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How to get rid of all the QQ in the game ever.

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Fix freaking matchmaking.

For the love of god, FIX MATCHMAKING.

I'm sick of seeing a Vlad QQ thread every other line. I'm tied of people complaining about Eve killing them, or stepping on a Teemo shroom, or getting global ulted by Panth because they weren't paying attention and didn't gtfo when they were supposed to. Honestly, no matter how OP someone is, EVERYONE can be hard countered by skill.

The problem is, people that have skill are being paired up with and against people who don't have skill. And suddenly it's less of a battle between two equal sides, and more of a game of luck, whether your team has more noobs or theirs does.

And even though there is that occasional game where both teams are pretty much equal, it's more often than not, one team pubstomping the other. It's even worse when the most skilled people on the other team are playing characters slightly above average, (or, as people call them, OP) while the best person on your team (let's just pretend it's you) has to play a tank/support because everyone locked in as squishy DPS.

Basically, it's not that the game isn't fun when you're playing against Vlad/Eve/etc., it's not fun when your team totally sucks because you got paired with noobs who feed Vlad/Eve/etc., because they're the easiest people to get fed with.