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Changing an accounts email

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Cs Zetsu

Junior Member


Its way too easy to change the email on an account. i just got hacked and my account isnt even registered to my email anymore. i know for a fact who ever did take my sccount could have known the email address i used for it so i think in order to change emails on an account you should at least need to verify the old email or something

right now all you have to do is type in the new email twice and its changed. >_>

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Clutch Kaos

Senior Member


+1 and a BUMP FTW!!!

Yeah Riot needs to add that or, riot can add like a back-up password where no-one cant change but riot... like for example your pw is blargdude3 and ur back up is 2good4uhal.... that way if they do change, since theres no like warning saying you have an unauthorized change from ur current email [email]Lolrockzftw234@yahoo,com[/email] to [email]Yougothackedlolthxnub@hotmail,com[/email] <-(Not Actual emails)

I'm with you on this, and becareful what you download to like for example you downloaded a custom skin and you got keylogger that just wants you LoL acc, to sell other players.

But then again, the TOA says "Your Responsible for your actions to your account"