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Continuous PVP disconnecting/ 600 ping/ 10-15 fps

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i have been playing LOL on ma lap for d past year n a half..i have never seen such lag EVER!!! specially after the last 2 patches!!!

I live in Sri Lanka so my ping is generally about 260... after the patches its 600+

Usually i play at 40-80 fps.. and lag occurs jus once is a bluemoon .. now every 10 seconds i dont see wuts happening!!! meaning it takes me 10 seconds to figure where i am... if im dead or not.. i don even see minions.. they continuously keep fighting for 20 seconds and then suddenly all the xp and leveling up is shown..

and after i lose each match playing like this when i get to PVP it shows i hav been disconnected....for many times..

all this after the last 2 patches.. i need a solution asap

thank u!

PS- i hav already uninstalled and re downloading jus hoping it will work again!!!

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The server has been acting up pretty... slowly recently for many people. Just try waiting it out. If you want, try game booster, it works pretty well for freeware.
Gamebooster - http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html