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[Discussion] Fiddlesticks Survivability in higher end games

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I find myself constantly getting focused, harassed, stunned or denied whenever I play Fiddle with my friends (5v5 matches) where the overall skill level of the players is above average.

I was wondering if anyone has any input on some strategies on Teamfights, besides the obvious "initiate second with crowstorm". I find Crowstorm to be a bit on the weak side due to not being able to get kills using a Mejaj's (careful team is careful) and having relatively low AP due to rushing for survivability.

Basically what I'm asking for is how to play Fiddle in a higher-skill level game, rather than just rolling pugs with Mejaj's LOLstorm 300+AP build.

Any comments, thoughts or questions would be most welcome!

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its hard for them to stun you when they are silenced.

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its hard for them to harass you when they are silenced.

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In a 5v5 teamfight Dark Wind at max rank bounces 11 times, making 2 times for all but 1 champ who gets 3 hits. Each hit of DW silences for a mere 0.75 seconds, or a 1.5 second silence for 2 hits. That's IF there's no creeps around, in which case they absorb bounces as well (neutrals do too) and with a 15 second cooldown. That's also if they get hit consecutively. If Hero A gets hit, then Hero B, then Hero A again, the silence effect is not cumulative - it resets the 0.75 silence timer. And in that time all NON-silenced heroes can still attack you with skills.

Regardless of silences all heroes can attack you with basic attacks.

With Crowstorm's 2 second channel, even if you CAN silence all of them for the max amount of time, they still have time to break your channel and wreck your Crowstorm.

I like being sneaky with my Crowstorms: You can blink through walls with it, so try channeling from the woods or brush, out of line of sight.

For survivability the best you can do is pack some getaway summoner spells: Ghost, Flash, or Exhaust. Fiddle has no getaway tools outside of them.

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You could always play Tankersticks?

1. Sorc Boots
2. Void Staff
3. Sunfire Cape
4. Sunfire Cape
5. Sunfire Cape
6. Elixir of Brilliance

Spell Pen -
With a stacked runebook (19) + passive (16) you have 35 flat spell pen, plus Sorc Boots (20). Add on your Void Staff plus mastery; 55% spell pen & 55 flat spell pen. That's typically more then enough spell pen for any game.

Sunfire Capes -
With 3 of them you will end up with more then 3000k health, and a little under 200 armor. Along with the 120 aoe dps.

Elixir of Brilliance -
This will give you a quick bump in AP for a team fight at a very cheap cost. You can buy this at anytime in the game.

All you need to do is crowstorm - darkwind - fear - life drain combo. Unless you get stunned, which you will be if you dont go in at the right time, the other team will find that your not as squishy as you should be.