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UI Changes needed Immediately!

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I'm going to add to this thread continually with UI changes that simply HAVE to be made. As we all know, the UI in LoL needs alot of work, lets give the dev's ideas one step at a time!

Suggestion #1: Combat Text

Look how easy this text is to read. The numbers are clearly visible, people spectating the game will KNOW exactly what is going on. This caters to the E-sport element of LoL. Spells cast upon the enemy are shown in YELLOW, and heals are shown in GREEN. Regular damage is shown in white. Notice how the numbers are kind of staggered. Straight numbers fading up are BORING. Have them randomize as they fade.

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Great game so far, but I cant help but comment on the text. Absolutely, atrocious. The colors used in chat just doesn't stand out enough against the game's backgrounds and the typeface just doesn't work - often its barely legible.

I would also like to see a menu where you can customize your own font, for example I want the damage font that pops up over the characters to be more legible. not bigger - but probably a brighter tone.

You want to make this game into an esport? The damage font should really pop out. Crits should stick for a moment longer. There is a fine line between making the font too distracting to making it clearly visible to a viewer tho.

While we on on the subject, the menu you get when you press TAB looks makes me want to throw up a little in my mouth because of how dull it looks. Once again the text is barely legible.

I'm sure you guys can work this out because the rest of the game looks great so far.

I'll add that as previous post so it one serious HUD/Font thread. Be that as it may I think he has some valid points.

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Pandemic Smiles

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Personally, I'd just like to see some lowercase letters. It's not that great seeing everything in all-caps, especially since if I want to skim, I use capital letters to find the beginning of sentences. This is relevant to items, but also to all the hero information.