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Ability Unavailable sound

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Like in Bloodline Champions, I would like an optional (probably turned off by default) sound effect that would play when I try to use an ability that is currently unavailable.

The problem is, when I play someone like Rammus for example, in a fight I try to do my usual combo of like roll, taunt, shield, ultimate, but I might get stunned or silenced or whatever in a big messy confusing 3v3 fight (or bigger) so when I pressed Ult it didn't go. But I don't notice very quickly - and I especially don't notice when the enemy has a rammus who is ulting.

So then for 2 or 3 seconds or something, I'm standing there in the fight *thinking* that I'm ulting but I'm not - which is of course horrible.

So a Honk sound (or something) would have warned me immediately that my ability was unavailable when I hit it. There's lots of other situations where this could be useful.

Also sometimes, like in the case of rammus's shield it gets even more confusing without a sound effect. Because I'll hit the shield, assume I turned it on, only to realize that I didn't because I was stunned or whatever. And then I will hit it again but if I DID hit it the first time then now I'm turning it off by mistake.. (I have another thread I posted months ago where I suggest having toggle on/off ability graphics to help with that too).

I'm not staring at my ability buttons during a fight, that's why I need the sounds.

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There are sounds for that but kind of low. You could replace the sounds with something you prefer though.