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Groundbreaking Advantage of the Tribunal System

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Err I think I'm out of the loop on this one. jaja?

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As a Portuguese player, I can say the following: if they are speaking Portuguese, then they're not talking to you. Considering the only option they have for in-game chat is to talk to everyone on their team, you can't really blame them.

"Ooh, but it's a team game, they should have their whole team in mind."

Yes, if they are talking to the team as a whole, then they should speak english. If not, there's no reason to. When I go out with a multi-nationality group, I speak to everyone in their own language, unless I'm talking to everyone.

If they are spamming it up in Portuguese and you really think they are talking to you, ask them to speak in english. If you get a rude responde or a "rsrsrsrsrs" (jajaja is spanish, by the way) back, then they are probably doing it on purpose and, in that case, and that case only, deserve to be reported.

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Oh man, so people are agreeing that they will vote to punish in the tribunal, and thus make Riot send these people messages in a language they don't speak, and consider bans they won't authorize. So productive.

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Whenever the chat window comes up when you're playing, if you're a good player, you should read it ASAP.

up to the minute strategy.
team encouragement

anything else is leaning towards spam and really has no place ingame

random language conversations? please. one on one conversations that you dont want your teammates to read can be done on facebook or texting your buddy using a phone. the in game chat window is not your twitter account.