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[Revised Champion Suggestion] Balim, the Rune Warden.

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Ok... some major revisions to this champion (mostly just his abilities and the lore) as I've given it more thought and have actually come up with some neat ideas. The old model for this champion was a blender of a bunch of ideas without a top to keep it all end. The end result: a mess I could have avoided. The intial idea was to have this champion as a tank/caster of sorts, but perhaps the overall "skin" of the champion didn't match that.

Now that I feel he's more polished, I hope he can at least aquire some attention in the CSC 3 thread.

:LORE: Balim Gurnka, a gifted rune mage at an early age, is a kind and benevolent individual. His mother and father, hard working merchants that sold thier wares abroad, placed many responsibilities upon Balim's shoulders. Being the first born, he assumed the roll of protecter of his family and many siblings, though when he was not playing with the young ones or helping his parents with chores he spent his time practicing and perfecting the gifts he had been blessed with at birth. His father had wanted Balim to become a merchant, but after some discussions about the issue and thanks to Balim mother, he was promised enrollment into the local magic academy once he reached the ripe age of eighteen.

Years passed and Balim's eighteenth birthday was closing fast. He was excited beyond measure, and he was losing his patience each day that passed. While attending to a wound of his youngest sibling, a knock sounded at the door. Balim stood up and went to answer it, but as his hand gripped the handle, his body grew cold and his stomache felt as if it were filled with iron. He pulled the heavy wooden door open and stared out at what appeared to be a royal messenger on horseback. He was bearing grave news from Demacia: his mother and father had been murdered! Balim read a little more about Noxian soldiers disguised as bandits, but he eventually stopped. He dropped the message and turned back inside, grabbing a few belongings that he had and packing them up quickly. When confronted by the second oldest of his family, Balim simply responded with instructions for his brother to round up the others and take them to their grandmother's home. When questioned further, Balim simply shook his head and apologized to his brother before disappearing.

Now that there was nothing holding him back, Balim travelled to Demacia where he joined a relatively well-known and successful college of magic. His many years of training and his serene personality allowed him to climb the ranks easily, becoming one of the top students in his class and passing with some of the highest marks out of any previous student. Upon graduation, Balim was asked what he wanted to do with his life. His response was simple: to become a Rune Warden. His reason could have been because of the injustice done to his parents, or it could have been his responsibilities in protecting and raising his siblings as well as his personality. In the end, his reasons were his own and Balim soon applied for a position as a Rune Warden.

As decades past, Balim Gurnka now looked towards retirement. He had become High Rune Warden of one of the largest rune prisons in Demacia, and--in spite of having to control some of the most dangerous criminals and villians in the world--he managed to keep his benevelont nature, although now his features are nearly etched in stone and giving him the appearance of a cold tyrant. Still, he could put a smile on anyone's face, and his laugh was infectious among the little ones. However, after some months had passed, Balim grew bored of retirement. He yearned for the excitement of his younger days and his time as a warden. There had to be something to stir the old blood within his veins... and, surely, his wish had been answered when the League of Legends called out for strong champions to join up. The old warden did not give it a second thought and responded to the call with a broad smile upon his lips.

: DESCRIPTION: Tall, muscled being with runes covering body from head to toe, wearing purple and silver lordly robes and a walking cane in his right hand. The cane is purple with silver tips on both ends and a large ruby on the top.

Health - 3/10
Attack - 5/10 (Regular hits: strikes target with his cane. Crit hits: bright light flares from the cane when it strikes target)
Spells - 9/10
Difficulty - 6/10


Power of the Runes (Passive) - Every time Balim casts a spell, his attack speed is increased by 15%. Lasts for X seconds. Stacks Y times.

Rune of Fire (Q): A circle of fire expands outward from Balim, burning all enemies around him in a decent radius for X damage. Once the ring fully expands, it begins to contract, damaging enemies as it passed over them for a second time for X (or reduced Y) damage. Mana cost: 60/80/100/120/140 Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds

Rune of Teleport (W): Balim places a rune at his feet where it will stay for 1 minute and light up a very small area around the rune. When activated, Balim will teleport to the rune in 3./2.5/2/1.5/1 second and his Ability Power and Movement Speed will be increased by 10% for 3 seconds. The further away from the rune Balim is, the longer it will take for him to teleport (add 1 or 2 seconds depending on mid and long range). Enemy champions can spot the rune only with sight enhancing items (Oracle's Elixer, Ward, Corki's Phosphorus Grenade, etc) and destroy it with basic attacks (2-4 hits). Mana cost: 20 to place. 100 to teleport. Cooldown (after teleporting): 24/20/16/12/8 seconds.

Rune of Marking (E) - Balim inscribes a rune on an enemy champion, increasing the damage from all sources dealt to that target by 5/10/15/20/25% for 4 seconds. While marked, the champion is revealed to all of Balim's allies regardless of where their positions are on the map. Mana cost: 50 Cooldown: 10 seconds

Rune of Blasting (R) - Balim points his cane at a target, unleashing a ball of fire cackling with energy and striking the target for X damage and silencing them for Y seconds. (The further away the target is, the more damage it will take but the silence will not last for long. The closer the target is to Balim, the longer the silence will be but the damage will be minimal. Think Taric's Dazzle ability in reverse and with silence rather than stun.)
Mana cost: 50/100/150 Cooldown: 100/80/60


Taunt: "*yawn* Just because I'm old doesn't mean you have to go easy on me."
Joke: "Go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect 200 gold."
Dance: Juggling 3 runed orbs that glow green, blue, and red.
Laugh: Deep and hearty with the line "That's rich..." muttered at the end.


The reason I revised this guy was because he didn't exactly flesh out as I had previously planned. I began to think more about how Balim would work as a character outside of the League and how he would work within the League. I like the end result so far.

I left damage calculations and times on certain abilities out for balancing reasons. I don't believe there's a need for me to state numbers yet as the core of the ability needs to be tweaked first before times and damage is worked.

I understand Rune of Teleport has the potential to be very game breaking, but I believe I have balanced it out enough to where it isn't spammable and/or broken in the sense of OP. Any champion can destroy the rune, or champions like Teemo, Shaco, Heimer, or Nidalee can put a trap on the rune and leave a nasty surprise for Balim. Also, Twitch or Eveylnn could wait by the rune and counter gank Balim as he teleports.

Rune of Blasting is all about the distance. You can silence those champions that are beating the **** out of you and can let you get away easier, or you can interrupt/prevent a champion from casting a pivotal spell (Tryndamere, Kayle, Katerina, Nunu, etc). If a champion is getting away from you, you can fire the spell to put some major hurt on them, killing them or hurting them just enough for your silence to prevent them from casting a spell and allowing yourself or an ally to finish them off.. Anywhere in between nets you a moderate silence with decent damage still.

Rune of fire can be OP if the damage is set too high and the AP scaling is too high. The cooldown may seem a bit much but it is necessary so no one can get the cooldown down below 4 seconds and spam the hell out of it. The mana cost could be lowered a tad, but for now it stays.

Now, I wasn't sure if I should make Rune of Blasting his E ability and make Rune of Marking his ultimate. If RoB was E, Balim would be able to spam it more and the damage and silence would be less. If RoM were his ultimate, the % would probably be 20/40/60% respectively and last 6 seconds instead of 4. However, both of those could be problematic and would have to be tweaked properly so they could be used without completely breaking the character. I may swap his R with his E if I feel the need to or if everyone believes it should be done.

Hope you guys enjoy the newly revised Balim! Comments, constructive criticism, and feedback is welcome.

EDITS: Taunt

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Hrrmm... bump. <.<

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The Butcher19

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I like it would love to see this guy in league......i like his damage spell as his ultimate because he already will do fast decent attack damage so too many damage abilities that are easily accessible would probably be OP.

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Aye, I didn't want this guy to be solid damage on all his basic abilities nor did I want him to have a spammable CC since he's quite mobile and can hurt quite a bit. The nice thing about Balim is he can be just about anything, from a support character to a painful assassin character to even a tank if built properly.

The nice thing about his ultimate is you have to think about when to use it. If you waste it at the beginning of a fight, the enemy might be able to get away from you, but if it's someone like Kassadin or Shaco then using it upclose is a must since it will silence them long enough for you to kill them, or blast them in the back as they're escaping.

Currently, I'm not certain whether or not to make Balim's rune for his Rune of Teleport be always visible but hard to spot (Nidalee's traps) or invisible and can only be spotted with Oracle's (Teemo's mushrooms). I'm thinking it should remain invisible unless an enemy champion walks within 100 units of the rune where it will light up and appear on-screen for them until they walk out of range. As is, I can see some pretty nasty Teemo mushroom traps placed on top of Balim's rune.

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Pretty cool concept which could be solid with some tweaking.

I'm not entirely clear on what role he could play - he doesn't seem to have enough damage to really be a carry, lacks the burst for a caster, minor support, no survivability. The only real role I see him filling well would be tower defense. As well I'm not entirely convinced that he has enough active and interesting abilities to use.

With Rune of Fire any target that gets hit on the expansion will also get caught on the contraction barring a highly unusual circumstance like Flash). It might work better inverted where it does a small amount of damage in a contracting ring as he 'draws the power in' and then a larger amount as it then explodes outwards after a small pause. While a little gimmiky, this would give it a solid skill component and the potential for avoiding some of the damage, which in turn allows it to do a touch more damage

As well the 'reveal' component of the Rune of Marking seems fairly irrelevent given the extremely short duration. The only thing I can see it being useful for is chasing through brush. A longer duration on the 'reveal' portion would give it some value or strip that component and add in a damage component.