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Is Soraka bugged?

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Given about 10 seconds I could heal myself (soraka) for about 600 with no AP, at only Lv 11 or so. I don't usually get Force of Nature but I believe that item restores HP over time as well. Not getting hurt by Amumu or Lux is no problem if you're juking correctly. I can semi-tank as soraka but I can't take down 3 people (the cooldown on E, one of her only damaging moves, is too long)

Anyway, it's still possible they were exploiting something, might want to submit a log file to some admins. Just my two cents

Yep, I reported the player because something wasn't right. With 400 AP, a Force of Nature, and a spirit visage, I can semi-tank and outheal pretty much anything they throw at me and maybe even get a kill on Soraka. With 54 AP that player was healing like I would with 300-400 AP. 54 AP is about a 200 or so heal (Max level) and a 300-400 Wish (Max level). I could prolly video a practice match to show this, but hopefully the report lets them find whatever the heck he was doing.

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Soraka will never be FOTM -- she's too hard to play for most people.

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1) Soraka's heal grants armor. Since turrets deal less damage based on how much armor you have, this can reduce the incoming damage by a significant amount.

2) Turrets do more damage the longer you stay under them. If this Soraka was dodging in and out of turret range, the turret damage would reset to base damage. Thus it would look like she was staying under the tower longer than most tanky champs, but in reality she was just utilizing good use of game mechanics (knowingly or not.)

3) Soraka's heal heals for quite a bit. Are you sure she didn't have a Spirit Visage? That'll boost her effective healing by a great amount. Add in bit of CDR and Soraka can heal for a LOT over time.

4) Masteries and Runes do wonderful things. You can have a lot of armor, CDR, and other goodies that people won't be able to check in-game without a calculator for a brain.

It sounds like she was just playing well, and/or your team wasn't playing well. Nothing more, nothing less.