So why do "good" Sivirs always stack team auras?

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So why do "good" Sivirs always stack team auras
Simply put, a mediocre team with Sivir's auras should be able to deal and take more damage than Sivir could if she were built like a carry. Of course, you don't sacrifice your ability to eat face, you just reduce your lone effectiveness a minor bit to drastically improve the performance of everyone around you.

Originally Posted by DonkeyBalls
After testing out the builds practical application in solo normal games, I've found it to be a bit frustrating. I think this build is "teh uber" for premades and wish I played with people who understood how to make use of teaming with a Sivir.
Sometimes teams have one or more lonewolf wannabes and you'll have to ping strategic locations to strike at that are close to wherever the strongest one is positioned. Whoever in your team that has the capacity to cooperate will usually go to assist because you're heading there yourself. In any case, it's useful to be around anyone to help the guy escape, dumbass or not.

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Originally Posted by DonkeyBalls View Post
After testing out the builds practical application in solo normal games, I've found it to be a bit frustrating. I think this build is "teh uber" for premades and wish I played with people who understood how to make use of teaming with a Sivir.
Its not that difficult to get people to work together at mid ELO. Yes you'll occasionally get that team of tards who just wont listen and just dont understand, but more often then not, knowing you have starks, and that it will let them pwnzorface even more is all the incentive they need.

You just have to remember that its your job to get them to work together. The better you get at that, the more effective you are as Sivir.

Sivir is all about the team!

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With the build you suggested QUICKSLIDE, I find myself doing much amazingly good now in my ELO with or without my premade. What you recommended was pretty similar to what I normally do, so I thought adding in the aegis wouldnít make that big of a difference, but its been pretty surprising to be honest. Instead of trying to be an offensive sivir, I think of myself as a buff machine and actually try not to do, but thanks to my rather overaggressive battle habits from my previous build, Iím still able to get a ton of kills and assists every game. So not only is my team doing better, it mentally allows me to not go over my limits and getting myself killed. I still get a lot of kills/assists during games and a whole lot less deaths then I used to. Winning battles used to mean about 8-10 deaths because I was a crazy offensive maniac sivir (which was fun when it worked, but didnít always work well because I overestimated what I could face all the time). Now a winning battle usually has a very good kill/assist-death ratio, and losing battles still give me similar results as old winning ones before I fixed my build (lots of deaths because the enemy is fed, but lots of kills/assists too). So basically Iím doing much better in every possible way.

Iíve gotten a few random PUB teams who lost because they wouldnít stay grouped, but as you mentioned, if they actually understand what it means to get these kind of buffs from me, we can easily clear the other team often times losing none or one person. I remember one match we were grouped with 2 newbie feeders (they both had a ton of deaths and basically no kills/assists), but we aced the other team 2-3 times when we grouped up late game. We still lost because the other team was fed and out leveled part of our team, but the buffs worked wonders when staying grouped.

My current build is:

First 4 items I get basically every game:
-Mekis pendant, 2 hp pots
-Chalice (the magic resist has always been nice in addition to the mana regain)
-Berserkers Greaves/Start Starks Fervor (depending how much gold I have and who I lane against)
-Berserkers Greaves/Start Starks Fervor
-Finish Starks (which wonít take you too long if youíre farming/harassing correctly)
-Aegis of the Legion (usually get in 2 parts, sometimes all at once depending on teleport cooldown and the rate I'm getting gold)
(Had to modify this and go a bit more offensive with a malady when out numbered 4vs5 one time so I got a malady fairly early on after a chalice but still got the team buff items later on, we won that game thanks to good teamwork, lots of gank which the malady helped with early on, and team buffs allowed us to win 4vs5 team battles every time. That game I was the secondary carry with my support buffs making our main carry insane)

Last 2 items depending on situation:
-Black Cleaver: If the enemy has a lot of armor, this comes in handy for supporting your team by reducing the armor of the target youíre aiming at (armor debuff doesnít work on bounces). In a sense, this is a support weapon because it allows your team to pwn the other team that much faster.
-Guardian Angel: At some point the enemy may realize you have all those nice buffs + your ultimate (and rally, but its cool down is long). This makes you an attractive target. If youíre getting targeted a lot, this can change the tide of any battle by bringing all your buffs back to your team again. I often times find the other team not noticing whenever I pick one of these up, so that can be to your advantage. The one last benefit from this is you stop being targeted once you die. Once youíre revived again in the middle of a battle, people will be too busy targeting other champs then suddenly your team gets an uninterrupted team buff while you have you dps hitting most or all of the other enemy champions.
-Bloodthirster: If the other team does not have much armor, then the life steal + damage can be very useful in adding to your survivability.
-Banshees viel: Sometimes you just go against a team with a huge number of stuns/spells and one spell shield is not going to stop all that if youĎre targeted. Using this in combination with guardian angel works well, if theyíre aiming for you, then you can use up a lot of their stuns/spells with both shields plus if they kill you, then you just come back again making those stuns a waste. Most games I donít need this, but youíll find it handy every now and then.
-Warmogs Armor: Now this one is also one I donít use too often, but also synergizes well with guardian angel and your role of being a support/carry. If you find yourself being targeted but they donít have many stuns/spells, then this allows you to last that much longer plus come back to life again when used in combination with guardian angel.