Shop IP/RP sorting

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So I just checked the shop and noticed you had actually changed something about how the sorting works. Before it seemed like it was done fully random. Right now it makes a bit more sense except the general ordering is exactly reverse of what it should be, I think. Arrow pointing down means you start at the 450 and go up to the 6300 right? Beside that, though, for some reason there's still some randomness involved. There's 6300's spread throughout the whole list etc...

At first I thought you guys just didn't care for it and let it be... now I'm beginning to doubt coding skill -.- anyway no hard feelings and feel free to disregard my QQ, I'm just kind of dumbfounded by this sloppy sorting algorithm (if it's even an algorithm... you don't even need one, you could just hardcode the order as it only changes when a new champ is added).

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Posted something like this earlier - though you're wrong about the order. Arrow pointing down means decreasing, up means increasing.

But yeah - this is actually pretty annoying.