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[Feedback/Bugs] PvP.net...B.nets paste eating little brother

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Let me start by saying, once I'm in a game, with 10 players, I love it. Its a litttttle overly newb friendly (no use items?) but its still a really fun game. Sadly though, this only happens less then 50% of the time. Everything outside the actual game is frustrating.

I know its a "beta" but its scheduled for release in less then a month, so I'm going to treat it as though not much is going to change (due to prior beta experiences).

1. Home Page (first page that comes up) - The XP bar at the top right doesn't work. Mine has had 50/150 xp since I can remember. I'm guessing the amount of xp required to level will scale up in the final version, and maybe this is just there as a placeholder until then...but it still looks like crap, and annoys me as soon as I log on.

2. Summoner Page - Most Played Champions section doesn't change, fine another thing that's low on the list of things to be done. But this section makes me think you'll only be able to view the stats for your top 3 champions, which is lame. Eventually I hope they're will be some kind of "View Stats" tab under the "Champions" tab. Also I don't think a link to "learn more about xxx" is going to be necessary considering its your MOST PLAYED CHAMPION.

3. Runes Page - No real complaints only a bug I noticed when I was mashing t3 runes together for a while. I'd drag the 2nd rune to the top right socket but it wouldn't sit in the socket, it would kinda set it self down and the the left of it. It would still combine, just thought I'd mention it in case you run out of other things to fix (lol!).

4. Champions Page - The sorting was a pretty awesome idea, only some heroes attribute aren't very accurate. Like Nunu for example, "Farmer" is one of his attributes, not sure what he has that qualifies him as a farmer...besides maybe Consume, but Warwick has a similar ability and it gets him "Heal" as an attribute. I really like this innovation I'd just like to see it perfected.

5. Masteries Page - As someone already mentioned, you can start removing t1 talents as long as you have 22+ points further down the tree, pretty sure its not supposed to be like that. Also it glitches after exiting a game. I'll reset my points, and it'll say i have 26 points, but the masteries I had prior to the reset still say 3/3, 1/1 etc. Also the mouse over stops working, so I'm not sure what I'm even my points back into. Closing and reopening the client usually fixes this.

6. Spells - fine
7. Buddies - I have no friends

General -
Text gets cut off everywhere, so annoying when you're starting off and trying to learn champions abilities and summoner spells.

It gets slower and slower the longer it runs. After a few hours of playing (yea i just got the beta and freaking love it) my game ends, I close the score board, the game closes. Usually this is when PvP.net pops up, but after a few seconds it was nowhere to be seen, so I assumed it crashed. So I use the break get get a drink and check email, 2 minutes after my game ended PvP.net pops back up...Brutal.

I constantly get booted from the hero selection screen. My champions picked, got my runes and spell, just waiting for the timer to hit 0, and BAM! I'm back to the Main Page. No explanation. Hopefully the whole game ends and everyone gets booted, or this is one of the reasons there's so many 4v5's from the start.

Of my 30 games using the automated match making system, I'd say half acutally started with 10 people. Of the 15 5v5's I've had, maybe 3 were even match-ups, the rest were one-sided murderfests. I'll just assume that this is something that will work itself out as the game population grows and people play more games...but you know what they say about assuming.

I think this game has a lot of potential, but PvP.net really isn't impressive.

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The Council


Almost everything you mentioned is getting fixed or is a placeholder (Such as the current Most Played Champions image). It's been mentioned before in other posts.

As for the PVP.net thing, that will get fixed, too. After games you can currently find it hiding in your toolbar at the bottom right (if you use windows) a lot of the time.

Matchmaking is among their top priorities in the list of issues right now, it's getting changed. Also, when players leave during champion selection you get kicked out like that. Not exactly sure why they took the error message out that says that someone left.

Btw, game comes out Sep 15th -- It's more than a month away. (34 days)

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How do you know it's exactly Sept 15th o_o

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Senior Member


im sorry but to be honest, pvp.net sucks...why does it have to be seperate from the actual LoL game? that way u cant whisper and stuff while in a game

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Veridic Rage

Senior Member


im sorry but to be honest, pvp.net sucks...why does it have to be seperate from the actual LoL game? that way u cant whisper and stuff while in a game

This is something I was wondering myself.

I also noticed that if I have the pvp.net overlay up but the game minimized it lags like CRAZY (and my computer is beast so no blaming it on meh).