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Shaco : Kill Build

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Shaco is a funny character. Hes a clown, he has jack in the boxes, everything.

Dont Judge me based on my Win-Loss ratio... its pretty bad.

In order to play shaco effectively, timing is everything, blink in, stab, two shiv, kill, and your out.

Notes on Shaco

-Shaco is everything, he is a pusher, he can back-door, he can play any role you want him to

-Abuse your deceive skill as much as possible

-Always remember that it is possible to deceive past mountains, even if it shows that your deceive range is too short. try it, it works

-Shaco's crits are awesome... Abuse it.

The most effective way to start a game is to get Jack in the Box (JITB),
Buy a Meki Pendant and 2 Health Pots.
Go to Golem
Plant 5 JITB's near the golem, but not too close
Lure the golem to the JITB's and hit the golem with your Jack in the boxes.
Go to your top or bottom lane and wait in the river bush and wait for your Level 2, get deceive, and an opportune moment to deceive in and get a kill. I also reccomend getting flash and exhaust as Shaco.
Soloing shaco is diffrent and I will cover it later

This way, you will have a golem buff, and a lot more EXP

Why get Flash, are you an idiot?
- If you see a person with low Hp in a horde of his allies, just deceive in, hit him, maybe two shiv him once, and flash out again. You WILL be chased for a bit, but deceive away happily.

Exhaust is just nice to have if you cant catch someone, or if you need to hit them without getting hit yourself.

Items. - The KILL KILL build <- Pro Shaco's ONLY.

Meki Pendant - Sell this for money whenever you need it later on
2 Health Potions
Berzerker Greives
Occult Blade <------ This is what makes it so good... AND so hard to play this build.
3 BFury Swords. < --- This was a joke build to start .... It works amazingly.
Start changing ur BF Swords into Infinity, Black Cleaver and Blood Thirster in whatever order you need for the game.

You will never ever completely finish this build, trust me, but it works amazingly when played well..

The Noobier Build
Meki Pendant
2 Health Potions
Berzerker Greives
Zeal <-- This is really nice, and stacks well with two-shiv's passive slow. You go faster, they go slower, more crits and attack speed.
3 Bfury Swords
Start changing the BF swords into Infinity, Black Cleaver and Blood thirster in whatever order you want
Finish Trinity
I doubt you'll need the 6th slot, but be creative.

Ill go over Shaco's skills now

Deceive - This is LIFE. Abuse it, use it to run around faster, and use it to kill
You will do crits after hitting people with it, and always try to hit them in the back.

Jack in the Box - This is useful, but i usually max it last, have at least 1 skill point in it.
It is incredibally useful to save flee'ing teammates, buy time for your team in ganks. This is a defensive spell..........ew., but can be used as an agressive one if placed to stop fleeing enemies.

Two-shiv - Its a nuke, its a slow, its a bit of everything. It is an excellent tool for chases. It takes chunks out of enemies and is a great kill stealing tool for shaco. You are the carry, now take the kills you deserve.

Hallucinate - Many people disregard hallucinate and it is sad. It is an awesome skill. It is an awesome nuke, it nearly doubles your attack damage, and most importantly, skills you have stack between you and your clone. If you and your clone both attack the same target, it will be slowed twice as much, however it will be a percentage of a percentage. For example if you had 50% slow, You hitting the target will give them 50% move speed, and your clone hitting it again will be 50% of 50%... so it's final move speed will be 25%.

As for Runes and Masteries. DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE, Offensive masteries only, and Damage Runes, Cooldown Reduction runes are reccomended.


Gank-Gank-Gank and some more Gank

Race to level 5 or 6, getting as many kills as possible in your lane, 2 - 3 should be sufficient. Buy your boots, occult/zeal and just constantly nail every lane in order to prevent enemy champion growth. This is most effective if you ask your teammates to allow the enemy to push and harass.

The Tower Diver.

Have you ever seen those pesky champions run away past a tower with slivers of hp?
Not anymore! Shaco is the solution. Deceive in, Two-shiv, run out. Problemm solved!

The Backdoor-er ( Preform only after having all 3 BF swords. )

Have all your lanes pushed close to the enemy, or close to their towers, ask 3 - 4 of your teammates to preform a stalemate on a tower ( when sides are at a standstill. ) And go crazy, go with your creeps and Hallucinate, and let loose on the tower. If a pesky enemy champion tries to teleport to you, you should have already destroyed the tower, allowing you to easily pick him off.

The Finisher.

If you are extremely low on health, hang around where your team is fighting on the sidelines untill someone is low on the enemy team and is flee'ing ( try not to ks ) Go in and just pick them out. This is risky, know what you are doing and assess risks.

Soloing Mid Shaco. ( against 1 other solo'er )
I Highly reccomend soloing golem if you are going to solo mid, and changing your skill set from deceive first to Two-shiv, and holding off deceive untill level 5. With the golem buff, spam your Two-shiv at the enemy like no tommorow, once they are reasonablly injured, it is time to collect on your kills!. Deceive. Exhaust, Twoshiv. you know the drill.

You'll be playing 12 - 0 in no time.

- Kryostat

If your good, add me and come play with me.

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Ok my name is Phrenzied so i rape with Jax but i have been trying new characters so dont be doubted if you view my profile and i also rape with the guy with the biggest crits ever(Gangplank)oh but the downside is i also want to try Shaco

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Junior Member


Yeah, by all means, I think you should try Shaco, hes a great hero and practically never dies unless you do something incredibally dumb. crits =)

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Senior Member


Yeah, by all means, I think you should try Shaco, hes a great hero and practically never dies unless you do something incredibally dumb. crits =)

Like all squishies of this game, he dies almost instantly to CC.

Also, for what I have seen, Sheen first does a freaking hudge amount of dmg early.
Also, infinity edge is great for the +50% dmg crit, since decieve gives an auto crit.
IE + sheen + crit dmg rune = alot of low level kills!

Well, that weere my thoughts

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AP shaco is more fun, and more versitale. 1000+ 2 shiv, 400 jitb hits, and not to mention you illusion doing hella damage... check out AP shaco: t0ggle the clown guide... pretty good stuff

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I was under the impression that neither Sheen nor Infinity's Edge confer any bonus to deceive. Anyone confirm this?

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Sheen is an incredibally strong item on shaco, I just personally dont use it as the damage of sheen is not crit stackable. The damage the sheen gives you with its ability is accoring to your Base damage, when you deceive, so the deceive will crit, and the sheen will just add on 100% of your BASE damage, when i say base, i mean the damage that you do without any of your damage items or runes.

For infinity edge, i heard that there was a test preformed by several players confirming that it would work, but i've never bothered to notice, All i know in my games is that my crit damage is hella high.

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IE does work.