The Council Digest Volume #2

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Nicely Organized! Thanks for the discussion topics.

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Originally Posted by Ivandir View Post
To paraphrase what I said above. Area Of Effect champions need a boost in their AOE damage and we need more champions with AOE damage such as Annie, Malphite, Nasus, Rammus, Anivia. This alone will make people think twice about ganking as a 5 man
Huh?! How would stronger AoE be a deterrent? If anything, it's an incentive to stack your team with AoE and group up, so you can nuke the other team that much faster.

I'm not sure you can ever eliminate five man roaming, because it's like an arms race, where when two groups eventually run into each other, the bigger group (with more arms) wins.

All I can think of is to look into some kind of diminishing returns mechanism on stacked cc/damage/heal/etc output in team fights so that it caps out at around three players, with the fourth and fifth not adding much value and therefore being better off doing something else.

Oh, wait, here's a quick/dirty/temporary solution... If more than three players on a team are in close proximity, they are revealed on the mini-map. Put the detection ability in a potion if you like, maybe with different potions being able to detect clusters of different sizes.