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Grackis I Know How You Feel

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Alright Grackis, so last night I was watching your stream with Anivia and Teemo. You lost both those games and you were raging pretty hard. When I heard you raging, I couldn't help myself, but it reminded me when I used to rage at my partners. So I used to be in the exact same position as you. When I was in the 1840's I thought I was so pro and stuff. Then I would start getting "bad partners" and I would rage at them really badly when we lost. Before you know it, I dropped to the 1650's (Just like you) and I have to say, I really wanted to just quit the game. Then some people gave me tips, like calming down and relaxing. They told me to take deep breathes and just chill out for a while. If you are on a losing streak, then just go do something else and get League of Legends out of your head. So I did exactly what they said and guess what? I went from 1650's all the way to 1800's again, and I feel really happy. I just hope you can take some of these tips and chill out yo. Trust me I was in your position before and I am just really trying to help you enjoy the game more.