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Tips for Master Yi

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Can't remember who posted this. But I tested it a few times a couple weeks ago. It worked better than I expected...but it requires you to farm alot. Modify as required.

Source unknown:

Sure I actually just finished 2 games with 14-2 and 13-0 with this build so it's legit.

Build (in order): Philosopher's Stone, Zerk Greaves, Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Phantom Dancer, Vampire Scepter, Frozen Mallet, Bloodthirster

Yi is one of the BEST farmers in the game, due to Alpha Strike. PStone's huge mana regen stat will allow you to spam it, giving you more money. I suggest you start a custom game, and look through all the items I listed, try this build out, and you'll see that everything falls together very well.

The KEY to this build is to NEVER STOP FARMING. Downtime? Kill a few creep waves. No creeps around? Kill neutrals. In any other situation? Scout for squishies mid-game and kill them. Any time not spent killing stuff is time wasted.

You will also have to realize that you are fairly weak pre-Phantom Dancer, as you simply don't have the AS to dish out more damage than you will take, meaning until then you will have to play rather defensively, and only engage in fights with your teammates around. Like I said, try it out in a custom game, as it will take some getting used to.

Typical end game stats: 250-300 attack, 1.7 attack speed, 4k health.

For spells, I run Teleport and Exhaust. As for runes I really don't care, I still use tier 2 runes from when I was like level 15. lol.

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Why do people recommend berserker boots, when Yi is so vulnerable to CCs. Imo Mercury is a must on him. I take mercury+cleanse+banshee/QSS and don't really need any other defense.
If you won't be stunned/snared/blinded/taunted, you can pretty much outdamage anyone. The problem is, that in 90% cases people will stun/snare/blind/taunt you and you have to deal with that.

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theres a couple ways i play yi. if i go ap yi i usually jungle and start of with dorans>boots +1>tear of goddess>hextech revolver>sorc boots>archangels >hextechgunblade >rabadons>abyssal scepter if lot of magic dps otherwise get a zhonya for ad dps> finish off with another rabadons.

if u wanna go ad yi i usually start off with boots +1>avarice blade >zerker greaves >emblem of valor >ghostblade >starks fervor >last whisper >madreds if theres a lot of tanks otherwise go phantom dancer > infinity edge.

both do a lot of damage i find that if u want to survive longer ap yi is a better choice cause meditate heals u for a lot. on a side note i play a more aggresive style with yi so i generally dont get meditate until i absolutely have to get it. with wuju style his damage early is ridiculous especially when u activate it.hope this helpful yi is a fun hero