LoL Broken.. and so is website for submitting BUG request!

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Sorting by IP/Riot pts do not work in the store now when trying to see which summoners to purchase.

Also, Rune page for summoner profile is jacked. If I remove all runes from Page 2, they do not appear for use in Page 1 to pool from. Why do I purchase runes for page one.. only to be used in page 2 by mistake. I want all my runes to be on page 1 for now.

And the verification image on the website to submit bug under the SUPPORT section, DOES NOT WORK. (using Chrome). Maybe it doesn't work at all.. the image has a broken link or is invalid and even if the ones that do appear, do not match the string associated as verification image phrase.

Web admin... did you even test your work? Poor quality assurance in the simplest of ways. Otherwise, the website looks great.