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Lifesteal thru spells - items ideas

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OK, so I posted this idea on EU form first, but since most of the posts there was blind flaming, I decide to post here also:


We all know that when going on lane SOME form of health regen should be taken. Is it hp/5s or lifesteal.
Physical dps are in favor here, since they can just take lifesteal, and then create even more helpfull and powerfull items with additional stats (malady, bloodthirster etc)
Casters, on the other side are in bigger troubles - all we can take is hp/5s or nothing and hoping for not taking much hits.

So why not making some additional items, showing casters some love?

Even simple 10% damage from spells converted to hp item that would later be created into magic lifesteal + mana regen/magic lifesteal + spell power/magic lifesteal + cd reduction etc would add to game alot more versatility IMHO

P.S. Problem is with AoE spells. And here are 2 ideas - make them lifesteal from one target only, or make them lifesteal only 1/3. Both of them seems fine, which I'll explain later


As lots of EU folks stated, that it would be clearly OP to have lifesteal on spells, I did some failmaths. Thing to consider, which they forgot I think is that spells DO take mana and DO have cooldown.

Early game (lvl1):
Casters, magical lifesteal 10%

Flash Frost 13 seconds, 60+60dmg. 80 mana cost. [info:additional dmg only on explode. Can hit several targets.] 2.3hp/5s / 4.6hp/5s 30.7 mana/5s cost.
Frostbite 5 seconds, 55/110 dmg. 50 mana cost. [info: double damage only on frozen target] 5.5hp/5s / 11hp/5s 50mana/5s cost.

Disintegrate 4 seconds, 90 dmg, 60/0 mana cost. [info: 0 mana cost on last hit only] 11.25 hp/5s 75mana/5s 0mana/5s
Incinerate 8 seconds, 85 dmg, 80 mana cost. [info: Can hit several targets.] 5.3hp/5s 50mana/5s cost.

Null Sphere 9 seconds, 80 dmg, 70 mana cost. 4.4hp/5s 38 mana/5s cost.
Force Pulse 5 seconds, 60 dmg, 80 mana cost. [info: needs 6 spells casted near him to cast force pulse. Can hit several targets.] 6hp/5s 80 mana/5s cost

DPS, lifesteal 12 %
Ashe: Attack Speed 0.68 , Damage 46.29 19.6hp/5s 0 mana cost.

Corki: Attack Speed 0.66, Damage 49 19.9hp/5s 0 mana cost.

Jax: Attack Speed 0.66, Damage 57.98 23.5hp/5s 0 mana cost.


Jax[lifesteal 18%], build for 9k gold. Attack Speed 1.21 Damage 213.44 Critical Chance 55.15% Total Life Stolen over 5s: 424.743

Annie[magic lifesteal 18%, aoe spells heal from one target], build for 9k gold (counting price of lifesteal item in):
Disintegrate: 256 dmg - 46,08 healed
Incinerate: 421 dmg - 75,78 healed
Tibbers: 562 dmg - 101,16 healed
Disintegrate: 256 dmg - 46,08 healed
That takes around 5 sec, my incinerate is still on cd. So, I lifestealed 269 hp. Hell yeah, SOOO OP.

but ok, ok. Lets take nunu's ult in 2 scenarios (same build as on annie):
1st. AoE lifesteals from 1 target only: 1525*18% = 274hp healed. Quite reasonable amount for something that casts for 3 sec, aye?
2nd. aoE lifesteals for 1/3 only, lets say he hits 4 heroes (which would be uber luck for him, btw) 1525*4*18%/3 = 366 hp healed

OK, I think I threw here everything, no actual item ideas unfortunately, I wanted to see how ya folks will react to it. By the way, sorry that it's quite messy.

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I've said it before, I'll say it again. The correct way to implement life steal for casters is as follows.

Unique: On cast you regain life equal to the spells mana cost.

That way you don't go gonzo from AoEs and works for non-damaging casts.