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Feedback on Tryndamere build.

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Senior Member


You want Crit Damage on runes.

Personally (since it balances out on all melee/ranged DPS heroes) I use Crit Damage and Attack Speed % runes.
After the nerfs and stuff, I'm a bit skeptical about crit damage runes for Trynd now.

The nerfs:
-Cut down on his low hp crit rate
-Significantly nerfed his early game

Getting crit chance and/or armor penetration helps deal with those nerfs much better.

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I feel that by going HP quints and seals you technically have the versatility to increase your critical chance %.

I don't have the exact stats but lets say Tryn's base hp is 500 and you get +150hp from seals and quints. You now have 650hp, at level 1 when you get to your lane you can then determine if you're up against tough opponents and need that hp or want to be aggressive. If you chose to be aggressive you can lose that extra 150 hp and gain ~5.75 chance to crit. This % will decrease as you level since your base hp will increase but that's okay because as you level you'll have more access to crit % items.