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TF / Rammus / Vlad LF team/friends

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Junior Member


Summoner name: BonesJones

Looking for premades primarily on weekends. I do play through the week also, but primarily looking for the weekend premades and some mature, competitive friends.

My go-to characters: #1 Twisted Fate #2 Rammus #3 Vlad

Very experienced with:

Tanks : Alistar, Amumu, Garen, Morde, Shen, Singed
Carries : Corki, GP, MF, Panth, Teemo, Twitch
AP : Gragas, Morgana, Zilean

(Eastern Standard Timezone)

Feel free to go ahead and add me in-game and send me a message. We can test out some normal games and see if its a good fit. Thanks.

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Sir Stabby here to give you the info on the Fever Clan Gaming Community. If you like to spend your gaming time having people to chat and play with online at pretty much any time of the day or night and not have to feel concerned about not being a “pro” then Fever is the place for you. We do have a group that plays nothing but ranked and plays in TWL competitions however so if you are a pro you are still welcomed here.

Fever accepts players of all skill levels.

We now have LoL Coaches for those who may be new at the game and are trying to learn. Fever can provide you with a mentor or just some advice on how to build you newly purchased champ. We have many very skilled players here at Fever that can assist you.

Like real competitive play? Fever now has 2 league squads, The Knights of Demacia and The Mercs. These teams are really starting to heat up and will be giving the LoL ladder a run for it's money.

We have come a long way with our LoL group at Fever from just a few of us playing to now winning on a regular basis. Having 15+ dedicated Team Speak channels allows us to run many games at the same time and assist with organized play. At our peak times we have 70+ members online actively playing!

Fever has members from all over the world as well so it doesn't matter if you live in Australia, Sweden or even the Balkan Islands there is always somebody on to play with whether you use the US or the EU game client.

Here are just a few of our members:


We currently have 300+ active members on our LoL roster and Fever as a whole is 700+ strong. We have such a strong community because Fever is based on the respect of others and is free of harassment at all times. We even have our own HR department that’s how serious Fever is about your gaming enjoyment.

Play Black Ops? Not like Fever does, we have our own US based servers and others for games like CoD4, MW2, BC2, L4D, SC2, CSS, Steam Games and even a section for those who still play Diablo 2 and even one for Eve Online. Fever is a true online gaming community.

Sound Interesting? Well I hope so cause if you are searching for a clan then you should at least check out Fever. If you decide to join you can fill out a short application here:

The answer to the “Recruited by” on your application is Sir Stabby.


Hope to see you there and maybe join us for a game or two

|Fever| Sir Stabby |DC| - LoL Division Commander

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Clan Amadas is looking for more active/friendly members to join our clan. We are a friendly community that has it's own inbuilt teams as well as just friendly play. We play normal daily and the teams play competitive/ranked matches as well! Our clan also gives tips to players, helps you improve at the game and has giveaways. We also have several players that have good experience in ranked matches and setup normal games as well as ranked! If you are interested, please follow the following steps:

Please sign-up at http://clan.amadasinc.com/forums/ and verify your account. (Instructions are sent to your e-mail.)
Apply for the clan: http://clan.amadasinc.com/forums/ind...=add&category=

Our ventrilo server information is located @: Host: vent.clanamadas.com
Port: 4216
Password: cookies
*Please have "trying out" as your ventrilo comment.

Also we have a sweet mascot! http://www.livestream.com/AmadasFidgets?t=131372 Who can beat that?

If you have any questions about anything feel free to add me in game and I will be glad to help you out! GL and happy frag hunting!

-Nagl (Clan Admin)