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[GUIDE] CARDMASTER for dumbies!

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So you were destroying the other teams carry 1v1 about to strike the killing blow when a strange symbol appeared over your head, right behind you a small spiral of little red cards appears out of no where. Your fate has been sealed, and it's twisted the worst possible way for you. A shiny gold card knocks you senseless and a cone of cards takes your last breath. Then a GQ LIL MAN WITH A PIMP HAT runs mockingly off into the grass. WOW you say, that ****ing sucks, I wish my char had a pimp hat.....
If you can't beat him join him, but don't fumble your way through your first game wearing a cool hat, and for god's sakes don't let your eyes stare at the blashphemy of the recomended items list. What follows is a comprehensive guide to playing Gambit with a hat.

First we'll cover pregame.
RUNES selection:
Reds(marks) Magic Penetration
Yellows(seals) HP per LVL
Blues(glyphs) Ability Cooldown per lvl
Quints HP
Y? Because I said soo Don't deviate from these, they are perfectly designed

Mastery Selection:
21 PTS into Utility Tree to include 1 pt in improved teleport, and flash. The others should be obvious to you, (mana regen, ability cooldown, movement speed etc.)
9 PTS in offense. (3 ability power, 4 ability cooldown, 1 pt in crit, n 1 PT magic penetration

Next make sure you've 3 lines of blow, 2 shots of jack daniels, a red headed stripper under the computer desk, and your krunk cup handy.....

Summoner Spells:
Flash- ABSOLUTE MUST do not deviate from this spell
Teleport - this spell will allow you to keep lane control without wasting gate which should be saved for ganks only

other options to consider
Ignite - usually can net you 1-3 extra kills per game especially early game. However teleport will net you more since you wont waste your gate foolishly
Clairvoiyance - I used to get this all the time and it is an excellent spell to check grass early game, constantly check golems/lizards/baron/dragon and set up ganks, however its usefulness pales in comparison to teleport in my opinion

Anything else is a waste of time , seriously take teleport and flash


You'll want to take solo if possible, but you will be just fine without the extra experience. First thing you want to do is buy a DORANS RING and a health POT
Dorans is the best starting item it gives everything you need, HP, AP, and magic regen, the HP when combined with your quints gives you an extra 200 HP at lvl 1 this is amazing for a squishy cardmaster
Next youll want to pick your spells 1-6 in this order
1. Wild cards ( this is your money maker, and lane controller, you need this spell maxed ASAP, throw it up the middle of the wave of creeps while there still in a straight line for max effect, after practice u can get extremely good at hitting creeps and heroes with the side cards from the cones.
2. Pick a Card ( this is your hero control spell, you must get extremely good at picking gold cards, its a timeing thing you have to figure out, about 1 sec after u see the red card hit skill again to pull the gold)
3.Gate ( this is your game control spell, it is most effectively used with your ultimate, however it can be used to teleport anywhere on the map, most commonly to golems to keep aura up, or for a last minute tower defense, however YOU MUST SAVE THIS SPELL FOR GANKS IF POSSIBLE, you were wise and chose teleport for your second summoner spell, USE IT to return to your lane or defned towers, try and save your gate to capitalize on all ganking opportunities
6. DESTINY ( your ultimate, this reveals all heroes on the map slowing them for almost 5 seconds and allowing you to gate almost instantly. Effectively using this spell to gank heroes, save allies, and show hiding enemies is your greatest skill, use it effectively, dont jump the gun, but also dont hesitate to use it to allow allies to finish a kill or save them, you dont always have to use this to gain a kill yourself.

You will want to max WILD CARDS as soon as possible , the higher the damage the more moeny your goign to make and the better control you will have of your lane. Gate needs to be maxed as your second priority. You can get a second point into pick a card at 7-10, but dont need to as the extra dmg is negligable, this should be the last skill you max, the best benefit you get from this spell is the stun from gold card, which remains the same from lvl 1.

1. doran's ring n health pot
2. Fiendish codex
3. Boot not upgraded
4. finish Gnashor's Tooth or pick up sheen
5. Pick up sheen or finish Gnashor's Tooth
6. Finish your boot, Sorc Shoes, or Merc Tread depending
7. Catalyst of the protector
8. upgrade catalyst to Banshee Veil
9. Abyssal Scepter
10. upgrade sheen to lichbane
11. sell dorans for Zhonya's ring.
FINAL items should be, Gnashors tooth, Boot, Banshee veil, Lichbane, Abyssal scepter, Zhonyas ring.

Variation from item build acceptable.
Kage's lucky picks are nice for early game AP and the extra gold they give over the course of the game, Don't get more than 2, and buy them before the 15 minute mark if you expect them to make you money. They are also upgradable into Deathfire Grasp which is an amazing item once your AP is 300+
Rod of the Ages - this item is perfect for twisted giving everything needed
however i traded this item out of my build for the banshee veil, loss of ap for the spellshield effect, call me cautious but in most games banshee works better for me.
Void staff, Rylai's, or most other AP items are interchangable for the banshee's or the scepter, however the gnashors tooth and sheen/lichbane are required items.
Tired now goign to sleep will finisht his guide tomorow with edits.......

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[GUIDE] CARDMASTER for dumbies! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=502803#post502803)

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dumbies! (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=502803#post502803)

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gate shows up as red cards on opponents' screens.

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Seriously teleport? In twisted fate? Is not a joke?

Exhaust, Ignite (as you said), even ghost, will net you more kills and will be overall more useful than a spell that you already have. Imho, is a waste.

Nashors tooth btw, no Gnashors.


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It's the second time you did a build to Twisted Fate. And almost in a row.
And... It's almost like the same other one.

So, why did you do it a second time ? :/

And, btw, teleport is NOT a joke since the CD on gate has been increased with the nerfs. But I still prefer clairvoyance.