Problem with Login page

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Hi, need some help here.

I press the LoL icon and it shows me 33% than just after a sec says my client is up to date and "play" icon activates (altho i dont realy think it would go to 100% in that 1 sec) so i press the "play" but nothing happens. Waited for 5-10 min but login page never shows. I had this problem yesturday but after few tries i could finaly log in. I'm sure that they are running becouse i can see the processes under ctrl+alt+del

I dont know if u need this i guess it wont hurt

EDIT Again after 10-20 times i've tried to start login page finaly showed... still its kind of annoying plz help
EDIT2 Thank God i dont only rely on others coz i wouldnt play for for some time now... i've been searching the forums and found something about "Comodo" internet security program, he was opening LOL and all the other programs connected to LOL in something like "SandBox" i turned it of and for now everything seems fine.