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Too many bugs to fit in thread title, please help =(

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Basically here's what's wrong

1)I cannot maintain a connection to pvp.net for more than like 5-10 minutes.

2)Once I try to reconnect or do anything that requires being connected the game gives me a series of errors and then the client crashes and closes.

List of things that cause #2: Attempting to open the store, view my match history/profile etc, trying to view someone else's profile/match history/rune page, attempting to accept an invite, attempting to start a game, pretty much anything I do.

3)Sometimes this happens without my knowledge and will mess up queues because I will be in queue for over a minute when really everyone else got the notice that the queue has come up way earlier. I join and it appears no one has picked and that I have 90s or so to pick, but then 2 seconds later it shows everyone picked and locked in, then picks for me randomly since I was afk during champion selection. So now I have to play a game as Ryze with armor pen masteries or get a leave. Not to mention that I also have to restart the game and come back 4 levels behind everyone.

4)I never see post game screens. Every time I end a game I get stuck at the skip waiting for stats screen and if I hit it then it promptly dcs and crashes the client.

This is a CONSTANT annoyance. I play this game a lot. Ive been playing since late last year and I have about 1200+ games played so believe me when I say this is frustrating to deal with. I don't know what to do at all and I'm dying to get some help with this.

I love LoL and I'd love to keep playing happily but this is SO frustrating. It's especially frustrating today because it takes me like an hour or more to get lucky enough to get IN with all the limited server traffic, that when I dc I have to wait another hour or fight to get in again.

Please if there's anything someone can do to help me I'd greatly appreciate it