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PLEASE READ: Spirit Visage does NOT need buffed . . .

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Instead, it needs to be seen for what it currently is:
the magic resistance equivalent of the physical resistance item called "Glacial Shroud"

Why is spirit visage considered such a poor item, though, while the shroud is not? Because Glacial Shroud can upgrade into frozen heart whereas Spirit Visage has absolutely no upgrade paths.

If it could upgrade into the equivalent of Frozen heart:

i.e., great magic resistance, cooldown reduction for yourself and cooldown increase for enemy champions around you

. . . then it would be a very good item.

now don't get me wrong, its new passive is NECESSARY to solve the problem of executioner's calling DESTROYING some heroes (though that passive doesn't NEED to be on this item), but that won't solve the fact that it had problems BEFORE calling was buffed.