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Looking for players with Skype(:

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Po1soN B1tInG

Senior Member


Moogles is what I've been going by for awhile now, but my first name is Cody. I'm an eighteen year old from Northern-Virginia. I'm still in school, and I have a part-time job, but I try to play League as much as possible. I've been playing since the open beta (I took a break for awhile to play MvC2 competitively) and I have four years of DoTA experience as well. I do have Skype AND Ventrilo, but I prefer Skype.

I'm looking for players that I can play the game with, but also form friendships with and actively get to know some people while playing with them. If you're interested, you can post some info here or add me ingame (Moogles) or on Skype (Moogledoogle)

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I hate people who just go around spamming their clan advertising saying we are the best when there is clearly no best clan, only good clans based on the cool people who are in a clan that make the clan fun and enjoyable so i make my offer to you. so lets talk and make this easy I personally care for each and every member of the clan as both an individual and as a member of my clan, but be forwarned that I am just starting this clan and have the hopes of making it worth while as we are currently only 3 members but have plans to deeply increase the numbers as we grow more popular...

it may look like i have the same message posted in everyone's comment is because it's repitition that catches the attention. i just have to follow the spammers to prove a point while also trying to be more realistic rather than just trying to tell everyone that: HEY LOOK WE ARE THE BEST CLAN EVERYWHERE ON EVERYSINGLE GAME EVER MADE WITH THE COOLEST PEOPLE AND THE LARGEST POPULATED CLAN IN THE WORLD SO COME BE ONE OF THE UNIMPORTANT PEOPLE THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT BUT YOU AND WE'LL PROBABLY NEVER TALK TO YOU OR REALLY CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY BECAUSE IM TALKING IN ALL CAPS. to yeah... seriously get real people... but yeah if your interested in what i have to say face to face without all this other **** and jibberish other clans put you though then please I'm here for you, lets take for real.

*we are also a family friendly clan so all ages are welcome
*everyone will have a chance at being accepted and by that I mean everyone I'm not just looking for good players or people who claim they are pro or whatever, our biggest goal is to make everyone the best player they can become by practice, advice, and training instead of being a cold person and putting you though time wasting lame tests just to tell you that you suck and we don't want you
*English is preferred language
*yes we do have teamspeak, skype, Xfire, ect., but is not required to join the clan

easiest way to contact me would probably be one of these two places: