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[Suggestion] Champion Trading?

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Clutch Kaos

Senior Member


Ok I know you guys got some pro/cons to this topic but picture this....
Champion Trading with friends!

For example:
You love Malzahar and you rock with him and pwn with him when he was free for a week and the sad part is.... your friend own's it. Now your friend, who you happen to own with you so much every game and happens to pwn much with Miss Fortune... but the sad part for him is..... you own it;PWN'd !

Now one day Riot games has introduced a new feature to game called "Champ Trading" where you can trade champions with friends for a price of RP.

Again you want Malzahar and your friend wants Miss Fortune and you dont want to spend the time getting IP all day to get Malzahar. So 1 day you and your friend decides to trade off Malzahar for Miss Fortune. As soon as you click the "Champion Trading" and it says who do you want to invite to the trade and you click your friend. As soon as you invite your friend and he accepts the invite. The trade will take you to the champion selection screen saying at the top like usual, "Select a Champion to Trade". As soon as your done selecting Miss Fortune to trade with your friend for Malzahar. It will say "Do you wish to trade Miss Forture for Malzahar for the price of 485 Rp?" and of course you click yes cus you want MALZAHAR SO F***ING BADLY!!! So after when you clicked "Confirm" it start the transfer of those champions and transaction of your RP....

Wa'la there you have it, you no longer own Miss Fortune and you own Malzahar.

There! Now I wanna show how felt about posting this

- For Lazy IP farmers
- People who want simply want the champion that you friend owns and vise versa...
- Prevents from being scammed
- Prevents hackers from stealing your champions rather then your account
- Lets Riot keep their business going
And more but will add later...

- Alot of coding
- Bugs and glitches
- Long Loading
- Too much Rp?
- Might wanting that champion back
And more but will add later...

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Senior Member


How about just selling and buying champions for a fixed price(maybe like 50% of store cost) of either RP or IP. Let's say you have some extra IP laying around so you buy a champion that looks like fun, you try him out for a few games, and decide he's not for you. Now you just wasted your RP or IP and you have nothing to do with the extra champion.

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Master Recruiter


Very bad idea. Will lead to scamming and most likely be glitched due to the fact both parties have to have points. If one side loses RP somehow without getting the champ, Riot will be in a bad position.

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Senior Member


This is a bad idea completely. Champion rotation is there for you to try out characters and then see who you would like to buy yourself. Champion trading is just too cheap and takes away from the tiny bit of effort you have to put out to gain enough IP for the champion you want. The only reason you would want this is listed in your first Pro, you're lazy.

You can already buy the champ you want with RP so why would Riot make this system to make it even easier to get a champ for RP? It also raises too many complications if scams ever happen some how, if some problem goes wrong and requires a lot of time and effort to first implement this into the game.

Main thing really is that it's just too much trouble. Just buy the darn character if you're willing to spend RP anyway.