Voice Communication

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Walrus on wheels

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Just skimmed a few pages of forums and didnt find one of these out there so here it is.

This game really needs some kind of voice communication rather than just typing. theres many points in time where i need to say something, but cant cause im busy running or helping team mates... that or im trying to tell my team mates someting and then i get tower dive'd and cant really do anything cause im part way through a sentence. It may just be me but i feel that theres enough games out there that have some kind of voice communication and this game can use one as well. well lemme know what ya think

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I don't know I think the actual game supporting voice communication would be a double-edged sword. I mean look at all the flaming, trolling, and other rude things people do with just the text system. There is already a pretty big problem with the community in that respect with just chat and I think voice would just make it worse.

Here is what would probably happen, ya you could communicate with your teammates and every now and then you'd probably get some decent people but most of the time you would probably get indecent people, yelling, shouting and cursing at you. So what do you do so you don't get those people? You either turn voice chat off or you only voice chat with friends and people you trust. So you would have people that don't use it at all, people that abuse it, and a few that take a advantage of it and make it a good thing. Thing is why even take the effort to add this feature etc when you can easily just use a third party VOIP such as ventrilo that only people you trust and know will use it right can be on? There would be no point in adding it into the game or using it.

I mean even games that do have integrated voice you still have a lot of people that use third party programs just for those reasons.