most tanks can initiate again before Idol of Durand comes off cooldown.

Chasing enemies is easy with Galio. Speed yourself up with Righteous Gust, lead your target with Resolute Smite. Resolute Smite is actually pretty easy to land on targets that are either moving toward or directly away from you, which is what most fleeing or chasing champions will be doing. Running from enemies after a failed teamfight is likewise simple. Speed yourself up with Righteous Gust, slow them down by leading them with Resolute Smite so they run into the projectile.

Assuming you want to teamfight every time you have Idol of Durand up, you can teamfight every two minutes unless you have lots of CDR. You'll have Flash up every other time that Idol of Durand is up, if you use Idol of Durand pretty much any time it comes off cooldown. If your teammates keep asking you if your taunt is up, inform that the little green circle on your icon on their screen will tell them when your ultimate is up.

Pretty much the same as midgame. Keep doing your thing, winning teamfights, warding key areas, and making sure your team is grouped up and either ready to fight or defend. If you win a teamfight, try to push a tower or get dragon. If you get baron, you MUST get at least one tower unless your inhibitors are down and you need to defend the base.

If there's ever a giant mass of enemy creeps heading for your tower and it's safe to get them, go farm it up. Galio scales extremely well with items and plows through minions. The entire team doesn't need to race over to the creeps, but if you're closest, get that farm.

Be sure that you're adding to the ward count. Galio farms so well that there's no excuse to not pick up a ward every time you go back unless your slots are full. Keep Dragon warded starting with your second ward (first ward goes into your river bush) and ask your team to help ward Baron starting around 20:00. You don't need to buy all the wards, but warding is definitely something Galio can do to help his team. If you run Clairvoyance, you'll have incredible map awareness when you combine that with your wards. That's more of a general gameplay issue than a Galio-specific one, but it bears repeating since so many players in solo queue do not ward.

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Best friends (GFriend)
In general, Galio does extremely well with people who do not need babysat in the lane. He does not need babysat either, but cannot do the babysitting. Pairing him with a squishy, item-reliant champion like Master Yi, Akali, or Ezrael is not ideal. Galio prefers to lane with people who can heal themselves and can help him poke the enemy team into either recalling often or else being easy bait for the jungler.

Morgana: Morgana: Galio loves Morgana. A lane of Galio and Morgana is nearly impossible to kill without jungle or mid's help, pokes extremely hard, farms extremely well, and will generally dominate unless there's some sick burst involved. Black Shield makes Idol of Durand nearly unbreakable, while her Soul Shackles can be channeling while you taunt them for a horrific one-two punch.
Amumu and Rammus: If you can have any of these guys in the jungle and Galio laning, you'll have sick initiation and disable. Let the mummy go in first, then taunt just as Curse of the Sad Mummy wears off, or have Rammus go in with Powerball and Puncturing Taunt onto their lead DPS while you follow it up with Idol of Durand
Singed: This mage/tank/insane man hybrid can help with the initiation duties and is a lanemate you don't need to worry about babysitting. Splitting tanking duties between you will let both of you rack up more AP. Too bad he doesn't poke as well.
Blitzcrank: Another good initiator who doesn't need babysat during the lane. Unfortunately, Galio doesn't really synergize well with Blitz, who would much rather be with somebody who has early-game burst.
Fiddlesticks: This mage can take care of himself via his Drain, has enough poke and CC to make laning a miserable experience for the other team when you add yours too, and you two synergize extremely well with each other in teamfights. Of course, many Fiddlesticks prefer to jungle.
Soraka: Soraka: She can keep you healed, juiced up on mana, and buffed in the lane, gives you 16 free MR (and thus 8 AP) from the start, can handle some of the aura duties, and has a decent poke in Starcall. Doesn't need babysat or too much farm, and, unlike Janna, doesn't ruin your ultimate with her ultimate.

Idol of Durand interrupts (GInterrupt)

Dual threat
These champions don’t care if you taunt them or if they are outside of your range. Either way they can break the taunt. A good player of any of these champs makes Galio cry rivers of tears.

  • Alistar: Headbutt (650 range displacement). Unbreakable Will cleanses active CC, allowing him to use Headbutt or Pulverize (200 range knockup+stun).
  • Blitzcrank: Rocket Grab (1000 range displacement), Power Fist (on-hit knockup), Static Field (600 range silence)
  • Leona: Shield of Daybreak (on-hit stun), Solar Flare (1200 range AoE stun in the center)

At bat
A real bait-and-switch, these guys will either allow themselves to be taunted, or simply walk into the radius and screw you over with a blown ultimate and a 2 minute cooldown. All of their effects are on-hit interrupts, meaning that they are triggered on their next auto-attack, which as you know, taunting forces them to use. Thankfully, you can see if their interrupt is active before they activate it, in most cases. You MUST be aware of their on-hit if you're matched against them.

The best thing to do is let them use their on-hit on something (even you) before taunting, or taunt them when their on-hit is not active. Otherwise you’ll need a Black Shield or an unbroken Banshee’s Veil passive.
  • Garen: Decisive Strike (on-hit silence)
  • Jax: Counterstrike is not reliable, but it will interrupt if activated (on-hit stun).
  • Rammus: Powerball (on-hit knock-up)
  • Renekton: Ruthless Predator (on-hit stun)
  • Singed: Singed has CC reduction on his ult and possibly Cleanse. Not an on-hit, but worth mentioning. (Fling 100 range displacement)
  • Twisted Fate: Gold Cards (510 range on-hit stun)
  • Udyr: Bear Stance is the bane of all channeled spells You can let Udyr stun you with Bear Stance and THEN use Idol of Durand, as the stun can only be applied to a single target every 6 seconds. (on-hit stun)
  • Xin Zhao: To make another lame baseball pun, three strikes, you're out. Three Talon Strike (on-hit knock-up) On the other hand, that likely means he contributed 3 hits to power the damage before the taunt went off.
  • Wukong: Cyclone (on-hit knockup). This one is nasty because it takes a full 4 seconds. He can only knock you up once per use, so it might be a good idea to take the hit and then taunt him.

The Outfielders
This bunch is helpless if you catch them inside the Red Ring of Death, but if left unchecked can break your taunt rather easily from outside its range. As a reminder, Idol of Durand has a 550 radius area of effect.
  • Amumu: Bandage Toss (1100 range stun)
  • Anivia: If she does it right, the pass-over will break your Banshee's Veil and the detonation will interrupt the channel. (1100 range AoE stun)
  • Annie: Disintegrate (625 range stun), Incinerate (625 range stun), Summon Tibbers (600 range AoE stun). Requires Pyromania passive
  • Ashe: Enchanted Crystal Arrow (global stun)
  • Brand: If he has you ablaze, Sear will interrupt. (900 range stun)
  • Cassiopeia: Petrifying Gaze (750 range AoE stun) only if facing Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath: Rupture (950 range AoE knockup) and Feral Scream (550+ range AoE silence).
  • Fiddlesticks: Terrify (575 range fear), Dark Wind (600 range multiple-target silence)
  • Heimerdinger: CH-1 Concussion Grenade (925 range AoE stun)
  • Galio: In Galio mirrors, (normal or custom) the Galio with the better taunt wins the teamfight. He'll have Merc Treads and he'll probably taunt ASAP. Do the same to him, or get a Quicksilver Sash.
  • Gragas: Explosive Cask (1050 range AoE displacement)
  • Janna: Howling Gale (1700 range linear knockup), Monsoon (750 range AoE displacement)
  • Jarvan IV: If he throws Demacian Standard behind you, or if you move in between him and the flag before taunting, he can blink to it using Dragon Strike (770 range linear knockup).
  • Irelia: Equilibrium Strike is one of the few hard CC's outranged by Idol of Durand. Her passive CC reduction + treads will probably let her escape the taunt though and she can break it once freed from the taunt with Equilibrium Strike if she has lower health % than you. (425 range stun)
  • Kassadin: Null Sphere (700 range silence)
  • Kennen: Dependent on having marks on Galio before he ults or else prolonged exposure to Slicing Maelstrom to interrupt without them. (3 Marks of the Storm required)
  • Leblanc: Using Sigil of Silence (700 range silence) and then another ability on Galio will interrupt.
  • Malphite: Unstoppable Charge (1000 range AoE knockup)
  • Malzahar: Will likely use Call of the Void (900 range AoE silence) not Nether Grasp (700 range suppression)
  • Morgana: Must have Soul Shackles already activated for at least 2 seconds, which is unlikely if you Flash towards her. (700 range stun if target stays in 600 range for all 4 seconds)
  • Nocturne: Don’t be worried if he puts his Unspeakable Horror on you during your taunt as it takes 2 seconds for the fear to go off after being cast, despite its 600 range. If he has you tethered for more than half a second, wait until you break it or get feared to use Idol of Durand.
  • Orianna: Command: Dissonance (est. 800-1000 range displacement)
  • Pantheon: Aegis of Zeronia (600 range stun)
  • Shen: Shadow Dash (~600 range taunt).
  • Sion: Cryptic Gaze (550 range stun) can still be cast from outside Idol of Durand
  • Sona: Crescendo (1000 range stun)
  • Soraka: Infuse (725 range silence).
  • Talon: Cutthroat (700 range silence)
  • Taric: Dazzle (625 range stun)
  • Tristana: Buster Shot (700 range displacement)
  • Urgot: Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (600 range suppression)
  • Vayne: Condemn (575 range displacement)
  • Veigar: Event Horizon (650 range from Veigar to center of circle creates an AoE stun ring)
  • Warwick: Infinite Duress (700 range suppression)
  • Xerath: Arcanopulse (900/1300) or Arcane Barrage (900/1300) after Mage Chains (600/1000) to proc stun

The runners
These guys are likely to escape the taunt prematurely without taking the damage, interrupting the taunt, or packing Cleanse or Mercury's Treads
  • Dr. Mundo: CC reduction.
  • Gangplank: Amazing how eating a few oranges lets him out of the Red Ring of Death.
  • Irelia: See "out-rangers"
  • Olaf: If his ult is up, he doesn't care about Idol of Durand.
  • Trundle: CC reduction in an AoE.
  • Tryndamere: Yes, he can activate his ultimate during your taunt.
  • Vladimir: Sanguine Pool, enough said.

Other people with their own blink/dash moves such as Akali, Ezrael, Shaco, etc. will also be able to avoid the damage from Galio's Idol of Durand if they have Mercury Treads, Cleanse, a Banshee's Veil bubble, a Quicksilver Sash, or a friendly Black Shield. This also includes any champion with Flash and one of the aforementioned means of mitigating the Idol of Durand taunt. There are a few champions, such as Maokai, who can interrupt the taunt if they can get inside the taunt ring without being CC’d via Black Shield, Banshee’s Veil, Quicksilver Sash, etc.

The Tank Club (GTank)
Let's talk about the differences between Galio and some of the other popular tanks. I do not consider Nasus, Dr. Mundo, Garen, Mordekaiser, Trundle, Blitzcrank, or Udyr as true tanks, but rather "off-tanks" or "tanky-DPS" and so have not included them in this list. I don't care how awesome they are or how you use them as tanks, they are not true tanks. I'll also discuss the possibilities of including Galio alongside each of the tanks I talk about, in case you want to run a two-tank team.

In general, Galio has less health, less health/level, less armor, and less armor/level than other tanks. He makes up for it with more mana, mana/level, and mana regeneration.

Galio versus Alistar
The two are fairly similar and play fairly similar. Alistar heals instead of shield and has less support, but is harder to kill and has more reliable CC as well more hard CC. Galio pokes, supports better, and farms like a boss, along with more range and AoE. Both have very long cooldowns and extreme dependence on Flash for initiation.

Running a team with both Galio and Alistar results in a team that can only teamfight at full potential every 4 minutes due to extreme Flash dependence for both champs. It also results in a weak lane early-game and no appreciable damage.

Galio versus Amumu
Amumu will be better off in the jungle than Galio and excels against balanced teams, tanky teams, or teams with lots of interrupts. Amumu does not require summoner spells to do his job (other than Smite) but has no support capability. Galio farms, pokes, and supports well, Amumu initiates better and more reliably. Amumu has more AoE and a ranged stun, but cannot stop champions from casting non-movement spells with his ult.

Running a team with both Galio and Amumu gives extremely dangerous AoE damage, and allows Galio to itemize for more damage or support since Galio will be the second one in. This is only a good idea if Amumu jungles, as a lane with Galio and Amumu is very weak early game.

Running a team with both Galio and Amumu gives extremely dangerous AoE damage, and allows Galio to itemize for more damage or support since Galio will be the second one in. This is only a good idea if Amumu jungles, as a lane with Galio and Amumu is very weak early game.

Galio versus Malphite
Malphite can jungle or lane, giving him excellent versatility and is not summoner spell-dependent. His abilities make him stronger against a primarily physical team and Unstoppable Force is much stronger against teams with large amounts of interrupts (or teams with Xin Zhao, Garen, etc. on them) or cleanses. Aside from that, they are fairly similar and play fairly similar in laning. Malphite is tougher against physical teams and has a more reliable ultimate, whereas Galio supports better, pokes better, has more AoE and is stronger versus magic damage teams. Malphite has a better early game due to being harder to kill and does not depend on summoner spells.

Running a team with both Galio and Malphite gives extremely dangerous initiation skills and allows Galio to have more of a support role. Pairing them in a lane or having Malphite jungle makes for strong tanking ability.

Galio versus Nunu

On the surface, Nunu fills a similar role to Galio, combining tank, support, and mage, but does better as a support and mage due to unreliable initiation at best. Nunu also controls the jungle extremely well and should jungle. Galio generally fills more of a tank role; the two play quite differently, as Galio is one of the first to toss his spells into a fight and Nunu is one of the last unless using brush. Galio also pokes better and has more AoE on his non-ult skills, while Nunu has shorter cooldowns and more reliable abilities, along with no summoner dependence.

Running a team with both Galio and Nunu gives extremely dangerous AoE damage, though Galio will have to shoulder more tanking. Nunu can lane with Galio but should almost always jungle.

Galio versus Rammus

These two play completely differently. Rammus is geared toward single-targets at close range, specialized against physical DPS, and is a jungle ganker who also pushes down towers. Galio is geared towards AoE, specialized against casters, and is a laning long-range poker with free AP and good farming.

Running a team with both Galio and Rammus gives extremely dangerous initiation skills and allows Galio to have more of a support role. Rammus should jungle if that is the intent, as a lane with both Galio and Rammus in it scares very few people, despite the difficulty of killing them.

Galio versus Shen
The two fill fairly similar roles with Shen less of a mage and Galio less of a tank. Shen plays very differently due to the energy system, his global ultimate, and lack of poking or summoner dependence. Shen's CC has lower cooldowns and is more reliable, along with an AoE taunt available at level 1. He also is tankier and has useful heals/shields. Galio has more AoE, more AP, and pokes and farms better.

It's possible to run Galio and Shen in the lane together with a DPS like Olaf or Yi in the jungle. The lane will be very hard to kill or push, but will have little total damage output. One plus is that Shen's teleporting off to use Stand United will not cause the tower to fall if Galio remains unhurt, since Galio can easily hold a lane midgame against most opponents. Shen could also jungle, albeit slowly, giving more initiation and allowing Galio to itemize support or damage.

Galio versus Maokai
The two fill very similar roles. They are both laning tanks with support options. Galio brings an AoE initation and harder CC while Maokai brings lower cooldowns for more spamming but only single target initiation. Maokai supports with an AoE damage reduction/damage and his warding ability. Galio supports with a shield, haste, and slow. If built identically, Galio would have more damage lategame thanks to free AP while Maokai has similar ratios to Galio on anything but his saplings, which can be evaded easily once upgraded boots are out, and he does not get free AP.

Running both of them in a lane would result in a hard-to-kill poking lane that lacks burst but would have excellent crowd control for jungle ganks. Maokai can control a zone better with his blink/snare and wards early game, but his damage falls off lategame. Galio cannot zone as dangerously early game, but a 2 second AoE taunt can always be deadly if it is not interrupted and his poke remains decent. Decent synergy, is it worth having 2 tanks in the lane, though? You’d probably want plenty of damage from the rest of your champions to pull it off.

Galio versus Leona
Leona plays similar to Shen. Her abilities have plenty of AoE and she’s hard to kill, but her damage is low and her range, poke, and farming ability don’t compare to Galio. She also only has her passive for support. While Leona is definitely a laning tank, like Alistar, she wants to be paired with someone who can take advantage of her low cooldown CC and apply some burst while she pins them in place.

Running both of them in lane would result in a hard-to-kill lane with little synergy. Galio probably can’t kill anything that Leona stuns in place for him and Leona can’t help much with the poking. Overall team damage would need to be very high to have both of these champs on a team. In teamfights, Leona would be able to provide low-cooldown disruption and peeling with her short-cooldown CC and passive while Galio used his AoE CC to lead off the fight. They'd both be supportive, just in different ways.

Some team-comp ideas for Galio (GTeam)

1) AoE team
Support/Tank: Galio (bottom)
Jungle: Amumu or Xin Zhao or Fiddlesticks
Carry: Miss Fortune or Twitch
Mage: Morgana (!), Vladimir, Katarina, Kennen, Anivia or Fiddlesticks (mid or top)
Support: Morgana (!), Nunu, or Sona (bottom)

Preferred lineup: Galio, Amumu, Twitch, Morgana, Vladimir or Xin

You need Morgana in there to make this work. This combination, or some iteration of it, was what led to a mass nerfing of pretty much every character on this list in order to deter stacking AoE-ultimates and pressing-R-to-win. If in ranked, ban Janna and Gragas.

2) Balanced team
Support/Tank: Galio
Jungle: Rammus
Carry: Ashe, though really any ranged carry could work here.
Support/Mage: Morgana
Burst: Pantheon or AP Twisted Fate

A nice mix of initiation, tanking, support, burst, and global map control. Burst could be a little better, but this team should allow Galio to itemize more damage and there's plenty of CC to go around. If in ranked, ban Alistar and Amumu to deny the enemy their best tanks. Banning Janna would also be a plus.

3) Balanced team 2
Support/Tank: Galio (top)
Jungle: Fiddlesticks, Udyr, or Xin Zhao
Carry: Sivir
Support: Taric, Morgana,
Nuke: Pantheon or Sion

Taric and either Sion or Pantheon makes for a ridiculous lane on bottom that will barely need the jungle to help. In teamfights, Morgana, and Galio use their AoE to disrupt the enemy team. Any jungler could fit into this team composition, I personally prefer Udyr for most team comps but Fiddles and Xin have nice AoE. The threat of Galio alone will generally force the Banshee's Veils, which is a good thing.

4) Push team.
Support/Tank: Galio
Jungle: Udyr or Master Yi
Support: Taric
Carry: Sivir
Top solo: Heimerdinger or Mordekaiser.

All 5 champions push extremely hard and the poke from Heimer, Galio, and Sivir will make defending towers difficult. Taric can keep your team going with heals and his auras can knock over towers quickly. You need Galio to anchor this team because out of all the tanks, he pokes the best, and you'd rather have Master Yi in the jungle.

5) Heal/Poke team
Support/Tank: Galio
Jungle: Olaf
Carry: Ezrael
Mage: Nidalee
Support: Sona

This team excels in whittling away at the enemy's health while being hard to initiate on thanks to Galio and Kennen while also having heals to fight attrition. High mobility on Ezrael and the Nidalee (or Kassadin or Kennen) allow them to poke in or out without too much danger.

Conclusion (GEnd)
Hope your hour (or 5 minutes if you skimmed reading the guide) was good. Leave me any comments below, I'll keep a changelog posted if I change anything.

And now for some lulz (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wHp4VJ47v0) as a reward for scrolling down this far without reading. :P Props to the creators.

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Changelog: (GChange) (1.29.11)
Overall: Minor grammar/wording fixes.
Quick Build: Changed item text
Idol of Durand: Added bit about minion aggro.
Item: Small addition to Doran’s Ring start, some small modifications to builds vs AD/balanced
Skills: Added more explanation on skilling order.
Playing Galio: Small tweakage to earlygame section
Playing Galio: Small tweakage to 1v2 section
Best friends: Added Soraka
Added rune, item, masteries images (2.7.11)
Galio Patch changes: Resolute Smite projectile speed increased, AoE increased. Doran's items now cost 475, no getting health potions and a Doran's item from the start.
Items: Removed Doran’s Ring start from recommended build. Still discussed it for those who like it.
Skilling Order: I take two early points in Q first, but still max E faster
Interrupts: Cho’s Feral Scream interrupts Idol of Durand, confirmed by testing. Sion and Pantheon also confirmed by testing to outrange Idol of Durand with their stuns. (2.15.11)
Galio Patch Changes: Spirit Visage CDR reduced to 10% from 12%, Soul Shroud cooldown aura reduced to 10% from 15%, Randuin’s Omen CDR reduced to 5% from 8%, Frozen Heart cost decreased down to 650 from 800 combine cost, CDR reduced 5% to 20%. Glacial Shroud combine cost reduced to 425 from 575, cooldown reduction decreased to 15% from 20% (2.2.11)
Galio Patch Changes: Spirit Visage healing reduced to 15% from 20%, Melee minion magic resist now increases 1.25 per 3 minutes (up from 0.5), Cannon minion armor and magic resist now increase 3 per 3 minutes (up from 2), After 20 minutes, cannon minions now spawn every 2 waves (up from every 3 waves), Turrets do less damage to champions and now have 20% armor penetration
Overview: Updated version number
Build: Added section on Quicksilver Sash, adjusted CDR values with nerfs from
Interrupts: Added Jarvan IV
Tank section: Added Maokai
Changelog: Added patches 111 and 112. (3.5.11)
Minor formatting and wording tweaks. (3.11.11)
Overview: Added mention of quick reference section
Overall condensed guide from 23 pages down to 20.
Interrupts: Trundle’s Pillar of Filth confirmed to NOT interrupt Idol of Durand, added Alistar’s Unbreakable Will as an escape. Fixed a rather humorous Freudian slip in the Kassadin section.
Runes: Added tip on Magic Penetration affecting Thornmail and Sunfire Cape
Skill Order: Small adjustment.
Playing Galio: Clarified section on 1v2 build.
Tank section: Reduced each section by about 33% in length
Team comp: Adjusted heal/poke team (3/25/11)
Galio Patch Changes: Righteous Gust mana cost reduced to 70/75/80/85/90 from 80/85/90/95/100, Banshee's Veil refresh time increased to 45 seconds from 30 seconds.

Quick reference section: Changed runes to MR/level glyphs and masteries to 0/7/23
Abilities: Adjusted Righteous Gust mana cost. Added section to Idol of Durand on manual cancellation timing against Mercury Treads.
Interrupts: Added section on Nocturne
Item builds: Added the Banshee’s Veil Rush, adjusted CDR values to reflect rune changes, removed mention of Catalyst experimentation
Runes: Changed runes to MR/level glyphs from flat CDR (Thanks to Camera for that!)
Masteries: Changed to 0/7/23 from 9/0/21 (Thanks also to Camera!)
Changelog: Added Patch 113 (3/31/11)
Galio Patch Changes: Idol of Durand radius increased to 550 from 500
Abilities: Updated Idol of Durand radius
Interrupts: Removed Poppy, adjusted description of Fiddlesticks and Sion
Changelog: Added Patch 114 (4/17/11)
Galio Patch Changes: Resolute Smite: Damage increased to 80/135/190/245/300 from 60/115/170/225/280, Ability power ratio increased to 0.8 from 0.75, Cooldown reduced to 7 from 8, Righteous Gust: Movespeed increased to 20/28/36/44/52 from 20/25/30/35/40, Righteous Gust now applies the movespeed buff to Galio more quickly, Damage reduced to 60/105/150/195/240 from 65/110/155/200/245
Quick Reference: New Skill Order
Abilities: Updated for new ability stats, removed outdated mastery reference in Idol of Durand section
Skill Order: Now prioritizes Q
Interrupts: Added Brand
Changelog: Added Patch 115, confirmed Sion and Cho'Gath still interrupt. (4/30/11)
Balanced Build: Minor wording tweak
Interrupts: Re-added Fiddlesticks' Terrify, reworked section into list with range values for better readability and data. (5/31/11)
Galio Patch Changes: Idol Of Durand's damage range now matches the taunt range

Introduction: Added accolade
Abilities: Added mentions of Tenacity to Idol of Durand, along with precise timing.
Interrupts: Added Vayne
Changelog: Added Patch 118 (6/28/11)
Quick Reference: Removed mention of Evelynn
Build: Removed mention of Evelynn
Interrupts: Removed Evelynn, added Orianna (8/2/11)
Galio Patch Changes: Base health increased to 520 from 495, Base armor increased to 20.5 from 16, Armor per level reduced to 3.5 from 4, Resolute Smite Projectile speed increased to 1300 from 1200, Mana cost reduced to 60/65/70/75/80 from 70/75/80/85/90, Ability power reduced to .7 from .8
Bulwark Duration increased to 4 seconds from 3.5 seconds, Heal increased to 25/40/55/70/85 from 20/32/44/56/68, Idol of Durand damage reduction while channeling increased to 50% from 30%

Intro: Reworked opening paragraph
Quick Reference: Large number of changes
Runes: Mp5/level yellows less important with mana cost changes
Masteries: Preference to 0/9/21 or 1/8/21
Summoner spells: Smite now mentioned if you want to jungle Galio though it’s pretty slow. Clarity devalued, Teleport better
Build section: All builds adjusted to reflect current best practices
Skill order: Changed to get 4 points in Resolute Smite faster
How to play: Condensed, rewrote laning section. Emphasized solo lane Galio is generally better than duo-lane. Tweaked teamfight section to point out that Bulwarking squishies is generally better than shielding yourself due to Idol of Durand buffs
Interrupts: Added Wukong and Leona
Tank: Added Leona
Team Composition: Changed a couple of recommended bans.
Changelog: Added Patch 122 (10/12/11)
Interrupts: Added Xerath, Talon

Last note: This is for people who want to play Galio as a tank/support, want to learn about Galio, or otherwise are interested in discussing Galio. I was really bored and had a lot of time to kill during server downtime. I've been playing Galio for awhile and I do pretty well most of my games.

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Wow amazingly long guide. Dam you! Now I have to read through it all and not do any homework!

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Senior Member


Nice guide. Too bad Galio is just so... BAD nowdays. I used to really enjoy playing him.

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Really nice Guide... I agree with most of it (I'm a long time Galio player). I'll give you some points

--- LUX!!! OMG this girl is AMAZING for duo laning. Both have insanely long range spells and both have shields. Lux+Galio are a forced to be reckon with in a duo lane. You can leave the jungle to udyr/xin zhao/rammus/evelynn and get nasus/morg/carry on the other lanes.

--- Karma... While untested... she has a Shield, AoE heal and speed boost. She seems like a good companion for Galio.

--- Resolute smite is MUCH better now... bigger AoE and faster missile. I suggest you try to max it before E... it also does more damage and lower. You should try maxing it now since it was buffed a couple of patches ago

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Nice guide. Too bad Galio is just so... BAD nowdays. I used to really enjoy playing him.

You are completely wrong... Galio is pretty good... you just need a good team to capitalize on him. He makes an excellent solo lane and secondary tank (in the past he used to be an excellent primary tank, but they nerfed that).

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Wow, feedback! Yay! Also, I've finally gotten around to testing and refining some stuff on Galio for, so the guide's updated for that. I'd love to say that I've got time to just rush in and play a ton of games on Galio every time a new patch comes out, but this was a big patch and it'll take me some time to update. Thanks for waiting.

Wow amazingly long guide. Dam you! Now I have to read through it all and not do any homework!

You didn't want to do that homework anyway. :P

Nice guide. Too bad Galio is just so... BAD nowdays. I used to really enjoy playing him.

He's far better in normals than ranked, I'll give you that, because he's way too easily counter-picked. You could say that about a lot of champs though. I still find him serviceable in normals and still a lot of fun to play.

Really nice Guide... I agree with most of it (I'm a long time Galio player). I'll give you some points

--- LUX!!! OMG this girl is AMAZING for duo laning. Both have insanely long range spells and both have shields. Lux+Galio are a forced to be reckon with in a duo lane. You can leave the jungle to udyr/xin zhao/rammus/evelynn and get nasus/morg/carry on the other lanes.

--- Karma... While untested... she has a Shield, AoE heal and speed boost. She seems like a good companion for Galio.

--- Resolute smite is MUCH better now... bigger AoE and faster missile. I suggest you try to max it before E... it also does more damage and lower. You should try maxing it now since it was buffed a couple of patches ago


I'm undecided on Lux. I've played in lanes with Lux as Galio and it's a great poking lane with lots of defensive shields. Certainly hard to deal with. I don't know that I'd rate her quite as highly as Morgana because Lux would prefer to be paired with someone who can maximize her burst from her snare/E/ult, whereas Morg doesn't burst as much. There's also no way for Lux to heal, while Morg has her spell vamp. I'd say Lux and Galio are "good friends" but not BFF, if you catch my drift. Galio lanes well with a lot of people, hard to pick just a few.

I'd have to test Karma more, you're right, in theory seems like a great companion. I could see a Mantra'd shield really making Idol of Durand awesome and the heal/poke/haste are good compliments to Galio.

Resolute Smite was just buffed this last patch, not a couple ago. I definitely like it better and get 2 points in it earlier than I used to. I'm not convinced on maxing it because it's easier to get more than the 3-caster minions with points in E for farming and E is still harder to dodge. Plus, keeping it low lets me spam it more since it costs less mana at lower ranks. You could certainly max Q first over E, I just choose not to. Both spells have their pros and cons, one's not hugely favored any more.

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Well the thing I like about lux better as a lane partner is:
- Longer range than Morgana
- She can snare through creeps
- She has a slow.
- She plays safer than morgana.

I love morganas in my team, I know that... but during laning phase lux feels superior.. Because if she snares or slows someone it is easier for you to hit that someone... by the same token if you slow someone Lux can also hit them with Snare+autoattack combo.

At last she plays it safer than Morgana (I don´t like suicidal lane partners) and her ulti works as a good poke if you want to tower dive at lvl 6 for a kill.

Another thing:
- I always, always get Chalice AND banshee... the only exception is when I'm going against highly physical few interrupts team. Then I might not get Banshee's.