Renekton's Judgement

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While I realize it just came out, it left me with a few questions that i'd prefer to have answered sooner rather than later. Primarily, why does Renekton want to kill his brother so badly? From what I read in his bio, he sought his brother's aid in ending his own corrupted existence... i don't quite see the connection, it's a bit fuzzy. Secondly, what was the leagues view on Nasus/is their current view of him, and how does Nasus feel about the league in turn? Is he alright with being a champion, would he prefer to return home? There are many more questions along these lines, but i'd be happy with an answer, cryptic though it may be, to the first two questions. Also, feel free to correct me where I've erred.

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I'd say he wanted Nasus to put him down because of what he's become. Renekton is a wild murderous animal, but somewhere in that rage filled mind is the guardian he used to be, watching in horror but unable to do anything about it.