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Legion-Gaming Is Looking For Players

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Hello Summoners,

Are you interested in joining a clan, Want to be a part of a community of players.
Legion-Gaming is now looking for players.
If you are Interested
visit our website at http://www.legion-gaming.com and join the forums.(located on top right of page). And respond to this post.

If you have any questions contact me (LordMelvius) in game or in our vent (My vent name is Domination). The vent info is on the Website. Drop me a line in vent, and let us get to know you.

A little about Legion-Gaming
Legion has been a gaming community since 2003. We started as a competitive counter-strike team and quickly branched off into many diferent FPS and RPG games.
Legion-Gaming is a respectable clan/community and willing to sponsor or recruit those who meet our credentials.
Hope to talk/Play with you soon.

LordMelvius / Domination