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janna questions

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thats why i play her, i feel like im contributing a lot more than, just getting greedy kills or playing for myself. but every list i see her on is that she is a low tier champion. now i know these lists are pretty much subjective but id like to see her get up to the mid/high ones.

but all in all i have played her both ways AP, AS/damage/crit but yeah both ways are very viable. her skills do harass a lot and her skills are very synergistic

but i hate when players complain about my kills when i go 1/2/10 they are like you newb its just stupid players dont see the power of a support role. i hate solo queueing

Wait until you get to mid elo. Those complaints evaporate when you play support champs, as most mid-high players know that support characters are just that, support. There have been numerous times where an enemy champ tried running away, but was slowed be Zephyr, then killed by the carry. Sometimes the carry said thanks. Plus since I've started playing Janna, my win/loss ratio has improved quite a bit. Maybe MM loves me, but I still like to think it's because I help our carries do their job.

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yeah, i guess, i was just hoping she might get some more love.